Working on the Best Dive Job 2014/15 – making it all happen

Hello everyone, things are building up so I thought I’d write a just a short piece filling in some of the behind the scenes details regarding the preparation for the Best Dive Job in the World competition 2014 /2015.

My name is Chris and I wanted to share the experience of being a part of putting this year’s competition together. As a team we looked at what we did before and this time around decided to split the project into 3 phases to build on the successes we had from previous competitions.

Phase 1 was getting it all off the drawing board and getting it all going. Phase I saw Rob Scales in the role as project manager (hi Rob!) and he worked closely with the directors of Blue Season Bali in defining the competition this year around. The structure of the competition this year is very different to previous competitions. Previously one lucky winner made it to Bali for some awesome training opportunities, all generously donated by the various sponsors. Super cool, but this year things have really moved up a gear (or 8!). The structure has changed, instead of 1 person coming we have all 8 finalists!

All of them will be receiving free training as in previous years but the difference this year is that for one lucky person their training will continue on and then they will be given, wait for it………, a full time job as an instructor at Blue Season Bali. An absolute dream job here in Bali, the Island of the Gods.

So back to the planning of it all…. Phase I was to run the online portion of the competition, reach out to potential sponsors, set up web pages, social media, set up an online competition platform, marketing so the message was out there and interest was generated and a bunch of other fine details that needed to be covered. We had people from the four corners of the globe generating media campaigns of their own and spreading the message, “the competition is on! Vote for me!” Newspaper and magazine articles, people appearing on national TV, charity drives for Project aware raising a huge amount of money, a remarkable effort which went directly towards safeguarding our precious ocean environment and so many other efforts

Moving into phase II has seen me getting more and more involved. We have out finalists and they, and I, are all full speed ahead gearing up for their arrival in late May 2015. In terms of the logistics of the event it comes down to are the busses booked? Do we have boats available? Are all the materials ready for their courses? How about accommodation, transport? All super important of course but for me the main thing has been getting to know all of them a little better as the arrival date gets closer and closer. They have all been making videos talking about their preparation and how things are going as the main event draws nearer. Why not have a look at what they have all recorded on the best dive job page? https://www.facebook.com/divejobcontest?fref=ts

And then of course phase III, arrival! The planning is in place and all, I’m sure, will run like clockwork. 42 days of full on training and competition for all of the amazing prizes on offer, including the number one prize I mentioned before of a dream job at Blue Season Bali. The level of sponsorship this year is simply amazing with so many prizes on offer! Obviously I can’t go into too much detail with the specifics but there are some amazingly cool things lined up. But in a way I know it will be more than just a competition, to me it will be a meeting of friends from across the globe who have had the opportunity to come together in one place and time and share a life changing experience. Everyone involved will be changed forever after such an experience, and when I say everyone I include myself as well. I feel so privileged to be a part of our collective journey we are calling the Best Dive Job in the World 2014 /2015


Best Dive Job 2014 / 2015 coordinator

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