August IDC: Day 3 and 4

We are moving right along in the IDC!  After a nice long study session with some of the instructors and my fellow IDC candidates I think I finally understand dive physics!  If was tough figuring it out but hopefully I’ve got it now.  My next study hurdle? Physiology.   Here is a little about what we have been doing here during our IDC days.

IDC Day 3:

CV, Equipment, Compressor, and Project Aware Workshops

We started off our day talking about Project Aware and how we can use it as a tool for environmental outreach in our community.  As we all know our oceans are facing some terrible challenges, such as pollution and shark finning,  and the more we know about them the more we can do to change them.

Next we learned how to disassemble and reassemble basic dive equipment such as regulators and BCDs.  This skills are very useful if you encounter basic equipment malfunctions while out on a dive trip.

Putting together our equipment.

Putting together our equipment.

Afterwards we had a compressor workshop with the very talented Dayne Pigors :)  He taught us all about filling tanks, bleeding the compressor, and even some information on filling nitrox tanks.  Thanks Dayne!

Me and Dayne

Me and Dayne after the compressor workshop.

IDC Day 4:

Open Water Workshop

Today we had our first day diving during IDC.  We headed off to Sanur to do an open water workshop.  We spent the morning focusing on how to conduct open water dives 2 and 3.  It was nice to practice out in the water.  Environmental factors made teaching that more more challenging.  I am really enjoying learning with our IDC group, we work very well together :)  It was also the first time I used my new Aqualung wetsuit in the water.  I loved it!  It fits me great and it was really nice to be wearing a 5mm.  No more shivering!

Blue Season Bali August IDC Candidates

Blue Season Bali August IDC Candidates

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