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Vincent Vaczi

Vincent Vaczi Best Dive Job in the World

Vincent Vaczi Best Dive Job in the World

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

Hey there, I’m Vincent, 26 years old, a Hungarian born in Australia but living in Hungary, and here are some ideas why I believe the best dive job in the world would perfectly suit me.

First of all, even though I was born as a true blue, I see the world all in green: I have a deep connection with nature, whether we’re talking about the woodlands of Central Europe or the breathtaking beaches of Down Under. I always feel like I’m home when I go wandering in nature. Moreover, the time I spent travelling in Australia in 2010 was a life-changing adventure, as I had the chance to reconnect with the element of water. The surf lessons and the trip I took to the Great Barrier Reef revealed to me how majestic the ocean truly is. A single day spent with snorkelling – and the reef was irreversibly burnt into my mind. The sense of freedom overwhelming me while chasing schools of funny looking fish along the underwater alleys of corals is pretty much the way I truly feel comfortable in my skin.

When it comes to an active lifestyle, all I can say is that ever since I had escaped from the cradle I have been continuously on the go. Motion is my very breath. I have enjoyed all sorts of sports like skateboarding, basketball, cycling, gymnastics, art jazz dancing, hiking, swimming etc. In the deeper meaning of motion, I am mesmerized by the diversity of the world and I love to explore my environment, both on a local and global scale. I am interested especially in Far Eastern culture; having taken nine trips to India and staying in ashrams I have realized the benefits of going with the flow in the relaxed Eastern way.

Vincent Vaczi Best Dive Job in the World

Vincent Vaczi Best Dive Job in the World

My guitar is my true companion when it comes to travelling. We’ve seen Australia from a different perspective together while busking on the streets; it has accompanied me when performing in Budapest’s stylish clubs or when playing under the ever bright Indian sky in my favourite ashram.

If you need any further reasons why I could make the most of this opportunity, here they go: as a qualified landscape architect and journalist I have been writing articles about environmental matters. I believe the treasures of nature are invaluable and it is our duty to nourish and admire the beauty of Creation. As a professional diving instructor, it would be a never returning opportunity for me to play my role in introducing people to Mother Earth’s underwater garden, and obviously to enjoy biodiversity from a totally different view. As a man of words I have been leading my online journal about my adventures too, and I would be more than ready and willing to update my blog with the newest chapters on how awesome Bali truly is.

So as you can see, I’m ready to dive… And you are going to love it.

Louie Buckles

I want to see that which I haven’t seen, both in the world on which I live and that within myself.

I’m 32, a non-traditional student about to graduate from Oregon State University-Cascades with a degree in Outdoor Recreation, Leadership, and Tourism and a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. I want to apply the knowledge and experience that school has given me and combine the phenomenal offer Blue Season Bali has made to create a new life somewhere tropical. It’s been good thus far, but I’m ready for amazing.

Since a trip to Florida when I was 12, I’ve been infatuated with the ocean and warm weather. The ocean lifestyle is so appealing as someone that grew up landlocked in NE Montana. It was especially appealing when winter temperatures in my hometown of Wolf Point, MT dipped below freezing enroute to an average low winter temperature of about 4 degrees. Brrrr!

I’ve spent time on the ocean fishing, commuting, and as a kiteboarder, but I’ve never spent any more than a short while underwater with a snorkel…..in cloudy water. It was foreign, but exhilarating. Everything was a discovery as I bobbed around for those few minutes.

Based on my personality and love of adventure, I have no doubt that diving will blow me away. So many people on the BestDiveJob.com blog share that feeling of being hooked and finding their passion after only the first dives. I can’t wait to see and hear that excitement myself when my life has officially been changed and I’m a PADI instructor sharing the joy of diving and the ocean with those new to the sport.

I want to change my life. I want to strike out on new adventures. I want to learn new skills and refine the old. I want to experience the sensation of a vast oceanic world from below the surface. I want to feel the warmth of the tropical water and the warmth of the local people. I want to eat fresh seafood every day.

I want to share this experience with you.

It’s the least I can do for your support and after all, you and Blue Season Bali are ultimately the reason that I’ll be flying to Indonesia in a couple of months. You’re the ones supporting and promoting the reality that I’m about to change my life and become a PADI Instructor. I’ll be working with Blue Season Bali on their plan for documenting the life changing experience. I have basic social/web/video experience and some gear (audio & video) that will definitely make the trip and be a huge piece of my tropical, exotic, underwater, and over the top adventure as I commit to becoming a PADI instructor…..in Bali.

That and if there’s a chance, I wanna learn to surf on perfect waves on perfect days in Indo.

Last to-do on LIFELIST 1.0

I am excited and enthusiastic about the possibility and extremely grateful to Blue Season Bali for their offer to change my life.

