August IDC Day 5-7

IDC Day 5: e-learning

Today Stefan presented the e-learning presentations to the August IDC.  It was very interesting to think about all the ways I can apply my training as a PADI instructor.  One of the coolest things about becoming a PADI instructor is that it allows you to draw from all your past experiences.  Worked in business? Great!  Worked in marketing? Fantastic!  All these skills make you a more valuable employee and allow you to market yourself.  Diving is a such a diverse industry and it allows you the chance to really highlight your strengths.  I already have some ideas, keep checking back and I’ll let you know how they play out!

IDC Day 6: e-learning, EFR instructor training

Today we took some time to finish up the e-learning presentations and begin our EFR instructor training.   We learned about marketing EFR, a introduction/refresher to primary and secondary care as well as care for children.  Despite being a long day in the classroom we still had a lot of fun :)

Refreshing my skills.

Refreshing my skills.

IDC Day 7: EFR instructor training

We added a new member to our IDC team today.  Meet Carlos, our infant CPR mannequin.

Carlos and Marcel

Carlos and Marcel

Today I officially became an EFR instructor!  We spent the day practicing what it would be like to teach the course.  It was great fun!

We're EFR instructors!

We’re EFR instructors!

We also learned more about providing O2 to divers.  Here are a few pics.

Learning how to provide O2.

Learning how to provide O2.

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