MANTAS!!! Swimming with Mantas with Blue Season Bali

Manta Sighting with Blue Season Bali

Today we were at Manta Point.  I was super excited to get into the water and when we did the visibility was great.  Usually it is a bit difficult to see at Manta Point due to the high amount of plankton in the water (which is part of what attracts the mantas), but not today!  We got in the water and could see a good 15 meters.  We started out Manta search and within 10 minutes we had spotted them!  We were lucky enough to see 2 giant manta rays swimming together.  And what was even better was that we were the only divers around.  Charlie got a great video of our Manta Ray Sighting.   It was the most magical experience.  The mantas look like giant birds flying underwater.  It makes you feel so small when you watch them.  As we continued the dive we got to see 3 more mantas making a total of 5!  What a great day :)


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