Louie Buckles Best Dive Job in the World

Louie Buckles Best Dive Job in the World

Ryan Kieffer

Ryan Kieffer Best Dive Job in the World

Ryan Kieffer Best Dive Job in the World

Hi, my name is Ryan Kieffer. I am 22 years old and I live in Southern California. I currently attend school at Cal State University of Long Beach. Besides diving my hobbies include playing ice hockey and photography.

Why I want to become a PADI Instructor

The Reason I want to become a PADI Instructor is a simple reason. When I got certified I was only planning on diving once or twice a year. My instructor was so helpful he encouraged me to continue diving regularly. I could tell he loved his job and I want to be able to help others with their certifications just like my instructor helped me. I truly believe if I got this job that it will be the best thing for me and also the people I will be able to assist in following their own dreams.

I first got certified as a diver in 2007 so I could dive with my cousin. Since then I have completed my AOW, Rescue, Nitrox, AED and First Responder courses all with PADI and DAN. For a job I work at Walgreens in the Photo Department and have started building websites but would rather be diving fulltime. On my two free days when I’m not at work or school I volunteer as a scuba diver at the Aquarium of the Pacific. When I volunteer my duties are to help clean the tanks and feed the fish. However, my most important duty is to teach all of the guests at the aquarium about the ocean and how important the ocean is to our planet.

I just wanted to say how important diving is in my life and whether I win this contest or not I am going to continue my education in diving and eventually become an instructor no matter what.

Anas Malatiali

Anas Malatiali Best Dive Job in the World application

Anas Malatiali Best Dive Job in the World

Hi my name Anas Malatiali, I am 33 years old. I work in diamond setting in a work shop jewelry since 10 years ago in United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, I spend most my break time in the beach swimming snorkeling And recently I entered the world of diving and I Become advanced diver and I found it was something I needed.

From intensity of my love for diving so I travel in the holidays a distance of 700 km round trip to the east coast of the UAE to get good visibility and different variety of marine environment. I am tired of the pain of the neck and shoulders. I am tired of checking in diamond I was seriously thinking about changing my life and my job I believe that change is necessary in our lives and this change should be to something we love and here Success and creativity is When you combine hobby and work togetherLike most people I am sick and tired of my job and it’s a time to choose the job I like: PADI scuba instructor.

I like the adventure, challenge, the sun and beach in tropical island and I try it last august in Phuket and I wish if I can stay more than my Specific vacation. In addition to all this I love of marine life in general and I have a marine aquarium 10 years ago.

I am very excited for this contest from the Moment I see it and Became obsessed to me.

Thank you and I wish you all the best.

Veronique Delisle

Véronique Delisle Best Dive Job in the World Application

Véronique Delisle Best Dive Job in the World Application

My name is Véronique Delisle, I’m 21 years old and I’m a student at Sherbrooke University in Québec, Canada. My first spoken language is French but I’m trilingual (English, Spanish, French). I want to become a PADI Instructor for 3 personal reasons. Firstly, I already studied in adventure tourism to become a guide in any outdoors sports I like. Secondly, I’m studying at Sherbrooke University in physical education, I love the dynamics with kids and teenagers but I want more outdoors. Finally, my life is based on water sports. I’m explaining those 3 points in the following text.

My Adventure Tourism Technique formed me to be a guide with leadership, communications skills and security knowledge in outdoor activities. I had courses that gave me interpersonal improvement and knowledge like Interpretation, outdoor cooking, wilderness rescue and first aid, white water rescue, etc. All those courses combined with many certifications on the side like my first level of the CMAS in 2008. I’ve learned a lot in the Saint-Lawrence Gulf but I want to know more about diving and about submarine life.

Now, I’m studying in physical education at the bachelor degree, it is my first year. I love sports and kids, but I want to stay in the outdoor, so becoming a PADI Instructor is a wonderful opportunity. I want to work with people, I want to move. I’m part of the University swimming club (Green and Gold or Vert et Or of Sherbrooke University) because I love water, water is my principal passion, I feel comfortable in it. Pool with chlorine is not the best environment for me and my lunges; I prefer the sea or rivers, but it’s easier to enjoy the pool in the winter and I can be in shape for the summer.

Véronique Delisle Best Dive Job in the World Application

Véronique Delisle Best Dive Job in the World Application

The last two summers, I was working as rafting guide and lifeguard. When I was young, I was working at my parent’s farm and sent two weeks at a canoe vacation camp. My parents are fan of sailing and this is one of the sports I enjoy since five years. This summer I’m suppose to guide 7 days per week in rafting on two famous river of the country. I did the rafting Canadian championship and the H2O Company hired me to guide on their river because they saw me and found I was a competent rafters and a passionate one too.

