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Nudibranch Heaven

As underwater enthusiasts we tend to focus on the things like sharks, whales, dolphins and turtles which of course, why not, they are fascinating. Like many people, these magnificently large, intelligent and ancient forms of life spark both curiosity and sheer amazement. Many people, myself included are drawn to the ocean for this very reason. We saw videos and read books on these incredible species and wanted to see them for ourselves. Anytime you do have an encounter with one of the above, it becomes an absolute memorable experience. Each sighting has it’s own unique element making every sighting unforgettable. Unfortunately, some may only get a chance to see these things in aquariums which for many reasons I don’t agree with, but to see these animals in there true environments among nature swimming in a vast ocean is the way they should be seen. I’ve seen many dolphins and sharks stuck in tanks when I was younger but after seeing them in the open ocean, you realize just how wrong it is for them to be stuck in a confined space day after day. It would be the equivalent of a human living his life, never being able to leave his room. I think we could all agree that this would drive anybody insane… Just one thing to keep in mind next time you pay to see dolphins, whales and sharks in captivity…. The same goes for most animals for that matter…

On a more positive note, one thing I have really come to appreciate since coming out to Bali is something called a Nudibranch. Many people refer to them as sea slugs, which is pretty much what they are, but the term “slug” to describe them just doesn’t do it justice. Nudibranch are actually in the subclass Opisthobranchia from the class of Gastropoda from phylum Mollusca. Before coming out to Indonesia, I had seen Nudibranchs in video’s and magazines before but had never seen one for my own eyes. I’ll never forget the first dive I did out in Seraya when I saw my first Nudibranch. (Well, actually it was two moving together which happens from time to time) Since then I’ve become somewhat obsessed with them. I’ve made it my mission to find and document as many different types of Nudibranchs as possible. With over 3000 different types worldwide there is never any shortage. I have had the pleasure of spotting numerous different types with a vast array of vibrant colors, shapes and sizes. Everyone here knows, if they’re on a fun dive with me and they spot a Nudi, you better show it to Kenzo! Just last week I saw one of the most incredible types of Nudibranch, a spanish dancer around 17m on the USAT Liberty Wreck. I was doing an open water course so I didn’t have my camera to snap a shot. ughh! I must admit it is my pet peeve to see a new type of Nudi and not get a photo of it… Oh well. To date I’ve probably only spotted just over 100 different types but with the new found appreciation I have for these little buggers, I always pay special attention to the small things that many people just swim over while looking for the big stuff. Sure everyone wants to see sharks and turtles but any time I’m on a dive and see a Nudibranch I’ve never seen before I consider it an awesome dive. Luckily for me out in the waters of Indonesia and diving in Bali, there is an abundance of marine life home to thousands marine species and when it comes to Nudibranch, you won’t be disappointed.

Agung Setiadha – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?
By: Agung Setiadha

My name is Agung Setiadha or shortly Seth. I have bachelor degree in informatics. Even though I studied IT, I’ve been concerning myself that I’m a little bit “green” compare to others. I even made website with green theme for my own first website project, for instance. With the time, I’ve been to many places and seen so many faces and I find out that the nature and its beauty is one of my interests.

Then one day I came up with an idea to document my travels on my Facebook and/or my blog. I love taking pictures, but since then I made more and more pictures and video, and spread it out on the internet and share the information about my travels. During my travels, I also love to meet the local people and get blended with them; I think that’s why I’m enjoying also being a nomad.

When I was living in Yogyakarta I had spare time more than average people, it’s because of my job had flexible office hours. I used some of my time to take French course, and to start swimming. After a while, I decided to take days off for snorkeling to karimun islands. I went snorkeling before in gili trawangan, but this time it was really amazing and so stunning with the view of the underwater, the islands and the beaches as well. I’m getting addicted and crazy about snorkeling, so after I move to Bali I traveled each and every weekend driving my bike and hunting for beaches & snorkeling spot. It’s poisoning my mind and it didn’t take so long until I’m certified OW diver.

So now diving is one of my passions after traveling. And this year, when New Year’s eve I said to myself that this year I have to get at least rescue diver license. It’s a great idea and would be a best job in the world if my hobbies become my work, because what I’ve learn also is that you will do your best and outstanding at your own field when you’re really loving and passionate about it. So now I know what I really want in my life, why don’t I want to be PADI instructor if yes it is the best job in the world? J


Emily Bowles – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

As many kids are, a long time ago I was asked what I wanted to do when I grow up?… work to protect sharks was my answer… as time moved on that’s not really changed, just how to go about it has. October 2011 sitting on a dhow in the Musandam my cousin asks me ‘what’s your dream job, both achievable and non-achievable?’ My answer came straight away…

To own a water sports school.


Emily Bowles - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Emily Bowles – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Stop talking about it and just go for it she says… you see I have always worked extremely hard to travel and go on dive trips but due to expense….alas I have spent every penny saved on the dives where I can see my underwater buddies not qualifications…

One freezing night,(late December back in ’63…oh what a night’  no no just joking), I get on my Facebook to see what’s going on in the world…….OH MY GOD! Santa you got to help me win!! This is my opportunity of a life time! This is how I get to show how passionate I am about marine life of all kinds.

If I get the best dive job in the world I can help transfer my passion and knowledge to others. In the forefront of my mind is showing those who have the fear to ‘Face Fear’ (T-shirt) and dive into the great blue. I want to show others how inconceivably amazing the ocean is and the wonders It holds are not to be feared but embraced….sharks are not the demons Pete Benchley portrayed in Jaws but creatures we need to protect along with many many more.

Emily Bowles - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Emily Bowles – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

The delicate eco systems should be experienced by people from all walks of life all around the world. I want to be one of the lucky few who get the help to make this reality for those seeking adventure, excitement and wonder.

Emily Bowles - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Emily Bowles – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

I was a young girl when I first got to breath in the sea, just for a minute or so off my dad’s reg after a dive…I had to wait another seven years before I found myself rigging up my own kit for real, I can still hear my instructor now ‘lefty lucy, righty tighty’ Thanks Varian! Since then I have taken every opportunity from the UK to Australia, working kitting up for free dives to the most special dive holidays.

All I can say now is, this is truly my dream and I will make it, I just hope beyond hope I can make it come true with Blue season Bali.

Thanks for listening I’m off to see my good friends out there in the big blue sea.

Marlies Tumolo – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Dear Blue Season Bali,

Hey there!  My name is Marlies.  I’ve always been ecstatic about life.  I am that person that walks around with a perma-grin.  I smile so much that it makes my face hurt! My excitement and enthusiasm for life shows in every part of my body; I wiggle everywhere I go because I am so excited. I always thought the thing that made me smile most in the world was traveling.  Meeting new people and creating life changing connections, doing things I never imagined I would do, and exploring new places feeds my soul, which in turn plasters the perma-grin to my face.

That was until I discovered diving and realized that it was my ticket to combine all the things I love in life.  The first time I went diving I was terrified, but as soon as I got into the water I had the biggest smile I have ever had.  I had to clear my mask constantly because my perma-grin cheeks were making it flood!  Being under the ocean is magical.  It allows me to feel calm while heightening every sense in my body, to be alone, yet feel connected to everything and everyone.  Diving ignites my passion for life like nothing else I have encountered.  Since the second I discovered diving all I have done is research how to change my life and become a full-time diver.  It is all I want to do and all I think about.  So why do I want to become a dive instructor?  Because I can’t imagine my life any other way.

Growing up there were two things I always wanted to be; a teacher and a marine biologist.  I got my education degree and am currently teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I love teaching.  Being a dive instructor allows me to combine my passions.  It lets me spend as much time as possible under the ocean and gives me a chance to teach others what a remarkable place the ocean is.  Teaching allows me to make a difference by inspiring others to save our precious and vulnerable ocean life.  Most of all, it lets me live the life I was meant to lead, outside the box that society has built.

I am social, fun, lovable, adventurous, dedicated, a fantastic teacher, and most of all I am personable.  People love me and I love people.  I make friends with everyone I meet and invest my heart and soul into each interaction; I even learn other languages just to speak to people! I know that I am the best possible winner for this competition because I will be a huge asset to Blue Season Bali.   I will bring costumers to the shop and make them love and remember every minute they spend there.  My passion and excitement about diving will spread to everyone around me. And more than anything when I am having the time of my life so will everyone else!  Blue Season Bali, PLEASE make my life’s dream come true! Pick me, Marlies Tumolo, to win the Best Dive Job in the World!!!

Kelly Burnet – Best Dive Job in the World 2012


Well considering I do want the best job in the world I figured I had better back up my video with a few words. Im Kelly, im 24 from NSW, Australia. I`m not about to write about how boring and depressing my life is, because its not ! As I said, im 24 and having a great time being young and free! I live life a little on the wild side and always make sure I am having a great time, but at the same time I appreciate the smaller things in life and love my down time to read, listen and learn . I am all about natural beauty, peace, the world, and feel that life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Lately I have had a dream…a goal…a wish, to be a PADI scuba instructor! I got my open water certificate at the start of the 2011 and from my first dive I immediatly knew  i had found what I had been searching for from day one . I raced home and found as much information as I could on it as a career, and ended up giving myself the goal of saving and completing a PADI instructors course overseas at either Bali or Thailand. I immediately started working towards that goal and gained myself a position on a dolphin/whale watch boat as a deckhand, something that I thought may help me in the future for instructor positions. It doesn’t pay the best money and I still have to live so here I am still chippin away at my goal, week by week, dollar by dollar. I have been in the travel and tourism industry for the last 5 years, working in different areas in 4 and 5 star resorts Australia wide but cannot wait to explore the rest of the world.. I have always loved the water and grew up around it and at one point in my childhood my dad swore I had gills or was about to grow a tail. I travelled to Bali at the start of 2011( I get along with the locals REAL well and dont mind myself a nice cold bintang, so no need to worry about that haha) and dived off gili trawangan and once again was just blown away by what I was experiencing. I went home and told all my friends and family and even persuaded them to go and do a dive! I think some of them think I have gone completely crazy because I just wont shutup about it. The ones that actually did go ahead and do a discovery dive have never been so thankful that I made them go and do it! I just loved the feeling of knowing what I was giving them, something I believe should be seen and experienced by everyone. It is really a feeling i could never put into words, a feeling that has to be seen to be felt. I guess that is why you could say I was quite excited when I found this competition. I sat and stared at the screen as if I had just witnessed a miracle unfolding before my eyes. A blessing… Like someone had answered my prayers. And you have ! I just hope by reading and seeing my entry you too believe I deserve to have my dream job! The best job in the world !

