IDC Prep rolls along!

We’ve just wrapped up day 4 of the 7 day prep portion of the IDC program. Although we’ve been going over most of the stuff we technically should already know, it’s amazing to see all the little details we forget and of course, need to be in tip top shape for the upcoming Instructor Exams. Luckily, most of us have fairly recently just finished our Divemaster program so things are still quite fresh and easily recognizable. Just in case, we have lectures and refreshers by the brilliant Tom West, some physics seminars and pool skills by IDC Staff Instructor Tomas Mckenzie and new to the BSB team Robert Scales. Also, soon to join us, will be the one and only Thomas Barrett AKA Baz! So… no shortage of knowledge and assistance to help guide this months IDC team to success.

Little description of the first couple days for those who are wondering what the IDC prep portion entails. We started off with an in pool skill circuit to see where we all stand and where we can focus on improvement. From there, we moved to the classroom for an IDC orientation and took the PADI Systems, Standards & Procedures Exam. We also went over exam A of the Divemaster exam for each category which includes: Physics, Physiology, Dive Skills & Environment, Equipment & Decompression Theory & The Recreational Dive Planner. This gave us an in depth and look both as a group and individually of where we need to focus on during the upcoming month. Following those, we went over each section and made sure everyone could understand and solve each and every question. We also had little seminars on equipment like taking apart a BCD & regulator set, looking at the working parts and some of the common causes for problems, then learnt how to put it all back together. (very beneficial) Next, how to write an effective CV and cover letter to improve our chances of getting a job post IDC. This along with many of other things we have done in the short time of 4 days of IDC prep. Whew!

During the next couple days we will continue to access strengths and weaknesses then work as one big body of knowledge to help each other obtain maximal development and success. We’ll also look at things like the compressor and possibly have a intro to TEC, as well as write Divemaster exam B to see our improvement thus far and continue to target where we will need to work on. All in all, the ball is rolling and rolling quite fast and consequently the more we cover, the more we learn and the easier our exams will seem when we take them in a short, 3 weeks time. Though there is much work to do, I am feeling very confident I will soon be able to call myself a PADI Instructor!

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