TOP TEN Finalist – Stepan Shulga

March 5, 2011. We here at Blue Season Bali and The Best Dive Job in the World are thrilled to announce Shepan Shulga as today’s finalist in our 2011 contest. Remember, we are only half-way through announcing the finalists for The Best Dive Job in the World, where someone will come and join us for seven months of fantastic diving in Bali!

Congratulations, Stepan Shulga for an outstanding effort in the competition so far. You may all support Stepan by clicking here and commenting on his entry. Will Stepan be the lucky winner of seven months’ worth of PADI divemaster internship and PADI instructor training here in beautiful Bali? We will all know in only 10 days!

Here’s what Stepan had to say during his interview:

BSB: What is the most amazing experience of your life?
SS: Life: I still waiting for such experience:) May be in on year it will be smile of my first student after final exams. Who knows?
Football: It was 20 May 2009. I worked as a announcer of my football team FC Shakhtar in UEFA CUP Final in Istanbul, Turkey. We made it! We won in final and it was amazing to speak in microphone to all of supporters.
Diving: First dive on SS Thistlegorm, Red Sea, South Sinai, Egypt.

BSB: If you are already a scuba diver, what is the best place you have ever dived, and why?
SS: Two of them…
First dive on SS Thistlegorm, Red Sea, South Sinai, Egypt in 2009. It was something absolutely unforgettable! Inside this wreck a lot of undivided huge military trucks, rifles, motorcycles, and so on. When your understand historical value, when you trying to imagine life of this ship before tragedy, when you exploring it… It’s very strong and nice emotions.
First time i saw SHARK near me in January 2011. Big, strong, dangerous and SO beautiful. Queen of another world. Shadow in depth. It was here in open sea Brothers Islands. Big stuff in open sea – your chance to understand how powerful our nature is!

BSB: If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life but could take only three things with you, what would they be?
SS: 1. My camera with me to make records and photos of sunsets, nature and animals. Surely with nuclear battery :) It’s a dream – isn’t it? :) Someone will find it – and tell the world about my adventure.
2. Good knife. It means – if you have good knife you will get fire, food and roof over our head.
3. My Ipod, I can’t imagine myself without music. (don’t forget about nuclear battery :)
Seriously – i want to take with me all my family and friends. Together we are so powerful that can do everything!

BSB: What would you say is your most positive personal attribute?
SS: My communicative skills. I’m friendly and can say to everybody: make love not war.
All of my defeats i’m trying to turn into victory!
I hate liars, and always trying to be honest with people around me.

BSB: If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
SS: To be honest, i want to improve my language skills (English) and diving skills surely!

BSB: Any question you would like to ask us?
SS: My question not about contest: What can you say about russian instructor in Bali Blue Season? Do you heed him to improve quantity of languages in your dive center?
BSB: As with any tourism-based business, language is a strong asset for instructors in the diving industry. Blue Season Bali currently employs native support for English, Japanese, Indonesian, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. Quality instructors who offer additional languages certainly have an advantage in this industry.

That’s our update for today and thank you all so much for the support you have shown over the past few months. We still have five finalists to go, so stay tuned for further developments right here at www.bestdivejob.com/blog/

Once again, we wish the best of luck to you all!

Tom West
Jonathan Cross
Blue Season Bali

The Best Dive Job in the World

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