My final word is; my life is always changing. I don’t have a plan of life. I just do what makes me happy. I want to take this opportunity because it will make me happy again and again. I want to be in this element, I want to work with people; I want to show them how life is beautiful and diversified underwater and how our human activity can help or not the natural cycle. I always want to be in shape to dive and to live a wonderful life.

Rowan Mintz

The question honestly is, “Why would you not want to be a dive instructor?” It stems 29 years back to when I was in the womb.  Born a Pisces, water has always been a part of my life. It courses through my veins, urging to find that ultimate feeling of weightlessness that is not to frequently found with us terrestrial mammals.  I began swimming at a young age, and my passion for the water turned into what some would call an obsession.  My mother created a monster.

My father was a fisherman, where  I was born by the Long Island Sound. Now I find myself living on the bay in Santa Cruz, CA, opening up my laptop to find ways to make a career of something I hold so dear to my heart. I don’t like being caught up in the fast paced life so many consider normal.  I have experienced life on a boat, and that it is exactly where my souls yearns to be.

Now that I have that passion…I can’t stop.  The urge for diving starts in my navel, growing up my sides and down my legs, tickling me with a euphoric sensation. Goose bumps take over making the hair on my arms stand at attention.  As this feeling creeps up my spine and into my brain, all I can think about is one thing; “The shortest path to the ocean.” The world beneath the surface and the waters from which we all have come.

Descending down into the ocean and relying on tanks to supply your air also comes with risks. I am like a sponge ready to absorb the multitude of knowledge that keeps you safe and aware of any perils that I can pass on to others. The ocean is so much larger than us and deserves our respect.

We are the future.  We are the ones who can save our oceans from destruction by simply sharing our love, knowledge and enthusiasm to those we come in contact with. I want to be a part of saving our waters for future dreamers. I want to be the person to reveal to others the wonders of swimming the depths in the radiant underwater illuminescent gardens of coral.

Becoming a dive instructor is the first step in making this dream become a reality.  Being able to learn and teach in an environment that I hold sacred, while living in one of the most spiritual places on earth is what I am working towards. This path I have wanted for years. Even now, as I close my eyes…I can see the excitement on people’s faces after a good dive. That alone is enough to make me smile.


Shawn Best Dive Job in the World Application

Shawn Best Dive Job in the World Application

Hmmm, I just wrote out a ridiculously funny little essay on “Why I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor.” Then when I went to submit it you, had a list of things to do and not to do, none of which I succeeded in getting across in my first attempt, I mean how was I supposed to know that you would be wanting to know things like what I’m like, what I do, my character and why I deserve to win etc. I mean it’s not a job interview or anything, oh wait a min…. :/

So anyway after spending the last couple of days in a drunken daze, despairing that the brilliant writing I displayed in my first effort would never see the light of day, I have finally pulled myself up out of the gutter and decided to give it another crack.

I guess should start with the original and the easiest question to answer, simply put who wouldn’t want to spend seven months on a tropical island diving? I could go into it a lot deeper but I think it is pretty obvious and besides when you made me rewrite all this quite frankly you missed out on all my little pearls of wisdom regarding this 😉

Why do I deserve this is an altogether different question one I am not sure I can answer, I’m not even sure I do deserve it, I mean I am a nice guy and all but I could think of a lot more deserving people than myself to get this opportunity, that being said I would certainly take it given the chance.

Lets see, what’s next, ahh, what I’m like, what I enjoy about life, my character, this is dangerous territory. I like the saying “just because you ARE a character doesn’t mean you HAVE character.” Well in this case my good sir’s you have indeed lucked out because I am a character blessed with character. I’m a bit of an old bastard these days, having just entered the naughty forties but that’s not such a bad thing, I’m still having fun. I can be a bit of an idiot at times, in a good way of course, and still enjoy a good party but i tend to appreciate things and the world a bit more now. I enjoy life itself I guess.

Ok so next was where I live and what I do, lets see, I’m an Aussie, from Melbourne, great place, love it and it’ll always be home but I really don’t want to be here right now, want to see more of the world, wether it is through this or some other means. I don’t really do much at the min, hang with friends, go out, have a few drinks, do a bit of writing, a lot of reading, not enough diving, sit at home doing a whole lot of nothing trying to save cash for my next adventure somewhere over the rainbow :)