Thanks, Kelly.

Time is ticking on a 7 month dream coming to an end…

Hello once again fine people of the world,

Over the past 5 and a half months my life has taken a turn that has forever changed not only the way I live but also the future path I will take once I move on from the island of the gods. Blue Season Bali’s Best Dive Job in the World contest has more than fulfilled the proposal of changing someone’s life. I’ve transformed from a hard working kitchen manager working his way through school sweating in the kitchen 6-7 days a week, to a PADI dive instructor who now spends his days in the refreshing waters of Indonesia teaching people from all over the world the wonders of scuba diving. The new job opportunities alone is something that has made this experience undeniably life changing but also the perspective you gain on life from living on the other side of the world and being immersed in such different cultures and lifestyles than what you are used to back home, is truly rewarding. Every day is a new adventure and through the wide array of people you meet, you discover things that open your eyes to limitless future travelling destinations.

Many people see the contest as a way to free themselves from the life they have back home but take my word for it, it does so much more than that. As you may or may not know, Blue Season Bali has officially launched the BDJ contest 2012 and it’s BIGGER and BETTER than ever with an even greater prize package than before. If you have great passion for diving and the aquatic world, are full of energy and can bring an even brighter side to the BSB team than you are fit to win the BIG prize. Teaching and learning go hand in hand in the diving world which makes every day a rewarding and exciting experience. Just read past blogs to get a taste of the BDJ life in Bali! So, if you’re tired of the life you’re locked in and need a ticket out, here it is! Enter at http://www.bestdivejob.com/!!! You can’t win if you don’t try!

Finally, as the clock ticks on my time in Bali and I begin to map out my next adventure, I want to throw the question out there and give people a chance to ask questions of curiosity with regards to Bali, Blue Season’s internship programs and of course the Best Dive Job Contest! People from all over the world come to Bali, one of the premiere diving destinations of the world for many different reasons… Want suggestions on dive trips to go on? Have a week to kill and want tips on what to do? Are you looking to do a divemaster program, tec course or the new eco internship BSB is running? Need some tips from the BDJ winner on how to increase your chances for the 2012 contest? Anything at all you may have a question about I would be happy to do my best to answer. Many questions can be answered on the BSB site http://www.baliocean.com/en/ but if you want a more personal response or in depth opinions, feel free to shoot me a facebook message either personally or through the Best Dive Job page or comment on the blog site. Hopefully I can answer everything you need to know and help you make the best of your Bali diving experiences!

Steven Perry – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

Steven Perry - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Steven Perry – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Well…. One year on and I’m entering best dive job once again.

Hi I’m Steven Perry and I am still watching paint dry for a living… unfortunately I’m still a 22 year old painter and decorator from Slough in sunny England.

What Have I been doing for this past year since the last competition?

Apart from following Kenzo’s progress I’ve been studying for my PADI Open Water certificate which I have in a couple months’ time. But to be honest I’d rather be doing it in the Glorious Bali rather than at Stoney Cove in Leicester Brrrrrrrr cold or what? I have also been learning Spanish, for some reason I felt it was a good idea to learn another language


I suppose now’s the hard part where I try to describe my self

I’m small,funny,exciting and always looking for a good time and adventure.

Now for the serious stuff! .I am very good with people and customers. You could say I have a boyish charm about me that helps me get on with about everyone on this earth and consider all friends that I make along the way family.

So why do I want to win The Best Dive Job competition?

Steven Perry - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Steven Perry – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Who wouldn’t want to win it? Apart from being the coolest person down the pub “Hey I’m a SCUBA Instructor, What do you do for a living?”. Being in Bali and doing the thing that my hearts been yearning to do for the past 2 years would mean the world to me. It would help me get out of this dead end job and out of this boring humdrum town. I want to explore this earth it so big and most of it is water which is a good thing for us divers and I think this could be the passport I need to see it.Being Surrounded by good people who are on my level and also have a passion for the things that I love would be insane, what’s better then learning and teaching the things you love with the people you love.

Even though I have no regret about my life so far I feel that I have missed out on a lot and still haven’t done enough to quench my thirst of adventure and ultimate serenity. I am still only 22 and got the rest of my life ahead of me and nothing is going to stop me from chasing my dreams. With the help of this competition it could help me with my dreams and also I could help others with there’s.

For me the glass is half empty and it need filling up!!

It’s not where you’ve been, it’s where you’re going and hopefully Bali is my next destination.

So why not Vote for me Scuba Steve for the Best Dive Job and help me fill my glass.

Kind Regards.

PADI Instructor, the good life!

As the days roll on and my training as a PADI Instructor progress, things just keep getting better and better!

I’ve now completed 4 open water courses with a wide variety of students causing me to adjust and experiment with different teaching methods to cope with the slight variation of student’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ve just kick started another open water course today and have the upmost confidence that my student will leave, like all the rest of my students, a confident open water scuba diver with an enhanced appreciation for the underwater world!

I’ve also had the pleasure of conducting a Coral Reef Conservation speciality. This is a speciality course open to anyone, certified diver or not and showcases coral reef information, assessments and facts on the health of our worldwide reefs, how to identify and monitor damaged or stressed reefs and of course what we can do to help. The course was a great opportunity to express my concerns about the future of our reefs and ocean while also enforcing and motivating the class to do their part in any and every way possible. I had new to the BSB team, marine biologist and OWSI Neils sitting in of the presentation which was great. He was able to offer some more in depth coral reef knowledge and we both shared different stories about the ocean and the everyday struggles it is facing to enhance and strengthen the course and it’s values. Neils will also be conducting the new Eco Internship program at Blue Season which you can find out more about at http://www.baliocean.com/en/bali_eco_internship.blueseason. Check it out!!!

Finally, 2 days ago I conducted a deep speciality with two interns out in Nusa Penida. We spent the whole day out on the BSB boat surrounded by the crystal blue ocean and the stunning island landscape of Nusa Penida. The sun was shining and the water was warm with excellent visibility, what more could you ask for… We had an added bonus to the course when Master Instructor Yasu who was supervising the course, told us that conditions were ideal and we could go to the Bat Cave!!! I heard about this place when I first came out to Penida but never had the chance to actually check it out. 5 months later I finally got my chance and let me tell you, after all the anticipation and hype, it did not disappoint! It required a nice open swim through with just enough sunlight piercing through that the ascent into the bat cave was easily identifiable. It went from complete silence underwater to chirping bats flying overhead. There was a large hole in the rock which allowed the sun to penetrate through and give us a great view of the inner cave. This place was majestic and to make the experience even better, as we came back out from the cave, a turtle sped right past us. One of the other interns said the same thing I was thinking as we surfaced and that was that this was possibly the best dive we had out here in Bali.

So far, after my early experiences as an instructor, I’ve confirmed that the beauty of teaching is you never stop learning. The certain satisfaction you get from teaching someone something they previously didn’t know is extremely rewarding and of course every day and every course is a new adventure. In the diving world, you never stop meeting new people and continually learn about new and exciting places. The possibilities are truly endless!!!


Life as a PADI Instructor

The recent days over in Bali have been jam packed with new and rewarding experiences both in and outside the water.

To start with, I spent my first ever Christmas away from home. I figured I may be eating Nasi Goreng instead of turkey this year but we had the most incredible Christmas dinner over at Blue Season Bali complete with all the fix ins; turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing and everything else you could hope for. In total there were about 30 of us who all had to unbuckle the belts by the time it was all said and done. To make the occasion a little more special we had a secret Santa present exchange which filled the childhood void of tearing open a present on Christmas morning. All in all, even though I was a long way from home, friends and family, it was truly the best Christmas a guy could hope for. If you ever plan to do an internship with BSB over the Christmas holidays, not only will you be in under the paradise sun and palm trees but you will get that warm Christmas feeling complete with quite the feast!

Now for diving and the PADI instructor experience.

Last night another fellow MSDT instructor and I took part in a night dive speciality training session. Accompanying us was Course Director Thomas Barrett, staff instructor Tom Mckenzie and new to the BSB team eco internship instructor/marine biologist Neils. We dropped in just off the beach in Sanur at around 7pm following a beautiful sunset and within 5 minutes we saw 2 juvenile harlequin fish, 2 eels and a Spanish dancer! Absolutely stunning! We carried along and by the end we saw so many eels I lost count, a couple more harlequin fish, 2 snakes, several crabs and loads more nocturnal critters which come alive at night. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera along with me or what great footage I would have captured to show you guys! What a great way to end a 4 dive day in beautiful Bali. Yes, there was some rain, but nonetheless

A couple days prior to the night dive I started my first ever open water course. I had a 10 year old boy who luckily, was a natural little fish in the water. Although full of enthusiasm and energy, I was faced with the challenge of working with this kids 10 minute classroom/workbook attention span. Of course we have structure to the open water course following along with difficulty progression and different things that must be done before moving on to the next however, the order is somewhat flexible and allows us as instructors to slightly modify a course plan. With this guy I really had to be on the ball. All the planned intentions I had more, less went out the window. Luckily the training and lessons I learned during the IDC came into practice and I was able to roll with the punches no problem ensuring that while learning, this kid never stopped having fun! He was a joy to teach and reminded me much of myself in the water when I was young. He also taught me a lot about my own teaching abilities of how patience is the key when dealing with new divers and how you must be able to modify lesson plans while still sticking to a time frame. In the end once we surfaced from that final open water dive and I told him he was now open water certified, the look on his face said it all. The feelings of achievement and satisfaction he felt and knowing I helped achieve that with him was a great feeling and one I will never forget. His parents had been diving for years and long awaited the day where their son could dive alongside them and helping make this families dream come true was truly a rewarding experience.

