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Marlies Tumolo: Certified PADI Instructor!

Guess what guys?  I finally made it!  I am now a certified PADI scuba diving instructor :) It was a long road and there are many thanks to be given so here it goes!

So happy!!

So happy!!

First of all I would like to thank my parents, my brother, and the rest of my family for always believing in me and pushing me to reach for my dreams.  Without them who knows if I would have had the courage or confidence to go for something like this.  No matter what crazy scheme I come up with you guys are always 100% behind me.  Thanks so much for always being there.  I love you guys!

Next I need to give a huge thanks to Blue Season Bali.  Thank you John and Tom for putting all your hard work into the Best Dive Job in the World.  This truly has been a life changing!   Thank you to Aqua Lung for providing me with a fantastic diving equipment package.  This equipment is so great that I actually feel like it is a part of me when I dive, how cool is that?  I also need to give a never ending thank you to Henley Spiers (my divemaster mentor) for always taking the time to teach me and explain any questions I had.  I have become a great diver and instructor because of your teaching.  Also a big thanks to Stefan Schneider for teaching our IDC and helping us become real PADI material! Finally I want to thank Charlie Smith, my first real Bali friend, for the million times she studied with me, jumped in the pool to practice my skills, and told me that she believed in me.  I love you sugar!

The Best Dive Job in the World was a difficult competition and it has been a long road to get here.  There are so many people that campaigned for me, helped me make movies and run events, and just generally supported me.  A special thanks to Jackie Davis for being there for me 110% and being my # 1 supporter!  Thanks to Biggie, Kiko, Marisa, Alex, Megan, Crystal, Steph, Anthony, Adam, Leah, Addy, Sunshine Divers, my wonderful 8, and all the others who stood by my side and showed that they supported me.  Also a big thanks to Greg Holt at Scuba Radio for recognizing my passion and taking the time to put me on his show.  It is a fantastic show for scuba enthusiasts and you should all take time to check it out check it out!

And last but not least I want to thank team awesome (aka team green), Katarina, Beth, Marissa, Tegan, Marcel, and Bryan for going through this whole thing with me.  It was a long 28 days and you guys really helped me through.  We were a fantastic team and I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Team Awesome becomes instructors!

Wow!  That was a lot of thank yous!  To be honest, I am sure that there are more people out there that I should be thanking.  Don’t think that I’ve forgotten you!  My final thank you goes to all those that I don’t know, who read my application or watched my video and supported my dream.  This whole thing shows that we have the power to make our dreams come true.  Thanks for believing.

We made it!


Mock IE, check!

IDC Days 15 & 16

We spent the last two days doing a Mock IE at Blue Season Bali.  Basically we ran through everything that would be on the IE as a practice run.  I passed!  Actually we all passed!  We are ready to start the real thing tomorrow.  Check back on Sunday to find out how it went!

IDC Day 14

IDC Day 14: open water presentations, DSD workshop, adventures in diving

Today was our last day of IDC.  We spent the day diving in Nusa Penida!  Our first dive was a drift at SD.  It was amazing to be back in the water again :)  During our next dive we went to Lembongan Bay to practice doing the discover scuba diving program.  The water was freezing that day, 18 degrees C (64 degrees F)!  Tomorrow we start the mock IE.  This will really show me if I am ready.  Check back in a couple of days and I will let you know how it went!

IDC Day 9-13

IDC Day 9: confined water presentation, teaching open water

I did my first confined water presentation! It was really cool getting a chance to run part of a course. I was able to manage the group well and got a decent score on my presentation. I still have more work to do though! We also did a presentation today on teaching open water courses. It was really useful to get more information on how to organize and sequence a course. I know that I will use all this once I start teaching.

IDC Day 10: knowledge development 2, theory exam, confined water presentation, rescue practice

We are trucking right on through IDC.  Today we worked more on theory and did another confined water and knowledge development presentation.  It is great to practice and get so much feedback from Jon and Stefan.  I know that I will be more than prepared when we get to the IE.

IDC Day 11: open water presentations, standards exams

Today we did our first open water presentations and boy was I nervous!  It was completely different controlling students in ocean and there were so many more things to thing about!  I had to present 2 skill and I passed both :) Lets hope the same thing happens in the real IE 😉

IDC Day 12: presentations on adventures in diving, rescue, and divemaster, confined water presentations

Henley and Me

The best divemaster mentor ever!

