How to win the Best Dive Job (Part 3 of 4)

How to ENTER the Best Dive Job Contest

Now that you have made an amazing video, you need to submit it to enter the contest!
Don’t worry, it’s a simple process! In just a few steps you will become an official Best Dive Job contestant.

So, here’s the steps you’ll need to follow to submit your video:

Step 1: Go on the contest website http://contest.bestdivejob.com/

OR click on « submit » from our main website



Step 2: Then you will be required to submit your video 
There are two ways of submitting your video :

a) You can upload your video directly to our contest platform.
b) Upload your video to Youtube and link your account and your video to our contest platform.

Remember that your video must be 90 seconds or less! Also the contest platform only accept video file up to a maximum of 500MB, that said  you should optimize your video size to facilitate access for people with low speed internet connectivity.

From August 1st 2014 to October 31st 2014, we encourage you to rally all the support you can get to promote your candidacy by encouraging your friends and family to vote for their favourite video – YOURS!

Public vote is one of the factors we will use to judge your entry and make our final selections. Don’t miss the next post on “how to promote yourself”.

Step 3: Below the video uploader is the Contest Entry form with Questions for you to answer.
Questions include: Name, date of birth, gender, email, address, telephone, certification level, certification agency, number of dives, and some information about yourself to help the judge get a better sense of who you are.

Step 4: You are now just one click away from ENTERING the Best Dive Job in the world 2014 contest!

PRESS <Submit>

Once submitted, your video entry will be sent to moderation to ensure it meets our rules –http://contest.bestdivejob.com/rules. If your submission is refused, you will receive an email explaining why (it may be because it contains violence, scenes, nudity or illicit language… Or because you used copyrighted material!)

Remember that this contest is intended for recreational divers wanting to become professional divers!

Don’t miss the next article in this series

How to win the Best Dive Job in the World (Part 4)
We will talk about the contest submission process.

Friendly Reminders

  • The competition is open until October 31, 2014.
  • We will announce the 8 winning candidates on November 20, 2014.
  • Candidates will need to be able to travel to Bali in May 2015 for a minimum of 2 months for their Divemaster training, and to compete for the selection of the Best Dive Job in the World Grand Prize winner. Please make sure that you’ll be available to travel to Bali from May 23, 2015 to July 20, 2015 before you submit your entry.
  • For a complete list of prizes, check out http://contest.bestdivejob.com/prizes

Contact us

For more information about the Best Dive Job in the world contest, please contact Robert Scales via email robert@blueseasonbali.com or visit our website www.BestDiveJob.com

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