A thousand thanks to Blue Season Bali for not only giving me the opportunity to become and live out my life here in Bali as a PADI instructor but also for the incredible teachings you have provided me with that allow me to go out and interact with people from around the world and experience the rewarding feelings of teaching people how to dive and have the pleasure of introducing them to the wonders of the underwater world!!


Renay Logan – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

Renay Logan - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Renay Logan - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Its 7.45am, picture 200 people crammed into an underground tube, standing for 20 minutes like sardines packed in a can. Not an ideal morning journey? No, I agree but that’s a commuter’s life in London and it’s been mine for the last 9 years. I want to trade my frosty mornings with a wetsuit as my uniform, swap my blackberry for a dive computer and gear up for work in the Balinese sunshine instead of fighting Londoners for the last available seat.

When I took my first breath of air from a regulator 6 years ago in Surrey (UK), the feeling of being able to breathe underwater was so surreal and natural, that I’ve been hooked ever since. However, living in London and with only 4 months of the year deemed fit to dive, I really struggle to keep up the love as a recreation and I’m constantly having withdrawals.

Being an expat Aussie in the UK, I constantly get asked ‘Are you mad, you left home for this?’. If had a £ for every time I heard it, I could quite possibly of started up my own dive school by now but unfortunately that is not the case & I’m here entering this competition. I’ve relished & seized every opportunity in London but I now want a lifestyle where I can dive on a regular basis. Becoming a PADI Instructor in Bali sounds idyllic & is the perfect way to change my life.

This year I was lucky enough to dive in the Red Sea and I was so mesmerised by the coral and marine life that I vowed on my last dive at Shugarat only to eat ethical fish for the rest of my life. As my friends will tell you I have an obsession with sushi, especially Bluefin tuna and consume it at least twice a week. It’s a big sacrifice but I’m determined to stick to the pledge in order to give back to the sea and become more ethically accountable. I was also deeply distressed by the destruction of the coral caused by divers over the years that I want to become actively involved in Project AWARE, going forward. I believe it’s every divers’ duty to be environmental conscious & becoming a PADI Instructor, I deem this an integral part of a diver’s training and development.

Renay Logan - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Renay Logan - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Most people that know me recognise my competitive streak, hardworking nature, sense of adventure and always up for a challenge. Whether it’s running my 1st half-marathon for a dare, swimming the entire length of the English Channel in a pool for charity, helping out in my local community clean-up after the London Riots or doing charity work; I’m a very sociable individual and can adapt to any situation propelled at me. I’m an active person and enjoy keeping fit. I’m part of a mixed tag rugby team; go to kickboxing classes, practise yoga and an enthusiastic swimmer. If I’m chosen as the PADI Instructor, your day would be never dull. I’m patient, bold and enthusiastic about life & being passionate about diving is just a bonus!

I’m ready for the next challenge, so please vote for me and let me swap my high heels for fins and become a PADI Instructor! Terima kasih!

Vote for Renay Logan, Best Dive Job in the World, 2012.

Islam F. Bahnasy – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

I’m a Software Developer and I have 25 years old my childhood dreams were about to learn how to create computer programs, dive and to fly.

I did that all except flying but my dreams were not only about doing those things but to be professional in them because my mind and soul is living on those hobbies.

I did my PADI Open Water course in 2009 and from that time I couldn’t stop thinking about diving and about learning more about it, my passion didn’t stop at that point but I was keen to motivate my friends and family to dive and I was teaching them about what I have learned in the Open Water course.

I reached a time were I was everything in my life, I took a very difficult decision which is to switch my career to become diving instructor. I was searching about internships in the Red Sea till I found a good one then I started my new life and after I became PADI Rescue Diver with 180 dives, a lot of things happened in my life one of them was the Egyptian Revolution so I had to stop for a while but diving still in my heart then after a while my instructor dead and that was really bad time.

So that was really affecting my life since I couldn’t continue my dive education because I ran out of money and also couldn’t find a job in my old career “Software Development” because the economical state is not good after the revolution.

I can remember every dive I have done, that is the best memory I have in my mind. breathing in different environment and being weightless and this environment is touching me that is the best feeling I ever felt.

I love to teach people what I love to do and I’m good in that so becoming a PADI Instructor will put me in a place where I can give people good knowledge and make their lives great


Bragg Stanley – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

“I want to die young at a very old age” has become a theme in my life.  Having retired from the teaching profession, and looking at a second retirement from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, I am now ready for another adventure.

I have been diving for about 5 years and have come to love the sport.  I am currently working on my Dive Master Certification and today just completed my Red Cross first aid, CPR, and AED certification, one of the requirements for certification.  Becoming a PADI Instructor would fulfill two of my three passions:  Teaching and Scuba Diving.  My third passion is bluegrass guitar—a little hard underwater, but you have to do something when you are on shore or on the boat!

In my training with my current instructor I have come to appreciate the importance of good teaching and the importance of helping others learn the skills to be a safe and competent recreational diver.  Scuba Diving is all about fun, but there are some inherent risks of which we all must be aware.  A good teacher can help ensure (but not guarantee) that students will have the necessary skills to not only be safe and competent divers, but will instill an attitude and excitement for continued learning.  An important side benefit, but integral to the instructional process is developing an abiding appreciation for our oceans, lakes, and streams and the fragile ecosystem of our underwater habitats.

As I look to a new career, in many ways I am not changing my life all of that much.  I am at a point in life where I am pretty much free to do what I want to do, and I am living my dream and enjoying my passions ( I still teach as an adjunct professor at a small college where I live).  I teach, I scuba dive when I can, I play my guitar, and all in all I am enjoying life to the fullest.  Being a PADI instructor would allow me to share my passion for the sport with others and hopefully inspire them to become the best they can be in the sport of SCUBA diving.

What has inspired me most to do attempt this has been the outstanding instruction I have received as a SCUBA diver.  I could not have asked for more competent and supportive instructors.  They have certainly been my role models in exploring this new avenue in

SCUBA diving They say that the best way to stay young is to continually learn, and what better way to die young at a very old age than to become a SCUBA instructor.

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Uffe Jensen – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Uffe Jensen - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Uffe Jensen – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

I just wanted to show you a few pictures of me, and tell you a little bit more, about who I am, and why I think you should pick me for the Best Dive Job in the World. I am a happy person, and I like to have fun. I like to share my fun with other people too. All my life I have been surrounded by people, and I work with people every day. I would love to be a PADI instructor, because it would open op the door to a completely different life, than what I am living today. I am not unhappy with my life. I have many friends and a good family, and I have a decent job where I teach Danish to people from all around the world. But I want to see other places, especially where you have sandy beaches and sunny weather, and a high number of species, such as animals, plants, fish and natural phenomena. I absolutely adore nature, and I truly wish I could do something radical to make more people care about the world we live in. I also wish to explore some of those beautiful and breathtaking depths and places that I’ve never even seen on TV in Denmark. I feel a strong burning desire to live my life in a more adventurous way, and I believe that becoming a PADI instructor could fulfill a great part of that desire. I would be able to stay in places that I can normally only visit on a short vacation. And I would be able to work with something that I consider a pleasure, meeting a lot of new and interesting people, and showing them some of the numberless amazing and astonishing creatures living underneath the surface. I am not an experienced diver. I have gotten a taste of it in Egypt, my Open Water Course in British Virgin Islands, and that’s about it. I have bought a wetsuit and tried a little bit of freediving in Denmark, but it’s not the same, and it’s very cold. I have tried bathing in the sea once, when it was minus 15 degrees. I can’t stay out of the water, not even in Denmark, but I would definitely prefer some more tropical temperatures. From what I’ve heard, Bali would be perfect for me. I think you should choose me, because that choice will make everybody happy; you, me, the clients, tourists and local people in Bali – everybody except the other competitors. If you choose one of them instead, there is a much bigger chance of making more people uncomfortable. I am confident that I could complete the training and live up to the other requirements to your complete satisfaction. And I hope you have a job for me afterwards, or that you can help me find a job, so I can dive some more. I love it.

Uffe Jensen - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Uffe Jensen – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Kind regards from: Uffe Vilford Jensen

Tyler Norgaard – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why do I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor?  It’s simple; I want a life of fun, excitement, good memories, and adventure!

My name is Tyler Norgaard.  I’m 20 years old and like long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners…whoops wrong contest.  Besides the fact that I don’t mind embarrassing myself, I enjoy making people laugh and enjoy life in any way possible.  Ironically I don’t feel that my life is all that meaningful and fun; even though I am young I feel old, and feel that I’ve never done anything adventurous with my life.  Scuba diving has been something that has taken me into another world (literally) when being underwater.  I’ve been diving for 2 or 3 years now, only seasonally, but always leave the water wanting more.  I would say that it’s like an addiction, but that would only make me sound like a creep and so therefore I will consider myself an ocean enthusiast: one who belongs under, on top, or near water.  Being in Bali would only feed this hunger for adventure and the ocean as I’d be surrounded by it.  To my knowledge, Bali is the diver and surfers paradise which is something that strikes my interest immediately.  I live in Vancouver, Canada but not directly in the downtown.  Where I live is the quintessential country music loving, pickup truck driving, NASCAR enthusiast type town, which is ultimately pretty lame!  Sadly, many people I went to high school with out here have no real aspirations in life that take them outside of this town called Maple Ridge.  I knew I was different in high school (I wasn’t some kid with black make up that wrote depressing poetry) but I knew I had the want of making something of myself.  I love to add my opinion into discussions and explain stories about my life, even though I suck at it, and I love making people around me happy.  I’m always smiling and telling jokes and have a knack for finding little things that generally are unimportant and make them something to point out just by simply suggesting the interestingness of them.