Today we spent time talking about how to conduct the adventures in diving, rescue, and divemaster courses.  I think the most interesting was the divemaster slideshow.  I found myself thinking a lot about Henley and my own divemaster experience.  I am really lucky to have been through such a great program.  Henley is a fantastic mentor and continues to support me as I work towards my goal of becoming an instructor.  Thanks Henley!

IDC Day 13: knowledge development presentations, 4E’s, risk management, confined water presentations

Wow, we are almost done with IDC!  Today we did a knowledge development and confined water presentations.  We also talked all about the duty of care for PADI professionals and managing risks as dive instructors.  I already knew how important it was to follow PADI standards as a diver and instructor, but now I am even more convinced.  I am lucky to be doing my internship at a place like Blue Season Bali that puts such a high value on safe diving practices and following PADI standards.  It is really important when you look for a dive shop or somewhere to further your diving education that you find a place that is professional and puts diver safety first.

Tomorrow is our official last day of IDC.  We are heading out to Nusa Penida to do a few workshops and have a little bit of fun together.  I can’t wait to get back in the ocean and do some diving!

IDC group

Almost finished with IDC!

August IDC Day 6-8

IDC Day 6: orientation, theory exams, pool sessions

Today we officially started the IDC!  We started the day with Jonathan Cross giving us an orientation about the components of the IDC and the IE (Instructor Examination).  It was good to take time to really understand what would be required of us during the IE.  I am also totally confidant that we will be prepared after completing the IDC here at Blue Season Bali.  We also took some more theory exams for practice.  I passed every section this time!  Now I know which areas I am weakest in and can take time to study more about them.

Taking a dive theory exam.

Taking a dive theory exam.

IDC Day 7: CESA/descents/ascents workshop, knowledge development prep

Today we go to go out in the ocean, yay! We spent some time practicing the CESA skill in open water. It is proabley one of the most difficult skills to control and asses properly out in the ocean. It was really nice to be able to practice and get feedback from our instructor.

IDC Day 8: knowledge development presentations, confined water presentation prep, rescue workshop

Today we did our first knowledge development presentations in class. I felt really comfortable and it was nice to be up teaching again! We also prepared for our confined water presentations that we will do tomorrow. I have to demonstrate regulator clearing. I have everything all set but I’m still a little nervous about tomorrow. I hope it goes well! I will let you all know what happens. Talk to you soon :)

August IDC Day 5-7

IDC Day 5: e-learning

Today Stefan presented the e-learning presentations to the August IDC.  It was very interesting to think about all the ways I can apply my training as a PADI instructor.  One of the coolest things about becoming a PADI instructor is that it allows you to draw from all your past experiences.  Worked in business? Great!  Worked in marketing? Fantastic!  All these skills make you a more valuable employee and allow you to market yourself.  Diving is a such a diverse industry and it allows you the chance to really highlight your strengths.  I already have some ideas, keep checking back and I’ll let you know how they play out!

IDC Day 6: e-learning, EFR instructor training

Today we took some time to finish up the e-learning presentations and begin our EFR instructor training.   We learned about marketing EFR, a introduction/refresher to primary and secondary care as well as care for children.  Despite being a long day in the classroom we still had a lot of fun :)

Refreshing my skills.

Refreshing my skills.

IDC Day 7: EFR instructor training

We added a new member to our IDC team today.  Meet Carlos, our infant CPR mannequin.

Carlos and Marcel

Carlos and Marcel

Today I officially became an EFR instructor!  We spent the day practicing what it would be like to teach the course.  It was great fun!

We're EFR instructors!

We’re EFR instructors!

We also learned more about providing O2 to divers.  Here are a few pics.

Learning how to provide O2.

Learning how to provide O2.

August IDC: Day 3 and 4

We are moving right along in the IDC!  After a nice long study session with some of the instructors and my fellow IDC candidates I think I finally understand dive physics!  If was tough figuring it out but hopefully I’ve got it now.  My next study hurdle? Physiology.   Here is a little about what we have been doing here during our IDC days.

IDC Day 3:

CV, Equipment, Compressor, and Project Aware Workshops

We started off our day talking about Project Aware and how we can use it as a tool for environmental outreach in our community.  As we all know our oceans are facing some terrible challenges, such as pollution and shark finning,  and the more we know about them the more we can do to change them.

Next we learned how to disassemble and reassemble basic dive equipment such as regulators and BCDs.  This skills are very useful if you encounter basic equipment malfunctions while out on a dive trip.

