My journey to Bali – From Koh Tao to Blue Season Bali

Saying Goodbye to Thailand

The time has finally come for me to say goodbye to the land of smiles.  As I write this I am on a bus on the way to the airport in Phuket.  By noon tomorrow I will be starting my new life in Bali.  I couldn’t be more excited!!  So lets catch you up on my last week in Thailand.  I left Chiang Mai on the 12th.  It was hard to say goodbye to all the wonderful people in my life there.  I had made a lot of close friends and it is hard to leave not knowing when you will be able to see them again.  They sent me off in style with a wonderful weekend at the houseboats.

Next I went down to Koh Tao to visit all my friends at Sunshine Divers.  I am so grateful to them for showing me my passion.  I got to do some fun dives with some great people2.  It will be nice to have everyone come visit me at Blue Season Bali.  So now the final leg of the journey.  Chiang Mai- Bangkok- Koh Tao- Phuket- Bali!  I can’t wait.  Diving again this last few days reminded me again how much I love being under water.  I am so excited to be a student again and to be studying something I love with every fiber in my body!  Heading to Bali has me excited and nervous all at once.  It is bitter sweet leaving Thailand.  I have never been this happy about the next step in my life but it is always hard to move away from something you have become comfortable with.  Thailand has been a really personal journey for me and it will have its own special place in my heart.

What’s coming next?

As I write this I am on a ferry heading from Koh Tao to Surat Thani.  When I get to Surat Thani I will jump on a bus and take the 5 hour drive to Phuket.  From there I get to spend the night in the airport waiting for my 6 am flight.  ETA in Bali is 11:45 am.  The Blue Season Bali team is going to meet me at the airport and bring me to my new home.  I can’t wait to get there and settle in.  I’m going to sign off now, take some time to reflect on where my life has taken me in the last year and dream about what is in store for me in the next 7 months.  So many adventures await!

Here is a picture of me arriving at the airport, tired but happy!  Check back soon to read all about my first few days in Bali.

Arriving to Bali International Airport

Arriving to Bali International Airport

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