I have lots of growing to do in many ways.  Because I’ve always sort of played it safe in life so far, I’ve never had an adventure.  Running away to Bali and becoming a PADI instructor would be so unique and make me stand out as someone people look up to because I’ve chased my dreams and passions.  It would also give me the chance to put trust in myself when travelling alone and taking care of myself somewhere half way across the world from my family.  In the end I hope that my word document stands out even above some of the professionally made videos because of my silly personality and brilliant prose with my excellent thesis statement!  The life of a PADI instructor would be a dream come true.

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Alec Hynek – Best Dive Job in the World 2012


Growing up, I was always outside. I’d spend hours hiking in the woods, finding snakes and other critters. I even brought home a baby deer once (long story). I did just about every outdoor activity you can think of. I was that kid that at the pool that spent the whole time underwater. Holding my breath and swimming the length of the pool, and challenging everyone to breathe holding contests. I loved the feeling of turning a chaotic summer day at the pool into a calm, tranquil world just by submersing myself.

Best dive job in the World 2012

Best dive job in the World 2012

At the age of 19, I decided that I wasn’t going to just settle with any career. I wanted to make sure that I was going to have job that I loved, and enjoyed every day of work. So with that in mind and no clue on what I wanted to do; I left school and set off to live life, and discover my calling. Because of this, my family and friends joke that I’m a nomad. I’ve bounced around from place to place, and I have had several fun jobs and met tons of amazing people.

Most recently, for about the last year and a half, I worked at a certain theme park in Orlando. I was a boat captain and I sailed the Seven Seas and made magic every day. It was a great job where I was outside, spending my whole day on the water, and meeting new people from around that world. In May, I moved back to my homeland, Wisconsin, to be a camp counselor, which was another very rewarding experience. After camp I moved to Minneapolis, MN where I am currently taking studying art, and working at a waterpark.

Best dive job in the World 2012

Best dive job in the World 2012

To be honest, the closest thing to scuba diving that I have done is snorkeling, which I did all the time at the beaches in Florida. When I first moved up to Minneapolis, I had discussed with my father my interest in getting scuba certified. And as it turned out, a girl in my drawing class works at a dive shop in the area! Her and I starting talking a lot about diving and in doing so it sparked an idea that has grown into so much more.

It’s so clear to me that this is the job I was meant for. I’ve been looking for a career where I can travel, entertain, teach, learn, and explore. Scuba instructing has it all! I can interact with wildlife and people at the same time, and also change peoples’ lives. They say that people who live by water are happier than people that don’t. So that must mean that scuba instructors are the happiest of all! Even if I don’t win this contest I am going to become a PADI-certified instructor. But I think we can all agree that I’m better off with Blue Season Bali. Please help me get this job, and get me to where I need to be!


Joe Zeiler – Best Dive Job in the World 2012


Two years, two certifications and 150 dives ago, as I breathed my first breath underwater, I realized that something in my life had instantly and irreversibly changed. I was in complete awe of the new world I was seeing and in one of those very cliché moments, I was absolutely overcome by the beauty surrounding me – then I coughed out my regulator by accident and the guy in front of me kicked off my mask in a flurry of fins and flailing.


Zoe Zeiler - Best Dive job in the World 2012

Zoe Zeiler – Best Dive job in the World 2012

PADI Open Water course day one – check!

As I descended under the water the next day it wasn’t the memory of the sting of saltwater in my eyes or the general mayhem of 6 novice divers flopping, bobbing and floating their way through their first dive that stuck in my mind. Instead, it was those few initial minutes where I was at a complete loss for words. There was no denying it, the addiction had been born and since that fateful day I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that I should be spending a good deal of my time under the sea rather than under the mountain of marking, planning and paperwork that my current job throws at me.

At the moment, I spend my days teaching English Literature at an international secondary school in Bangkok. I’ve been an international teacher for the past 8 years and have lived and worked in Japan, Brazil, Canada and Thailand. Teaching and travelling are my life and there is no way that I would want to leave them behind, but day in and day out, as I sit behind stacks of essays and bear witness to yet another PowerPoint presentation on the “poetry of Taylor Swift”(cough cough…gag), I find myself wishing that I could trade in my copy of Romeo and Juliet for a PADI OW manual or my lessons on similes and metaphors for lessons on nudibranchs and Peak Performance Buoyancy. Becoming a PADI instructor would allow to me focus all my energy on my passions – diving, teaching and travelling – while allowing me to cut out the less desirable extras that secondary school teaching offers (hormonal meltdowns, acne, mountains of marking, constant references to K-pop and how cute Justin Beiber is, report cards, detentions…)

Some people may wonder why I’m fighting for an opportunity that could potentially leave me with less pay, less stability and fewer benefits than my current job. The only answer I can give them is that money comes and money goes but how many people can say that they truly love their job? Being a PADI instructor will allow me be one of the few.

I’m hard working, motivated, fun loving and a bit on the whacky side. I know how to have fun but I also know when it’s time to hunker down and get things done. Bring me to Bali and you won’t be disappointed! … and hey, who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their working life in a wetsuit…

Zoe Zeiler - Best Dive job in the World 2012

Zoe Zeiler – Best Dive job in the World 2012

Ranjit Joseph – Best Dive Job in the World 2012 Entry

PDF Version – MyBestDiveJobEntry

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor

The ‘cool’ factor.

Best Dive Job in the World 2012 - Ranjit Joseph

Best Dive Job in the World 2012 - Ranjit Joseph

Face it! How many people do we know who is a Scuba Instructor? Just for the cool factor, anyone with a great sense of adventure will jump at the opportunity, to live inBaliand learn to do the best thing you wanted in your life.

For me, scuba diving was something that started a bit late, I did not even know how to swim, I took up swimming to do diving, that’s how motivated I became in the start of 2010.  Two months of swimming classes and then I was ready for my Open Water Certification.

That was followed by slow steps, to my ultimate career as a PADI MSDT.  Apart from ‘looking cool’, there are a few more reasons why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor.

To educate.

Education about the ocean world is of utmost importance, though most of us do not realize the enormity of our simple actions contributing to the climatic changes, it really does. By becoming a PADI Instructor, I hope to educate others on environmental preservation and also experience the joy at seeing people stepping out of their comfort zone, seeing fear changed to confidence.

To rediscover my inner self through never-before experiences.

Out in the vastness of the ocean, you suddenly feel the greatness of nature. While out in the real world, in the cities, we are so accustomed to being fascinated by man’s creations, or the best innovations. Out there in the oceans, you see the beautiful things created by nature, and unseen by so many, and it brings you a step closer to your inner self. Becoming an Instructor will go a long way in experiencing this more and at the same time help others to experience it too, by teaching diving.

To explore.

A very large part of the oceans is still relatively unexplored. With diving being now being very common to many areas, diving vacations are very popular. As a PADI Dive Instructor the enormous opportunities of travelling to beautiful locations and exploring the unseen, underwater world is a motivation like no other.

To develop friendships without borders.

Every time you go on a dive trip, as with every group activity, you meet other like minded individuals, you bond with them and form strong friendships. Diving is a worldwide activity and you meet people from all over who travel to dive locations. In addition to the diving, the people and the cultures is the attraction.

Meet people. Go places. Do things.

For me, diving has helped to form lasting friendships that has extended into my professional career as well. Becoming a PADI Dive Instructor will give me the opportunity to grow and develop not only my relationships as dive buddies, but also extend into them into more areas of both my professional and personal life.

Thank you, Blue Season Bali for having this competition and giving me an opportunity to make my dream come true.

Ranjit Joseph

PADI Divemaster*


Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012















Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012















Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012















Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012















Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012















Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012















Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

















Hi everybody, starting this week a promotional series of Scuba education called ‘SCUBAKNOW’ posters are being developed by me. The information for this will be from PADI manuals, dive informational sites on the internet, and my own experience.
Please feel free to comment, and also contribute by way of your knowledge of facts, tips, titbits or anecdotes. This is to promote and eduacate our friends, in a small way, about the wonderful world of SCUBA.

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012


Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012


Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Kenzo & Dani Go ZEN

Earlier in the week my girlfriend and I had the luxury of celebrating her 23rd birthday up north at the beautiful Blue Season Zen Diving Resort. For a place like this, words don’t quite do the place justice, but for everyone’s sake, I’ll try my best.

The drive up like most drives in Bali was scenic and mesmerizing, looking down on several rice terraces glowing green while weaving through the mountains. We then stopped at a coffee shop and caught a glimpse at the famous Luwak while enjoying our morning coffee and fried bananas. Once arriving at the Zen resort we were greeted by smiling faces, flower necklaces and freshly squeezed juices. The entire resort looked like the Garden of Eden, vibrant with flowers ranging from all colours of the rainbow coupled with a refreshing smell only the country air and a garden full of flowers could provide. After a tour of the resort we settled into our romantically cozy room once again filled with flowers and sweet aromas. Once settled we headed down to the beach where I managed to sneak away for a dive with Divemaster Bowo while Dani went for a snorkel and built herself a sand castle. The dive site we dove at was PJ which is a muck diving site famous for the mimic octopus and many other unique forms of life. Before today the longest dive I had ever dove was around 55 minutes but with this site and it’s gentle slope we managed to get in a 67 and 86 minute dive in. I loved the fact that you could take your time to find little critters and use as much patients and deligence as needed. Luckily for Bowo and I, air consumption was no issue… we could have spent all day down there. Although we didn’t see our mimic the dives were great and now it was time for lunch!

After wolfing down a delicious meal of chicken parmesan, potato salad and spring rolls we had a relaxing swim in the pool overlooking the ocean and countryside before suiting up in our kimonos for our spa treatment. Now this part of the trip might just have to be the highlight for me. Although the entire trip was absolutely amazing, getting a full body Ayurveda massage by 2 therapists using warm oils did wonders for my sore body. Seriously, if anybody ever wants a rejuvenating experience for their body and mind look up Ayurveda spa’s or better yet come to the Blue Season Bali Zen Resort, it’ll do wonders for you, trust me. So… after the spa we relaxed a little more then went down to the beach for the sunset before enjoying another fantastic meal overlooking the countryside. From there our stomachs were satisfied, our bodies relaxed and the rest is history.

