TOP TEN Finalist – Mritunjai Sisaudia

March 6, 2011. Congratulations to Mritunjai Sisaudia for becoming our sixth finalist in The Best Dive Job in the World 2011 competition. Will he be joining us for seven months of fantastic diving in Bali?

mritunjai sisaudia Best Dive Job in the World Application

Mritunjai Sisaudia Best Dive Job in the World Application

Mritunjai becomes today’s finalist after receiving quite a lot of support for his entry here on the blog. His supporters may click here and comment to support his entry. There are nine more days and four more finalists to be announced before we determine who will win this seven-month PADI divemaster internship and PADI instructor training here in beautiful Bali!

Mritunjai had the following to say during a brief email interview:

BSB: What is the most amazing experience of your life?
MS: Feb 2005. It was a train journey from Bangalore to Jammu (little over 2600 kms). Three days in an open window, wooden bench coach in near freezing temperatures with only a cotton t-shirt on my back. On the brink of a nervous breakdown I had walked out of my life. In hindsight, not very proud of it, but those three days changed my life and me as a person :)


BSB: If you are already a scuba diver, what is the best place you have ever dived, and why?
MS: Suzy’s wreck. SS Rita was a metal cargo ship, built in the 1930’s UK and sank near the Grande Island, Goa. named so after a girl who loved to free dive there. The visibility is 6-7 meters because of the silt brought in by the Mandovi river which joins in nearby. An amazing place to catch a glimpse of the rich marine life which lives there sheltered by the island and the ship.

BSB: If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life but could take only three things with you, what would they be?
MS: A good strong knife, a durable pair of fins and a diving mask.

BSB: What would you say is your most positive personal attribute?
MS: An open-hearted vigorous approach to life and people.

BSB: If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
MS: My understanding of people, but that is a lifetime of work, I am told :)

Well, that’s our update for today. Remember, we still have four finalists to go, so the competition is far from over. You can stay tuned to further developments right here at www.bestdivejob.com/blog/

We thank you all once again for the huge volume of positive support we have received for this contest!

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