Yakov Munkebo Best Dive Job in the World

Yakov Munkebo Best Dive Job in the World

Well, I dont know where to start, there are so many reasons and I will give you some of them… But I will start telling you where to “end”… , and that would be by getting trained and educated by the best in the business, to become one of the best instructors in the business.

To start, I would inform you about my situation… I am 37, ex-military, Danish citizen. I speak Danish, English and understands German, Sweedish and Norwegean too. I have been offered an early retirement due to PTSD, because of some very very nasty experiences in the military, during my six deployments in warzones and humanitarian situations with UN and NATO.

Thats 3 years ago now. Now I am just spending my time helping other people, advicing youngsters and coaching sports. I give my experiences to other people in need of advice, but I dont charge people for it, because I am not allowed to earn next to my retirement. (Danish government rules).

Then a few years ago, I had the chance to go scuba diving, and that hooked me biiiiiig time. So now, whenever I have the chance, I go scuba diving because it actually keeps me calm. I have started shooting photos underwater and that is my new hobby now. My dream is to take it a bit further, and be able to work abroad as an instructor and professional underwater photographer, maybe even with my own dive center someday?!?. That would be a killer… Thats my dream…

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