The next morning we were up bright and early for a yoga session. I had never done yoga before and let me tell ya, it’s no picnic. Once that was over and done with and I found out I wasn’t as flexible as I thought I was, we enjoyed a nice breakfast, I snuck away for one last dive then we hit the road
back to Sanur. I will say that at some point during the remainder of my stay here in Bali, I will be going back up to the Zen Resort… the Ayurveda massage
is calling my name!

Brace for the launch… BDJ 2012 is coming!

Our 2011 winners are with us here in Bali and The Best Dive Job in the World is in full swing.  We have some exciting things coming up for both Priscilla and Kenzo in the upcoming weeks and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you.

One of the biggest things to be happening this month here at Blue Season Bali is the launch of our new and improved The Best Dive Job in the World 2012 program.  During the 2011 campaign, I spent a lot of time showing people just how cool our scuba diving internship programs are and showcasing the natural beauty of Bali as the perfect destination for professional scuba diving training.

Well, I don’t have to do that this year because many of you already know and because Kenzo is actively telling the world about his experiences through social media on his BDJ Winners blog:  www.bestdivejob.com/

This year we are expanding the prize offering from around USD 16000 to over USD 25000.  In addition to that, contestants will have an extra month to prepare and promote their entries into the competition.  We are also going to have some fun pre-launch activities which will likely be seen only by our 2011 faithful.  Now is the chance for our 2011 participants to get a head start on the competition.  How?  I’ll come out with full details soon, but here’s a pointer in the right direction:  THE LAUNCH 2012!

That’s all I can give away at the moment.  We are looking forward to our official launch date of September 30 for The Best Dive Job in the World 2012.

Stay tuned!

TW, out.

Coming to Bali

As I am writing this blog I have yet to even touch down in the Island of the Gods. That being said, my journey towards Bali thus far has been quite the process full of anticipation, eagerness and frantic scrambling to wrap up my life back home… Since receiving the life changing news about winning The Best Dive Job in the World my life has been anything but relaxing.

The past few months have consisted of quite the variety of things ranging from rewarding and memorable moments with friends and family as well as some emotional ones. In those months however my life has had a certain sense of ease to it knowing that I will soon be living in paradise for the next 7 months.

As I awaited my departure date I looked forward to things like my spread in The Mag, a local Bali magazine, an article in a local newspaper as well as a huge event at a nearby nightclub which was quite the night from what I remember. Of course it was not all fun and games. I wrapped up working my final days as a cook, a job I have had for over 5 years and although I will greatly miss the people and relationships I have built there, I can confidently say I was happy to leave all the frantic cooking and kitchen stress behind.

Luckily the great people of Blue Season Bali said it was ok for my long-time girlfriend Danielle to come along with me so the next step for us was moving out of the apartment we just seemed to finally get settled in. Although moving out is always hard, the thought of starting a new life in Bali was reassuring enough to wash away any feelings of disturbance. From there I basically gave away half my wardrobe sold my car, dirt bike and anything else I could get some cash for. In many ways it was the Kenzo Kiren’s everything must go sale which looking back on, I think many people benefited from.

The next step before departing from Vancouver was to get the proper visas in order. Due to a couple complications I had to go to the Indonesian consulate 3 separate times, however, that part of the process made it that much more gratifying when they finally gave me the stamp of approval. As for the actual journey from Vancouver to Bali, originally our plan was to fly to Japan and spend a week or so visiting some family and reaffirming myself with the Japanese language. Unfortunately those plans fell through so we started looking at flying through Australia.

Both my girlfriend and I have never been to Australia so we thought it would be an enjoyable start to the whole experience of moving across the world but after missing out on a special flight deal we had to scratch those plans too. In the end we caught a wicked deal through Hong Kong. Three movies, a couple TV shows, an onboard street fighter arcade game, a couple airplane meals, a little nap and 13 hours later we touched down in Hong Kong International Airport. From here it’s just a “quick” 17 hour layover before we catch our flight to Denpasar! That part of the journey has yet to take place so that part of the story will have to wait for another day!

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones Best dive Job in the World

Gareth Jones Best dive Job in the World

Hey guys!

I have been thinking about how to write this now for a while, what can I do or say to really make you think this is our guy! Well here is an attempt anyway! My name is Gareth, that’s a start, from the UK currently finishing a degree in archaeology. Studying archaeology you may instantly have all these stereotypical thoughts about who I am, that may be good or bad! Being at university I have met people from all over the world and have had the opportunity to work abroad. I spent 3 months in the Czech Republic which I can say is an amazing country with excellent beer (not relevant but I love talking about the place)! When I’m not studying I am going out with mates or most importantly diving (andy studying a bit. Currently a BSAC sports diver I have dived all over the UK from Scotland to the South coast, guess what, I LOVE IT!

Gareth Jones Best dive Job in the World

Gareth Jones Best dive Job in the World

So why me? Why do I want this opportunity of a lifetime? Why change my life? Hundreds of people are applying for this and to argue that my life is worth changing more than someone else is impossible all I can say is that I make mean cocktails and awsesome back rubs ;)! On a serious note though, after studying in the UK, diving in the UK and living in the UK I want to get out there and work outside of the UK. Currently studying archaeology I want to work and eventually further study maritime archaeology. Already having a passion for archaeology I want to further my diving experience and introduce and teach the amazing sport to others not just at a recreational level but a professional level.

Being a student and a diver lets just say I have a rather wet and outgoing sense of humour and quite often balls of steel, whether its losing a bet and jumping into the see but naked at 5 degrees (see below right) or trying to be professional when really being clueless (see below left). What I can bring to you guys and Bali? As I said, I love diving; being a near grad student I am hard working and ambitious! I’m easy going and always happy to learn and teach. I hope I can also bring some archaeological knowledge to others and share my passion for the discipline.

Hope you enjoyed the poorly written application! Thanks for reading I hope to hear from you guys!

Navin Sadarangani

I changed my life 2 years back by leaving the Indian corporate world and joining business overseas. Little did I know that it would change my life. Two of my passions evoked from deep within – Running and Diving.

Navin Sadarangani - Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor

Navin Sadarangani - Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor

And I live by both these passion completely.

I have completed 8 marathons in 18 months. And I don’t stop there. I kept running, got certified as a long distance coach and (through my blog and social networks) guide many budding running into taking up running and participate in marathons. This is fulfilling since besides sharing the joy of running, you’re bringing richness in health and enriching the quality of life besides some satisfying those adrenalin junkies.

I’ve heard plenty of how beautiful it is to dive. But after experiencing it, I was marveled by the sheer beauty of life beneath. I got PADI certified (Open Water) not just because I wanted to dive often, but also because I wanted to be close to sheer magnificence. When they say that it’s a much beautiful world out there, they under-estimated that. Because I think it’s a world apart.

I was enjoying diving too much. And I wanted to share a slice of the pie with others. What better way than to live your passion and also it’s beauty by taking it up as a full profession. This opportunity presents me with the right channel for doing so by becoming a Master Diver. And it it could be my dream profession. After all, if one truly enjoys what they live of, they would excel in it’s doing and truly share the pleasure. I have the ability to teach, the passion to usher people to recognize the beauty of another world and include more people into the circle of joy of the world under. But there is one more reason why I’d like to be a PADI instructor.

I have earlier participated in restoration drives in communities I’ve lived in to assist organizations who focus on such initiatives. Nature, a respect for it’s existence, appreciation of its unique form of being and preservation of its livelihood has been something I have vouched for. I’d like to help in preservation of reefs, discovery of of new species / wrecks, etc. that may not just help us understand history, but also preserve it for generations to come.

It would be saddening to see diving only in the history books. My vision in scuba diving stems from all spheres of motive. Get people to enjoy recreational dives, initiate & certify students into the PADI programs, and assist nature to make it long lasting. I would wish to be a professional PADI certified Master diver so that I can give more than I get, and let the general goodness benefit from something natural and awe-inspiring for everyone around. Being a marathoner, I’ve learned that nothing is impossible to achieve if one strives with true determination and wit. I know I will be able to do this through your offering.

Nathanaël Pépin-Coulombe

Nathanaël Pépin-Coulombe Best Dive Job in the World

Nathanaël Pépin-Coulombe Best Dive Job in the World

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

Introduction to my life:
My name is Nath, and I’m now 22 years old. I’m the second child of five. I have already worked hard enough to own my house which I have had for nine months (so payments are not over…lol). I’m determined, really sociable, bilingual (French – English) and friendly. With the feedback I get from people around me, I know that I’m a very good teacher and leader. People show interest when I explain something, because I can present the notion in a way they like and adapt my explanation to all kinds of people. However, I was not born to live an easy, quiet and slow life. I NEVER want to be someone who thinks his live is miserable. I need to move, to express myself, to share passions with others and to be challenged.

My experiences:
In the past, I was directly in charge of 149 people. I gave courses, using safety at ALL times, motivated my mates to keep them productive…
I coached biathlon to kids between 9 and 18 years old.
I was president of my high school student council in my senior year.
I have already travelled all around the world and I have seen how people, discovering new things and diving are good.

Swimming, Kayaking/canoeing, Rafting, Diving, Climbing, Skydiving…

I truly believe in life, and I think that everything happens for a reason.

Last session, I studied Sciences in college and I am now looking for a job. The reason why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor is to have the opportunity to do a job that I LOVE… not only a job for money, but something that will keep me young and responsible in life. I want to interact with people and have fun. I love to learn new things and travel so much. I want a job that I can do from everywhere in the world, and why not expand the company to make people discover new places while respecting the environment!

