Another day, another adventure! *Monkey Forest*

The day before yesterday a couple of the interns and I decided to make a trip out to Ubud to see the sights, more importantly visit monkey forest. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve had dreams of owning my very own pet monkey. Since that dream is yet to be fulfilled, when hearing about the many close encounters with monkeys that awaited us at monkey forest, I jumped at the chance of what could be the closest thing to my childhood dream coming true. Little did I know how close we would actually get…

Right off the bat we get out of the car in the parking lot outside of monkey forest and before even a minute even goes by, 2 monkeys snatched the empty chip bags out of Priscilla’s hands and quickly rumaged for remains. I thought it may be funny to try and snatch one back… Let’s just say it wasn’t… Monkeys 1 – Kenzo 0

Of course right at the entrance of the park they sell bundles of bananas and of course I decided to buy a bundle. This not only ensured some close encounters with monkeys but also promoted the pack pouncing on me until the bananas ran dry. Luckily when they were distracted I was able to sneak a couple in my pocket and preserve some fun for later. On several occasions monkeys flashed their teeth at me and gave me the evil stare down (I later found out, because I had a beard they may have mistook me for another intruder monkey…lesson learnt) We did manage to get one little family climbing all over us and being extremely playful and friendly further promoting my dreams of wanting a pet monkey. All in all monkey forest was a total success… one could even call it magical! Some members of our group were a little hesitant about their feelings towards monkeys before but by the end of the trip the monkeys had won them all over and everyone now had dreams of their own pet monkeys. I highly recommend anyone visiting Bali to check out.


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