Putting together our equipment.

Putting together our equipment.

Afterwards we had a compressor workshop with the very talented Dayne Pigors :)  He taught us all about filling tanks, bleeding the compressor, and even some information on filling nitrox tanks.  Thanks Dayne!

Me and Dayne

Me and Dayne after the compressor workshop.

IDC Day 4:

Open Water Workshop

Today we had our first day diving during IDC.  We headed off to Sanur to do an open water workshop.  We spent the morning focusing on how to conduct open water dives 2 and 3.  It was nice to practice out in the water.  Environmental factors made teaching that more more challenging.  I am really enjoying learning with our IDC group, we work very well together :)  It was also the first time I used my new Aqualung wetsuit in the water.  I loved it!  It fits me great and it was really nice to be wearing a 5mm.  No more shivering!

Blue Season Bali August IDC Candidates

Blue Season Bali August IDC Candidates

August IDC at Blue Season Bali


Well, I have finally made it!  IDC has begun.  Here is what we have done so far:

Day 1 of IDC:

There is a group of 7 candidates from different places around the world participating in the August IDC.  The first day was very exciting and we were all a bit nervous.  We had some time to get to know each other and to learn more about what we will be doing for the next 28 days.  In the afternoon we jumped in the pool and practiced our skills.  I was really happy that I had the chance to perfect my skills during my divemaster program!  I can tell that I have a lot of work ahead of me but that I will also be learning tons!

Day 2 of IDC:

Today was another information packed day.  We started off our morning with an exam, EEEEKK!  After taking the exam I was really happy that I am doing the 28 day program, I still have a lot to learn.  Luckily Stefan reviewed all the answers with us and taught us how to do the problems and explained the concepts we didn’t understand.  In the afternoon we got some real live instructor training.  We jumped in the pool and practiced control and organization during open water confined sessions.  It was fun having the chance to practice being an instructor.  I can’t wait until I can do this for real!

Time is ticking on a 7 month dream coming to an end…

Hello once again fine people of the world,

Over the past 5 and a half months my life has taken a turn that has forever changed not only the way I live but also the future path I will take once I move on from the island of the gods. Blue Season Bali’s Best Dive Job in the World contest has more than fulfilled the proposal of changing someone’s life. I’ve transformed from a hard working kitchen manager working his way through school sweating in the kitchen 6-7 days a week, to a PADI dive instructor who now spends his days in the refreshing waters of Indonesia teaching people from all over the world the wonders of scuba diving. The new job opportunities alone is something that has made this experience undeniably life changing but also the perspective you gain on life from living on the other side of the world and being immersed in such different cultures and lifestyles than what you are used to back home, is truly rewarding. Every day is a new adventure and through the wide array of people you meet, you discover things that open your eyes to limitless future travelling destinations.

Many people see the contest as a way to free themselves from the life they have back home but take my word for it, it does so much more than that. As you may or may not know, Blue Season Bali has officially launched the BDJ contest 2012 and it’s BIGGER and BETTER than ever with an even greater prize package than before. If you have great passion for diving and the aquatic world, are full of energy and can bring an even brighter side to the BSB team than you are fit to win the BIG prize. Teaching and learning go hand in hand in the diving world which makes every day a rewarding and exciting experience. Just read past blogs to get a taste of the BDJ life in Bali! So, if you’re tired of the life you’re locked in and need a ticket out, here it is! Enter at http://www.bestdivejob.com/!!! You can’t win if you don’t try!

Finally, as the clock ticks on my time in Bali and I begin to map out my next adventure, I want to throw the question out there and give people a chance to ask questions of curiosity with regards to Bali, Blue Season’s internship programs and of course the Best Dive Job Contest! People from all over the world come to Bali, one of the premiere diving destinations of the world for many different reasons… Want suggestions on dive trips to go on? Have a week to kill and want tips on what to do? Are you looking to do a divemaster program, tec course or the new eco internship BSB is running? Need some tips from the BDJ winner on how to increase your chances for the 2012 contest? Anything at all you may have a question about I would be happy to do my best to answer. Many questions can be answered on the BSB site http://www.baliocean.com/en/ but if you want a more personal response or in depth opinions, feel free to shoot me a facebook message either personally or through the Best Dive Job page or comment on the blog site. Hopefully I can answer everything you need to know and help you make the best of your Bali diving experiences!


Just wanted to wish all the readers tuning into the Best Dive Job winners blog a Happy New Year!