Because I’m human, I sometimes need a little push to start something and WINNING THIS CONTEST, WOULD BE MY FREEDOM! MY GOAL!

Dave Hallett

Dave Hallett Best Dive Job in the World

Dave Hallett Best Dive Job in the World

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor

I’ve always loved being in and around the sea, weather its bodyboarding/surfing, fishing or snorkelling when there’s no surf. And I’ve been very luck to live quite close to the sea.

My parents have got a caravan in Cornwall, UK, which is right on the beach nearly. So I’ve been going down there since I was little. And as you can imagine, I spent most of my time in the sea. There’s a lagoon there, which on a sunny day when there is now swell, you could swear you where in a different county, may be even Bali !

Seriously this would just be the best thing to happen to me to win this. And this is why.

When I was 16 years old, I moved to London to do a 3 year football scholarship, but unfortunately I didn’t get offered a professional contract, so I had to move back home to my parents home. That was back in 2003 and ever since I have never found out what I wanted to do for a career, which now at the age of 27 is really starting to annoy me and even get me depressed.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details of why I’m not happy and why I am in a crappy job, which I hate (building labourer) but this would be the best thing to ever happen to me. (I better not let the misses read this !)
There are 3 things I have thought about doing for my career. And that is something to do with football, may be coaching or something, but I have done this before and I’ve got to say, I didn’t really enjoy it to be honest.

Then there’s web design/development, which is something I really enjoying doing. The problem there is that the college course near me has cancelled every time I apply because of a lack of personal applying…which I can’t explain how annoyed it makes me…but at the same time makes me think may be its just not to be !

And last, is in the diving industry. Either recreational or commercial. I’m not too sure. But as you know, its not cheap. Ever since doing my PADI open water in the Maldives back in 2008, I fell in love with diving. And makes me happy every time I think about it.

So, I know the chance of me winning this is quite low, and I wish I found your site earlier and not now, when there is only 10 minutes left to apply, but what ever happens Im just going to go for it. I’ve found out how much its going to be to do my PADI Advanced and have started saving already so I can complete it in the summer.

So who ever wins I wish them all the best and I know they will have a time of their life.

Dave Hallett

Ming-Ta Chang

Ming-Ta Chiang

Ming-Ta Chiang Best Dive Job in the World

If today were the last day of my life, will I want to do what am I about to do today?

My answer is… Let’s Go Diving!

Hi, I am Ming-Ta, Chang. (Just call me A-da.)

I was born in a beautiful small town near the north coast. While I was a little boy playing with my brothers in the beach, diving is the familiar word as the boat, finishing, swimming, tides, reefs, and the beach. But I didn’t give a definition for diving. I had no idea what diving really meant to me.

Until one summer of my college life, I was volunteered in a program of protecting sea turtles in a southwest island apart from Taiwan. Several volunteers were divided into different teams, patrolling the beaches during the nighttime in order to investigate once mother turtles came up for laying eggs and visited her nest. In fact, the whole program is focusing on the life of sea turtles, taking necessary actions to preserve the new born turtles. The most impressive moment in my memory is once mother and baby turtles wanted to come back to their world, they crawled and “dived” into the sea.

After that, I decided to research in the Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University, majoring in sea turtles diving behaviors. According to the detailed data and extensive researches, I realized that all marine animals dive were for one purpose: living.

Ming-Ta Chiang

Ming-Ta Chiang The Best Dive Job in the World

(Dive for living looks like easy and nature?)
After leaving from the school, I got a job and made a living in a diving shop at Lan-Yu, Orchid island of Taiwan. It was absolutely the best job in the world. But unfortunately, the island had been invaded by many typhoons in 2009, Typhoons caused great damage on the ecology of biology habitat and then no divers would come there again. So , three months later I was forced to quit my job and leave away.

(It is hard to dive for living!)
Now, I have two part-time jobs: one is working as a marine biology diving investigator and another one is a construction supervisor. Although I’m not a full-time employee, I have much time to approach my life goal—diving as frequently as I can.

If there is a great chance to get the best dive job in the world and you ask me to give a try, I will say, ……“YES, Let’s Go Diving

in Blue Season Bali!”

Bryan Amadore

Why do I want to become a PADI certified dive instructor…….?

Well, diving has been an interest of mine for the past 30 years. I remember back in the late 70’s completing both my basic and advanced diver certification in Canada as a young adult. It was a lot of fun even though looking back, diving in cold Canadian lakes was not as breathtaking as diving in salt water on the Canadian West Coast or tropical waters!

Nevertheless, the dive group and shop I was involved with made each dive outing a pleasurable experience to look forward to. I must admit, I became pretty hooked on diving back then and had eagerly purchased all of my equipment including regs, cylinders as I looked forward to weekend dives with my dive buddies, even if it was in frigid waters with very little aquatic life!

I remember one time going with an arranged group from our dive shop for a two week dive trip to Anthony’s Key Resort, Roatan, Honduras, which was one of my most pleasurable dive experiences navigating around all the coral reefs and trying to comprehend all the beauty surrounding me!

Time, circumstances and opportunities have a way of changing our lives. For me, raising a family and a developing career gently persuaded me that diving would have to be dropped from my list of priorities even though the interest and memories failed to diminish.

Diving has again become a part of my life as a recently certified PADI Open Water diver through Blue Season Diving in Bali where my wife and I recently visited. Children are grown and there are now opportunities to transition to another career in my life. A work colleague of mine made the transition from his career to PADI dive instructor a few years ago and is now instructing in Phuket Thailand. Drawing from his experiences made me think…..why can’t I transition into becoming a PADI certified dive instructor and start a new career teaching people something I thoroughly enjoy doing!

Do we ever stop to think why things happen to us at various times in our lives…….? I believe my recent opportunity to reconnect with diving was no accident. Taking my recertification through Paul, Emma and Mike at Blue Season Bali was no accident either!

For me, this would be the perfect opportunity to start a new career helping people safely learn, have fun while exploring the vast and beautiful “inner space” through the top notch diving instructional programs PADI and Blue Season Bali offers.

I would be starting a new career doing something I enjoy; diving, meeting and helping people achieve through PADI’s instructional programs, for I believe I have a lot to offer as a potential future PADI dive instructor based upon my vast life experiences, maturity and previous current career experiences as a mentor, trainer, manager, area director and most of all, a leader with great communication and people skills!

Aude Barthes

I would like to start with a piece of information which is, to me, not negligible. I took the decision to enter this competition 10 days ago. A day after I took this decision, I fell sick. The gum around my wisdom teeth decided to express an ancient hidden haste against the rest of my jaw. I ended up at the emergency. There, I met a doctor, and not a dentist (since none was available). He did understand the cause of my pain but gave me a wrong antibiotic.

As a result, I spent the next 5 days taking useless pills which, one, were fighting against an inexistent bacteria, two, were giving me nausea, and dizziness, and three, were letting the infection spread around in my mouth. When I had enough of my guinea pig look, but also when water became hard to absorb, I ran around in town, checking in all the dentist, begging for an appointment or at list some advice.

Aude Barthes Best Dive Job in the World

Aude Barthes Best Dive Job in the World

After days of brush-off, I finally got accepted at some place, where I received a prescription for tablets that will actually treat me.

Here I am now. Since I have decided to enter the competition, this is the only day I feel good enough to think, write, and make a movie.

Now, talking about this movie. I went out this afternoon and in a few hours tried to have some nice shooting around Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, where I am at the moment. Conditions were not perfect. I wish I had some waves and clear water in order to film underwater and have some nice surfing moves on the camera. But nope. Still a beautiful day though. This is what I am showing. A nice afternoon. I can do better, I will do better. Anyway, it’s almost ready, I just need another hour. But my computer just do not want to be hurry up, and download what I have shot this afternoon.

The clock is ticking and I am tipping this letter as fast as I can. I am begging you for a chance. Please.

Diving is my life.

Aude BARTHES, 22, Divemaster. Born in Reunion Island. Has left school and started travelling to pursue her dream, becoming a dive professional. Although have been told many times she is too short and does not look strong ,will become a technical and a commercial diver to discover more about the underwater world ,and to prove everyone that diving is not about look, but understanding. Does cry when sees marine mammal, for unknown reason. Wears tee-shirt of causes she fights for, or of associations that support it. Member of WWF, Seashepherd, Stop Shark Finning, and more. Read National Geographic and Watch BBC Documentary since she is 3 years old. Ended up in a fight with a photographer when she was 8, the man just would not stop taking photos with flash at 3 cm of newborn turtles trying to reach the ocean. Keen photographer.

Aleksey Latunin

Aleksey Best Dive Job in the World

Aleksey Best Dive Job in the World

I am Oleksiy Latunin. I am 35 years old. Sorry, I can not a possibility to send to you my video, cause I am more photographer that cameraman. Due it, I don’t have a much photo with me, cause, I am at opposite side of the camera usually (look at photo №1 in attaches). In last day I decided to write to you. Very often I come to decision in last time, but it is not mean that me a doubt person, it is mean that my decision is considered decision and usually – right decision. Generally, my idea to write to you come to me early, but I estimate my level of English really and I am not sure now that you understand my “still phrase”. At another hand, when you wrote me first letter I started to pack my baggage in Thailand where I decided to take a DM course (look at photo №2 in attaches) and I was waiting when I finish my DMT. It is happens 3 weeks ago. But at first, something asbout me…

Something about me: I am from Ukraine, country where in winter time (now) minus 15 0C. It is a first point why I would like to win in The Best Dive Job in the World and live and work in warm land. It is a first point why I came to Thailand, on Koh Tao at November and started here my dive master course. Actually, I really understand that my “first point” is not really perfect wave to charming to you, but it is real big deal for me. Before my DMT, I worked in Kyiv at one Ukrainian TV channel like video editor and at some production studios like sound producer voiceover and dubbing work and author scenarios of commercial. I liked my job, I like it now even in Thailand, but 7 years ago I had my first dive…

I had my first dive about 7 year ago. It is happens with me in Ukraine, Crimea, in a Black Sea. Along 30 minutes of dive I met one fish and one crab, but I was enraptured bubbles of air, that came up from my regulator and filing “I can take a breath under water” (Hope, last turn of speech can be to take in account “why I would like to win in The Best Dive Job in the World”). After that I traveled in South East Asia and taken dive courses: Open Water in Philippine (Barocay), Advance in Thailand (Koh Tao), Rescue in Borneo, Malaysia (Semporna). At after and Divemaster in Thailand (Koh Tao again). After that I would like to try myself in diving job…

Aleksey Best Dive Job in the World

Aleksey Best Dive Job in the World

I would like to try myself in diving job and I do it (look at photo №3,4 in attaches). I spend a fine two month in Koh Tao on divemaster course, and already 3 weeks try work like divemaster at dive center Jolly Rojer. I still in Thailand until end of March, and after continue my travelling. My next destination – Indonesia. I never been there before. May be it is a next point “why I would like to win in The Best Dive Job in the World”. And finally…

And finally, I would to say, that I like diving, I like to show for people magic of ocean and I fill to happy under water.

