Csaba Gere

I am Csaba gere from Hungary. I have sent my video to you but not sure if you received it.

So I send you my application here too.

I love the Nature and I love diving.

I have done NAUI and UIF courses so far and I qualified as a Rescue diver and Master scuba diver and Deep diver. Besides I have a good command of English and German. I can say I am in excellent physical and mental condition.  I have already worked months with commercial divers. My jobs involved cleaning waterwells in Budapest and the underwater insulation of the pillars of a bridge that is being built over the Danube.

I have used Kirby-18 and Kirby-27 equipment. We finished 2006 a corrosion protection work in Lybia by an oil company with the REDS ltd. and the Besix ltd.. We used the DENSO technology. In 2008 I worked in Scotland at Divex company. I was a technician. We made military Clearance Divers’ Life Support Equipments for different country’s governments (Lybia, Vietnam, GB, Germany, …).

I am absolutely devoted to doing this fun.  I am an ambitious type and I always do my utmost to achieve my goals.  I would be grateful to be invited into your Country.

Please help me if it is possible!

I hope, we will meet soon!

That is my dream.

I am waiting for your answer.

Thank you forward and I wish you all the best!

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