One thing I think we all do as the year nears an end or perhaps the morning after a BIG night of celebration, is to reflect upon the year that just passed. When I think back to what I was doing at the beginning of 2011 and where I am now, I can’t help but feel so incredibly thankful that I had the love and support of friends and family. It seems like a life ago that I was sweating in the kitchen day and night looking forward to a rare vacation I may get some months down the road. With my nose to the grind, not a day went by when I wasn’t looking for some sort of escape or a path to a new, more refreshing lifestyle. That’s when I came across the webpage that little did I know, in a few (long) months time, would change my life. From the day I entered the Best Dive Job in the World contest I had a a full team of supporters which I extend a thousand thanks to. Thankfully like them, I never let my foot off the gas and when the it was all said and done, emerged victorious as the Best Dive Job winner. For that I am forever grateful to all who were on Team Kenzo and of course the people of Blue Season Bali for giving me this life changing grand prize!

After selling off most of my possessions and making the BIG move to Bali, things just kept getting better and better! Not only was I surrounded by an array of some of the most flavourful foods I had ever tasted, but I was now living the island life in tropical paradise! Palm trees as far as the eye can see and the ocean on all sides, that is where I belong. People always told me Indonesia and Bali had some world class diving but I could never truly imagine it until I experienced it for myself. At this present time I have just under 200 dives logged, many of which are here in Bali and even then, I’m still seeing new things on almost every dive. As for the people, where do I begin… From the moment I touched down I was greeted with open arms by people so friendly and willing to help it would make any newcomer feel right at home. Within weeks as other new interns arrived, I was now the person to show these unfamiliar newcomers the ropes, which was a cool role reversal. Throughout my stay I have met some incredible people from all over the globe and have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. Although I’ve had to see many great people go and unfortunately couldn’t see my entire training through with second place prize winner Priscilla Ong, I was lucky to at least spend 3 months diving with her as Best Dive Job buddies!

I can’t say enough good things about the staff at BSB. It really is a family atmosphere although it seems to function at lot more smoothly than your average  family. We have quite the large staff with numerous positions along with several interns doing training programs and I just find it amazing how it all pieces together to work as one unit. I have tried to learn the Indonesian language through the many locals working with us but because that can be quite tricky, instead I have focused on learning their incredible ways of spotting things underwater. Finally, the training and dive industry knowledge I have learnt through the decades of experience the BSB course director and instructor staff has to offer is incredible. When it comes to diving and working as an instructor, many things you learn through your own experiences but having the advice of people that were once in your shoes does wonders for you as you grow.

So as 2011 has officially ended and I look back to what has transpired in my life since the end of 2010, I can only imagine what may lie ahead for the year 2012. My adivce to you is live every day to the fullest, if possible try to see as much of the world’s beauty and nature as possible and if you haven’t yet entered the Best Dive Job in the World contest 2012, do so immediately. I’m living proof, it’s the ticket to the good life and will change your life! You can’t win if you don’t enter… So, what are you waiting for?


Life as a PADI Instructor

The recent days over in Bali have been jam packed with new and rewarding experiences both in and outside the water.

To start with, I spent my first ever Christmas away from home. I figured I may be eating Nasi Goreng instead of turkey this year but we had the most incredible Christmas dinner over at Blue Season Bali complete with all the fix ins; turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing and everything else you could hope for. In total there were about 30 of us who all had to unbuckle the belts by the time it was all said and done. To make the occasion a little more special we had a secret Santa present exchange which filled the childhood void of tearing open a present on Christmas morning. All in all, even though I was a long way from home, friends and family, it was truly the best Christmas a guy could hope for. If you ever plan to do an internship with BSB over the Christmas holidays, not only will you be in under the paradise sun and palm trees but you will get that warm Christmas feeling complete with quite the feast!

Now for diving and the PADI instructor experience.