I understand that my letter is some crumpled, I now that you have to many people who would like to win and they, maybe better describe owned reasons, but I hope I have a chance. Actually, sounds good: “The Best Dive Job in the Word win fellow, who send a letter in last day”.

Any way if You will have a some propose for Ukrainian, Russian and little bit English speaking divemaster from Ukraine, I will be a happy.

Sorry for mistakes and best regards,

one of a lot of candidates for a win in The Best Dive Job in the Word,
Oleksiy Latunin (last photo №4)

lam weizhong

Rex Chia Meng Wah Best Dive Job in the WorldJust a brief introduction on myself, been living in Singapore, grew up, work here for the past 26years. Have been helping out in my family business (F&B industry) for the past 8 years, exclusive of the 2 years that i spent in the national service (in the army that’s what we called it here). To be honest i do not have any experience in any other jobs except maybe one or two, but i do show a great interest in this job when i happen to come across the opportunity. It really makes me spent some good time thinking about it, wondering what’s going to be happening for the next 7 months IF i happen to get this job, i am certainly looking forward for this. (I know I’m dreaming but please just let me be, at least till the day u decide if it will come true for me)

Been going twice for diving within 4 months and have to say i absolutely love it! once was in Bali (my 1st actually, took my license there as well) and the recent one in Phuket, amazing experience just within the couple of months, cannot imagine hows it going to be if i ever get selected for it ( minimum 300 dives ommGGG!!) . Will be expecting to complete my advance diver course within the next few days, am loving it, so I’m hungry for more.

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor? If it’s going to be a change, may it be a good and worthy one, like this. I have been helping in the business for the past 8 years, to be honest, if this opportunity did not came along, i will probably do the same for the rest of my life, i know i do not want to miss this, i want something that is different, something that 10 or 15 years down the road, while having my own free time, sitting back and relax, staring in space, i will be able to reflect on what i have done in the past, it must be something meaningful, like being able to communicate with people coming from around the world on the same interest, all the beautiful “underworld” sightings that i will be able to witness only on this activity. At least for now, my parents are very much still alive and kicking, thus i am able to set some time aside to pursue what i want in life, it can be at least 7 months or maybe more? (Can it be extend to something like 3 years? or 4?) I think i have taken a huge step forward to pursue my passion my interest, i guess there are not many people out there who are willing to make this move, at the age of 26 this year i realize that this is the chance to change my life, even if ii am not selected, at least i tried, took me lots of courage to come up with this written entry. If i have attracted you to read up to this point, i am Michael Lam; thank you for the time and consideration as i hope to hear from you soon. (Back to my dreams~~) PS: do wake me from my dreams soon 

Jeffrey K. Baier

Jeffrey K. Baier Best Dive Job in the World

Jeffrey K. Baier Best Dive Job in the World

Greetings from Afghanistan!

My name is Jeff Baier, and this is my entry into the “Best Dive Job in the World” contest!

Caption: In Basrah, Iraq with K9 Sultan!

For starters, I’ll tell you a bit about myself…

I’m currently working here in the Middle East, and have been bouncing back and forth between Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly 7 years now.

Of course, it wasn’t always like this – I used to have a normal job and lived a relatively normal life. I worked in a nice office, had a pile of bills to pay every month, and got stuck in traffic commuting to and from work 5 days a week.

Then of course, the economy in Detroit, Michigan (formerly the Automotive Capital of the World) took a nose dive…

Instead of trying to jump back in the Rat Race, I decided to do something different. Way different. In 2004 I ended up with a four-legged partner trying to find bombs and bite Bad Guys out in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
I did this for a year… then another… then three years turned into five, and now it’s coming up on seven years! The adventure would lead me from southern Afghanistan to various parts of Iraq and finally now back to Afghanistan again.

My fiancée wasn’t at all thrilled, and she ended up marrying some guy in Japan. And of course my commute did change a bit – and became, well, a bit more challenging…

Still, the pay wasn’t bad. Aside from a few rockets and mortars during odd hours of the night, things went more or less smoothly. And of course there was plenty of sunshine…
However, the view never really seems to change – everything is just the same plain beige color, and generally looks like this:

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled many places (China, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, Jamaica, Mexico, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, England, Germany, France, Turkey, Netherlands, and Austria) but my favorite part of the world is still SE Asia.

The first place I ever went scuba diving was in the Capones Islands in the Philippines, and I vowed to return and get certified – something that is still on my “To Do” list all these years later! The thing I really miss about being here in the Middle East is that there is no water – no beautiful blue oceans, no beaches, no marine creatures whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the closest thing we get to seeing “water” is this:

Jeffrey K. Baier Best Dive Job in the World

Jeffrey K. Baier Best Dive Job in the World

Sorry, it was a bad joke… At any rate, I will be finishing my 18-month tour here in Afghanistan this May, completing my MBA degree shortly afterwards, and hope to begin yet another brand new adventure – something better and brighter, definitely not being stuck in an office, and surrounded by TONS of beautiful scenery!

So that’s my story – and that is exactly why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor!

Best Regards,

Jeffrey K. Baier

855 minutes to go!

Four months of very hard work is almost to an end and sitting from my desk I can feel the anxiety out there.  I actually prefer getting wet but you have all been keeping me busy every day by your constant applications, blogging, comments, posts, emails and what have you.

Best Dive Job in the World with Blue Season Bali Diving

Best Dive Job in the World

So firstly, a huge well done to everyone who has participated in any way to this competition – I never really thought it was going to be such a success.   But it has been and that is down to all of you for embracing this opportunity.

The hardest part starts in 855 minutes as we will stop receiving applications and start to work out who deserves to become a PADI Instructor. I can hear you all shouting  ” I do” , and I am sure that many of you deserve this but as always, there can be only one winner.

So let me explain what is going to happen at midnight tonight (Bali time).

First, we are not going to accept any more applications – even if you bribe me with….well, we won’t go there.  Midnight is the deadline!

From tomorrow, 1st March, we will start to post the ten finalist for the competition.  Every day I will post one of the finalists so that by the 10th March we will know exactly who the top ten are.  The finalists will not be posted in any particular order, so if you get posted first, or last, it makes absolutely no difference at all.

During these ten days you are still welcome to gain support for your entry; our minds won’t be totally made up for the final ten until the last day.

If you are then one of the finalists you have a few days to persuade us that you are the best person to win this prize.

On the 15th March Blue Season Bali will announce the winner of the Best Dive Job in the World – get in!


Selena Wu

Selena Wu Best Dive Job in the World

Selena Wu Best Dive Job in the World

Welcome to the first installation of the Weekly Underwater, where you’ll learn about the World Underwater from the Woman Underwater:

Selena WU

Born in the USA like Springsteen, but traveled the world and the seven seas like The Eurythmics (Come on, admit it – you know those lyrics.), I now call Australia home. I’ve always led an active lifestyle – soccer, running, cycling, lifeguard, volleyball, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, yoga – so it made perfect sense for me to find my way into an invigorating position working in a…bank.

That wasn’t a typo. I really work for a bank.
Therefore, it should hardly come as a surprise when you hear:

Why I Want to Change My Life and
Become a PADI Instructor

“Can I really do this?”
“What if there are sharks?”
“Will I have enough air?”

These sorts of thoughts went through my mind when I decided to conquer my fear of being under the sea by completing my Open Water Certification in 1995. Scuba diving quickly went from hobby to passion during my time in Honduras as a Peace Corps volunteer. The once intimidating silence of the sea became a means of connecting to nature through the meditative sound of my rhythmic breathing.

The simple pleasure of watching air bubbles bounding for the surface or gazing into deep blue…the imagination behind the peculiar design of the octopus or the lionfish…the feeling of awe when being followed by the curious eye of a gentle creature ten times my size…the thrill of swimming through the remains of a ship as grand as the Titanic…I was hooked. Over the next couple years, I returned to the Islas de la Bahia again and again to be back in the World Underwater and to obtain that next level of certification, ultimately becoming a Divemaster. Since then I’ve wandered many a watery way, blowing bubbles with aquatic creatures great and small, waiting for the right time and place to make the move to instructor.

Selena Wu Best Dive Job in the World

Selena Wu Best Dive Job in the World

Teaching, both in formal and less structured settings, has played a part in most of my working life – as a sports coach for kids, a volunteer giving health talks in rural Spanish-speaking communities, a bi-lingual preschool teacher, a yoga instructor, and a trainer to my office colleagues and clients. The ability to communicate effectively is critical in these environments, as well as in the World Underwater.

In my current profession, a few erroneous keystrokes or the wrong choice of words could signal financial disaster for a large corporation. As the Woman Underwater, effective communication is essential to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all divers under my watch. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to use my various language skills with diverse populations ranging from CFOs of global companies…to school-aged children…to Honduran coffee farmers…to deaf-mute community members…to globetrotters from around the world. Every holiday has become an excuse for me to ditch the business suit for the wetsuit. It’s time to make a permanent swap!

