Who can find the most fishes?

Challenge time! After organizing social events and raising money for Project AWARE, we had another group challenge coming up: Fish ID. Group A and B competed with each other for a great price . . . curious?

The task was not easy: Taking clear pictures of as many fish species as possible during three consecutive drift dives. Have you ever tried to take a clear picture of another moving object during a drift dive? If you want to challenge yourself, try it! We did our best to enjoy flying with the current at Nusa Penida and taking snapshots of fishes at the same time.

At the end of the day, we realized how divers Bali’s fish population was: We took hundreds of fish-pictures and had to identify as many as possible. Every one of us stayed up late to produce our own little identification guides. Guess what I dreamt of: fishes!

I liked this challenge a lot, as it was a great opportunity to get to know Bali’ fish species. Plus: Four of us were the lucky winners of a brand new Suunto D4i dive computer! Suunto’s latest model is not only stylish but also equipped with many useful features.

A big THANK YOU for the very generous gift!


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