Last night another fellow MSDT instructor and I took part in a night dive speciality training session. Accompanying us was Course Director Thomas Barrett, staff instructor Tom Mckenzie and new to the BSB team eco internship instructor/marine biologist Neils. We dropped in just off the beach in Sanur at around 7pm following a beautiful sunset and within 5 minutes we saw 2 juvenile harlequin fish, 2 eels and a Spanish dancer! Absolutely stunning! We carried along and by the end we saw so many eels I lost count, a couple more harlequin fish, 2 snakes, several crabs and loads more nocturnal critters which come alive at night. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera along with me or what great footage I would have captured to show you guys! What a great way to end a 4 dive day in beautiful Bali. Yes, there was some rain, but nonetheless

A couple days prior to the night dive I started my first ever open water course. I had a 10 year old boy who luckily, was a natural little fish in the water. Although full of enthusiasm and energy, I was faced with the challenge of working with this kids 10 minute classroom/workbook attention span. Of course we have structure to the open water course following along with difficulty progression and different things that must be done before moving on to the next however, the order is somewhat flexible and allows us as instructors to slightly modify a course plan. With this guy I really had to be on the ball. All the planned intentions I had more, less went out the window. Luckily the training and lessons I learned during the IDC came into practice and I was able to roll with the punches no problem ensuring that while learning, this kid never stopped having fun! He was a joy to teach and reminded me much of myself in the water when I was young. He also taught me a lot about my own teaching abilities of how patience is the key when dealing with new divers and how you must be able to modify lesson plans while still sticking to a time frame. In the end once we surfaced from that final open water dive and I told him he was now open water certified, the look on his face said it all. The feelings of achievement and satisfaction he felt and knowing I helped achieve that with him was a great feeling and one I will never forget. His parents had been diving for years and long awaited the day where their son could dive alongside them and helping make this families dream come true was truly a rewarding experience.

A thousand thanks to Blue Season Bali for not only giving me the opportunity to become and live out my life here in Bali as a PADI instructor but also for the incredible teachings you have provided me with that allow me to go out and interact with people from around the world and experience the rewarding feelings of teaching people how to dive and have the pleasure of introducing them to the wonders of the underwater world!!


Master Scuba Diver Trainer – First Official Course

The long awaited day has come where the dream of becoming a PADI instructor has become a reality. Today marks the day of my first official Open Water course! Until now I have assisted with several courses during my days as a DiveMaster in training and I have done several training simulations during the IDC but now it’s time to put my training to the test. Over the past couple days I have conducted a few Discover Scuba Diving experiences which were greatly rewarding not only for myself, but for the guest who took part in their first underwater experience. It’s kind of weird to put yourself back in the mentality of how you felt the first time you entered the underwater world but it’s a mindset you must put yourself in to properly conduct any course involving new divers. The more DSD’s (discover scuba dives) you do, the more aware you become of the little things you must do and how to manage another diver more effectively while ensuring their safety and enjoyment. This of course is the most important part of the DSD experience. Although you need 5 DSD’s to equal 1 official certification, it’s an essential element to an instructors training and something that all instructors will no doubt have several encounters with. After surfacing from the dives, the satisfaction you get from the rewarding experience you have provided and seeing the change in the individuals after they have explored the wonders of the underwater world is simply unforgettable! You have opened a gateway into a new world and for many people, the diving will not stop there. One way I see it is the more people who appreciate the ocean and are aware of its complexities, the more people will make the effort to protect it and fight for its survival. Nothing is more important at this point in history.

As I await the guests who will be taking the Open Water Course, Susanne one of the other instructors and myself, map out how we plan to conduct the course. It is a family of 3, the mother, father and 11 year old daughter so we must follow the youth standards and procedures and keep in mind the possible short attention span of a child, especially one who is trying scuba skills for the first time. We have the assistance of Master Instructor Yasu who will be supervising and giving feedback on how we conduct the course as well as possible suggestions and modifications for future courses. This is the advantage of taking the MSDT program. You get the experience of teaching courses but do it with the supervision and guidance of experienced individuals. Of course the key to any job is finding your own methods and what works best for you, but getting various tricks of the trade and learning through other peoples experience is extremely beneficial which is why I think all new instructors should take the MSDT. This foundation you will receive during the MSDT period will undoubtedly make you a much better instructor as you move forward in your career, whatever that may be.

For now I am at the start of my MSDT program so follow in the coming weeks as my training progresses. I will surely post another blog once this course is complete, but confidence is high, energy is high and I can only imagine how great the feeling will be when I hand this family their Open Water certification. I think it is awesome that a family has decided to take part in an activity like diving all together and I will certainly focus on making this a fun, family bonding experience. The key to the open water course of course is learning how to dive but, there has to be a large emphasis of FUN!

Stay tuned…

Kenzo Kiren… PADI Instructor!!!