Purnomo Yudhianto

Yudi Best Dive Job in the World

Yudi Best Dive Job in the World

Hi Blue Season Bali, my name is Yudi. I’m a freelance web and graphic designer, and I’m also working at dive center’s office in Bali. I will be 25 on July 4th this year and I love to make friends with anyone at any ages. I was grow up in bali, and now after graduated from university on East Java last year, I’m back again to lived with my family in Denpasar, Bali.

This is my story.

On December last year, I met someone on the road. He seem in a kind of a hurry, so I stopped by next to him and asked if he might need my help. With keep on walking, the gentleman replied with kindness, “I have to get to the airport ASAP”. After that, we began to chat and I delivered him to the airport. In short, He is a diving instructor from Poland. I didn’t get him in the first time, but then he explained about what does Dive Instructor do. Very interesting, I think.

Couple of weeks afterward, I was sending my job application to one of dive centers around Sanur beach in Bali, hoping a job and a chance to learn more about scuba diving. Thank God- I’ve got the job for the officer since I’m major on computer science. It is where I’m working right now. And was my first time to know about dive industry, esspecially in Bali . Very often I saw people come to enjoy diving, and I can only watch. Interacting with dive masters really made me want to be a diving instructor also, but I knew the company isn’t hired me to be one.

I’d love to experience every interesting new things in life, I joined press, bartender club, photography, and basket when I was at University. I’m also learning how to make eyeglasses from my father. I always want to improve myself more further.

Yudi Best Dive Job in the World

Yudi Best Dive Job in the World

I love sports. And scuba diving is very lovely thing to do. When I was first time to try it in the pool, I felt very excited. Everyone would, I knew it, but not every people have a chance to enjoy scuba diving.

I fully understand that something called ‘job’ is something comes with responsibility. however, best dive job in the world is very thrilled me up. In my opinion, the best job we could ever had is something we are really loved to do.
‘Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor’? It’s because I love scuba diving world and I want to experience more about it.

God bless us. Best regards,

Yudi .


Gav Best Dive Job in the World

Gav Best Dive Job in the World

MY WET DREAM !!!!!!!

Diving…. When I dive I am free, its almost like an outer body experience once I am in the water I leave my troubles on the surface, I feel at one with nature and I am home… living in the moment, living to the full!

Nama saya Gavin Donoghue, I am 30 years old and live in Manchester England-I know England is not the most exotic of countries to dive, cold murky waters and almost a few weeks of sunshine in summer, if were lucky! My passion for diving was born in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef where I had the chance to do my open water certificate and fell hook line and sinker for diving.

I have travelled the world and experienced many different cultures and met some amazing people from all walks of life, while on holiday in Cyprus I gained my advanced open water and have since dived with manta rays and bull sharks in Fiji, however I always get dragged back home to the usual 9-5 daily grind which is clearly not me “hey but you gotta eat”

I feel this is now my opportunity to get back to doing what I love best and achieving my ambition in life to becoming a diving instructor (in beautiful Bali) I feel like I’ve always been a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, I love diving and connect with water and what mysteries it holds, we as humans seem to be blind to the fact we have a world much greater than land with only a fraction of it discovered, most people look to the stars in wonder of new life form but I look to the oceans and embrace the ultimate wet dream!!

Gav Best Dive Job in the World

Gav Best Dive Job in the World

This job would really change my life, I have a loving supporting family who are excited for me to even have the opportunity to apply for this job, it feels like all my dreams, Christmas’s and birthdays have come all at once, winning this job would be a blessing and a privilege and you would not be disappointed, I am single with no kids, no commitments and am ready to go, my
bags are packed, I’ve fed the cat, watered the plants and I’m almost at the airport- the taxi will be here in 5 minutes (hopefully)
I am a multi skilled diverse person with a lot to offer BLUE SEASON Bali, I have great communication skills, I’m very personable, I love life and look on each day as a blessing and an opportunity to enjoy all the world has to offer.

I regularly work out and train in mixed martial arts, I’m very adventurous and up for a challenge, we all have to start somewhere I may be 30 but I’m still young and ambitious enough to excel to the best of my ability.

“We are all searching for something in life, a dream! This is my dream, this job”

Saya harap kita bertemu lain kali



Kavita Best Dive Job in the World

Kavita Best Dive Job in the World

Stumbling upon this internship experience was the most exciting thing that happened to me this week. I’m all of 22 having just entered the corporate world and already sure that I can’t be confined to a room. I keep thinking I need to be working in the outdoors and when I saw this it couldn’t have been more perfect an opportunity to ask for.

Born in a small little hill station in South India called Coorg, I grew up with an older brother and I think my adventurous streak came from trying to keep up with him and trust me, I had to try real hard. I studied in a boarding school and I had some of the best times there. The place made me more independent and adaptive to any kind of situation and also it was an absolute blast!!Some of the best times ever.

I love hiking, trekking and exploring little untouched parts of my world. I currently live in Bangalore, a great city in South India again. After completing my engineering in Bio-Technology, I have been working with an environmental consulting company only to realize I would be happier working outdoors. I have always loved to travel but I have to say my travelling exploits have extended only up to south of India. A trip to the north and anywhere outside the country is still pending and waiting to happen and Bali would be the perfect start!!!

Kavita Best Dive Job in the World

Kavita Best Dive Job in the World

I love the water and to be able to gain an entirely new experience under water- just the thought of it is getting me excited. I have never done this before but it has always been on my list of ‘things to do’. I play a lot of sports, basketball being my favorite and hence I am generally a fit person too.

I’m looking for adventure, excitement, a great learning experience, a beautiful holiday and a time so fun that I will never ever forget it and also look forward to meeting wonderful people that could possibly change my life and this opportunity is like a big fat happy package waiting to be delivered to my doorstep, errr..or should I just say my inbox..

See you in Baliiiiiiii!!

Marc Holmes

My name is Marc and I am 26 years old with a passion for scuba diving and adventure. When I’m in the UK I work a simple job that is bearable but it is frustrating knowing that there is so much more out there. Ever since I was young I’ve always been drawn to the unknown, hungry for more knowledge and experience. My first dive was an astounding day. I’ll never forget it, Instead of quenching my thirst for venture it left me with a longing for more. Since that day, I have been lucky enough to complete my open water and advanced open water and am yet to continue diving. There is nothing more attractive to imagine, then escaping the limitations of a normal life. What everybody else is happy to settle for, to me is just not enough.

The world is the most beautiful gift to all of us that are lucky enough to find ourselves on this wonderful planet. It’s funny how we know more about the other planets in space than we do about what is lying right under our feet on the bottom of the oceans. When you’re down there it’s like slipping into another universe where you can glide above the secret world that lies so close but yet so far away. It releases a feeling of complete and total freedom, a place so peaceful and undisturbed; a far cry from the busy traffic of everyday life. In the strange blue world so far below there are a million things to see. There are so many different types of fish darting down into the depths from the sharks with their sleek and powerful movement to the juvenile angel fish with their swirling blue and white brightness lurking in the shadows. I marvel at the way the ocean life moves in on our wrecked ships on the ocean floor; it is amazing that they seek concealment in our wrecked ships adding colour and breathing life back into the ghostly remains. It would be a privilege to be a part of it, and to open the eyes of other people to what they are missing.

This job shouldn’t just go to anybody, it must be somebody with a real passion for the ocean, someone with a real eye for detail that will enjoy every single second and not let a moment go to waste. I am definitely that person, because where one person would just see a fish, I can see so much more. I can see the opportunities and excitement a mile away and whilst I love what I see and I am always keen to learn as much as possible, I reserve a sincere respect for the ocean and always keep an awareness that I do not belong here and it was and always will be, the home of the creatures within it. I hope this answers the question, of why I want to be a PADI diving instructor, because it’s not just the best dive job in the world, it’s the best job in the world, period.

Arthur Brenton

Arthur Brenton Best Dive Job in the World

Arthur Brenton Best Dive Job in the World

Hi my name is Arthur Brenton; I currently live in Northampton, about as far as you can get from the sea in England. I am a scuba diver who learnt in the cold and dark waters of a Leicestershire quarry, so the prospect of diving day after day in the warm blue seas around Bali experiencing the fantastic, colourful array of wildlife is so much more appealing.

Becoming a dive professional would be a fantastic opportunity for me to start a new and diverse career path. It would also allow my wife Karen and I to start a new life for ourselves and to bring up our children (Oscar 2years 10months and ‘Baby’ Brenton due July 2011) in a new and exciting location where we will get to sample a new way of life and definitely ‘get out of the rat race’.

As it is at present I lost my job the day before I passed my Padi Open Water Course, therefore I have not been able to dive as much as I would have liked since then. Winning this competition and receiving this fantastic opportunity would be just the slice of good luck that we desperately need and must surely deserve, given some of the troubles we have encountered in recent years.

I was born and brought up close to the Dorset coast and my love of out-door living has been ever present whether it is hiking, camping, mountain biking, sailing or now with diving. I love being outside and to be able to touch, taste, and smell the real world.

Arthur Brenton Best Dive Job in the World

Arthur Brenton Best Dive Job in the World

In the past I have excelled as being a professional rugby player for 10 years, succeeded as a land manager for a number of large residential developers and delivered rugby coaching to a wide range of people including children with learning difficulties, both in the UK and in Hong Kong.

I strongly believe that the personal and business skills that I have developed will make me a highly valued and successful diving professional; who can easily transfer my own experience and knowledge to individuals and groups whilst instructing. I am also looking forward to being the face of Blue Season Bali during the duration of the instruction package and hopefully beyond, keeping the world ‘up to speed’ with both my progress and the diving experience in Bali.

I am game for a laugh; even dressing up as a big spider in the process.

I am someone who gives everything a go and puts in maximum effort, giving me the opportunity to ‘do something completely different’ will be a well rewarded decision as I will be a valuable asset to Blue Season Bali both now and in the future.

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