Happy Days: Old Friends Come to Bali

It is that time of year, school vacation in Thailand.  That means that quite a few of my friends have had time off.  And where did they choose to spend their holidays you ask?  Why Bali of course!  It has been a busy couple of weeks, hence the absence from the blog.  I have had 8 different friends from Thailand come over to Bali and spend a few days with me :)  We spent some time traveling around to all the beautiful beaches.  We also danced some nights away in Kuta.  The highlight of the visits?  Teaching the beautiful Leah her open water course!  It was such an amazing expierence to show my friends what my life here is like.


Me and LeahMe and Leah

Me and Leah on her visit to Bali.

Kuta Bimo

On the way to Kuta for a night of dancing!

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