Can’t quite describe the emotions racing through my body and soul right now but I can tell you it feels amazing. It’s hard to believe just  4 months ago I was sweating in a kitchen anticipating the challenges and experiences I would be facing in Bali but here I am only 4 monthsinto my 7 month grand prize and I can say it has already been a dream come true. Every single day I’ve spent in Bali has been a blessing. I’ve met such a wide array of people from all over the world establishing several lifelong friendships, enhanced my perspective on life and most importantly achieved the goal of becoming a PADI Instructor!!!! And I’m not finished yet…

If I said it was easy I would be lying. To become a PADI instructor takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, determination and of course most importantly a passion for teaching and a love for the underwater world. I’ve never been so nervous about an exam in my life. The exams along with the added pressure of keeping BSB’s perfect passing rate for 2011 in tact made it that much more nerve-wracking. I tried not to think about it but imagine the only person failing the IE was the Best Dive Job Winner… Thank god I dodged that bullet… In the end, I actually had a near perfect score in the exams. Besides a couple incorrect answers in the theory section I pretty much recieved perfect scores! Our group as a whole was no doubt very well prepared thanks to the great IDC program over at BSB. So, a thousand thanks to the people of Blue Season Bali not only for selecting me as the Best Dive Job Winner but also for all the guidance, opportunity and knowledge they have provided me with. I came to Bali as a baby in the diving world with nothing but my open water certification but in 4 short months they transformed me into not only a PADI instructor but a damn confident one. Special thanks and congrats to the 6 others that passed through the pearly gates of the PADI world and came out instructors alongside me. We had lots of fun and all truly deserve what we achieved. Next step is the MSDT and I’m sure the progress will just keep on coming. Can’t wait! One final thanks to all my friends and family back home who’ve supported me from the day I entered the contest. I truly would not be living the dream if it wasn’t for all of you so thank you so much… It’s safe to say I didn’t disappoint and now you all have no excuses to take up diving and get certified by instructor Kenzo!!! I expect to see you soon.

Cheers everybody!

It’s Official, the IDC has begun!

The IDC is officially under way and all 7 of us instructor candidates are in full focus, soaking up every slide show & pool/ocean lessons and feeling very confident as the days roll on. The first official day of IDC was yesterday so we went through many of the main focuses and philosophies and stressed the team mentality approach of not just worrying about yourself the individual passing the IE (instructor exams), but all of us collectively passing. I thought this was a great way of looking at things because not only does it promote the teamwork mentality but it also encourages us to learn through each other while also allowing us to teach one another. One person’s strengths may be another’s weakness, this way we all  can ensure that in the end, there are no weaknesses. We did another exam assessment on our theory and after reviewing my scores, I was fascinated with how much I improved over the past week. Without a doubt the IDC prep helped tremendously and now moving forward I know what more I have to do to fine tune my theory and pass those IE theory exams.

This IDC our group has had the pleasure of getting lectures by the best Blue Season Bali has to offer. Due to a Tec40 course going on during IDC prep, we got to spend a week with Gold Course Director Tom West. Let me tell you, this guy is brilliant! He knows something about everything and when it comes to his diving knowledge, there isn’t a question he can’t answer. The knowledge that guys brain contains really is frightening. Next we have Jonathan Cross Platinum Course Director and owner of BSB. I must say, we are a truly lucky group to be able to learn through the experience and knowledge Jon has to offer both in the classroom and in the water. Today he took us out to Sanur and let us practice being instructors controlling a group of students. This was a very beneficial experience and a great step towards our end goal. With the in water direction and feedback I think we all benefited greatly through this exercise. Finally, we will soon be joined by Thomas Barret (Baz), who has been running the majority of the IDC’s this year and has a 100% passing success rate. Let’s hope this group can keep that streak in tact! Like I mentioned before, we also have Staff Instructors Robert Scales & Tom Mckenzie helping out. When it comes to the help at hand, we got a pretty extensive group of individuals with a lot to offer! They’re always willing to spend extra time either in the pool or classroom helping any of us get on our game as well as show us some good tips and techniques that once helped them with their IDC’s. Anyone considering taking the IDC and or MSDT in the future, this is the place to do it. I can’t say enough good things with my experience thus far and I know it will only get better…You won’t regret it. ( the special IDC lunches are a reason alone to come take the course…let’s just say they’re mouth watering!) This team makes it a fun filled experience that no doubt ends with fantastic rewards that paves the way for a great future in the proffessional diving world…whatever you may choose to do.

Stay tuned for more on my IDC experience!

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