Kriss Bradley

Kriss Bradley Best Dive Job in the World Application

Kriss Bradley Best Dive Job in the World Application

They say Whidbey Island is a place where people come to heal. When I arrived here, I was homeless, recovering from a two-year layoff, a broken marriage, and without dreams. This past summer, partly on a whim, and in part from a desire to grow as a person, I took scuba lessons. I never have had much interaction with the ocean, despite growing up near the water, and having lived on two seashores. But from the very first night of breathing underwater, I have been hooked. Recently, I completed my 143rd dive since my open water certification at the end of June. Under these cold, dark waters of the Pacific Northwest, I have found a calling. Scuba has become a passion for me. I am ever eager to learn more, setting myself on the road to one day becoming a Scuba Instructor. This will take years, taking classes piecemeal, as I can afford them. Therefore, The World’s Best Job for me, would, without doubt, be to come to Bali to take accelerated courses and become the scuba instructor I want to be. I know that I won’t get rich being a scuba instructor, but do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I enjoy working with people, as well as the leadership required to help uncertain students become confident and safe divers. The warm, clear waters of the tropics are my dream site. I currently write blogs of my dive recaps, with photography, which my fellow northwest divers seem to enjoy. In dealing with a hundred or more customers each day, I greet them with a smile and cheer, and the small book of my dive pictures I keep at my window often leads to comments and discussions of scuba. I encourage many people to take lessons at our terrific local dive shop, and wax enthusiastic about the fun I have diving. I was already looking to change my life when one of my customers told me about this contest, and in thinking of my submission, I have also come to realize that there is nothing holding me here; my job is just a job, I have no familial obligations, and I rent my home, rather than own it. This opportunity would be a perfect fit for me, and I would love to learn from you in paradise. I’m 35, female and single, which means I’m old enough to know it and young enough to do it. I’m accustomed to giving outstanding customer service, which means I interact easily with strangers and have no fear of speaking to a wide audience through daily and weekly blogs and videos. This is what I want to do. It would be a gift powerful beyond my dreams. I find it difficult to use these poor words to convey appropriately my desire to have this opportunity, and I hope you consider (and choose!) me.

Steven Perry

“Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?”

Steven Perry Best Dive Job in the World Application

Steven Perry Best Dive Job in the World Application

Imagine a life of watching paint dry day after day?…, well that’s exactly what I do for a living.

Hi my name is Steven Perry and I am a 21 year old painter & decorator from Slough in the UK and as soon as I saw this competition I thought this was by far the life for me.

• Short
• Funny
• Enthusiastic
• Big Headed
• A Bit Of A Legend

I’m stuck in a boring job searching for a better way of life and I think this is the kick up the back-side I need to really be the man I’ve always wanted to be,

After turning down the opportunity of travelling round Europe I find myself these days with a very short attention span and constantly looking for some excitement in my life and the pub and gym just isn’t doing it for me anymore.

I am a quiet person around people that I don’t know but once I get to know you I will probably be centre of attention, Small man….Big personality.

My love for the ocean started around a year ago when a friend of mine decided to set up a marine fish aquarium, and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Since then I’ve always wanted to have my own tank but could never afford it but now come to realise “Why own a tank when you can see the fish in their natural habitat in the world’s biggest aquarium…. The ocean”
I can honestly say I have never been scuba diving or even snorkelling but I have always wanted to and it’s something I think I will do in the future. So please don’t let that stop you from choosing me; I am young and eager to learn. I’m enthusiastic to better my life and start a new career before it’s too late for me.
Where do I want to be this time next year?

On a boat surrounded by friends and new people in paradise ready to embark on a trip of a life time,
For me this job is about the opportunity to see the thing I love in life which is sea life in their natural environment and not only do I want to change my life for the better but becoming a PADI instructor may also change the life of others and maybe encourage them to take up a life in the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD and that would give me enough satisfaction for a life time as I’m sure it does for you guys too.

Thank You for considering me for the chance to have best dive job in the world and becoming the real life “Scuba Steve”

Hope to hear from you soon

Gregor Fabikan

Gregor Fabikan Best Dive Job in the World Application

Gregor Fabikan Best Dive Job in the World Application

Hi my name is Greg, I am from Austria,
21 years old and I want to live for better days!

That’s the reason why I want this amazing job!
I love diving, surfing and of course Bali too!
For me the worlds best combination of sport, fun and living.
Me and my Girlfriend want to go abroad and therefore I am looking for something to make that true.

I did my OWD course last year and I was totally stoked of it. After diving in the Maldives I decided to become dive master and make my hobby to my job, because I want to live the way I like.
I’ve been two times before in Bali and I always wished and dreamed to stay there again, but longer than 3 weeks.
It’s such an amazing island and culture and I think it’s the very best place to be, because Bali has just everything to offer.
Nice people, weather, waves, vulcanos, delicious food and much more things.

For me the best place is in the water. When I am in this awesome element of pure nature I am the happiest people on earth and my mind is totally free of any troubles or things which I really don’t want to think on it.
I am only concentrating of what I am doing and that makes me relax and feel free.
It’s like you are diving out of the “Truman show”!
No others who make you busy, just another world much beautiful and interesting than ours.
I am always fascinated when this colourful world surrounds me.
When I see animals which are as big as me or maybe bigger than me, I am always so fascinated of these creatures.
Just sitting and looking at the water is a special feeling.

I also want to do something for the environment and I think diving is not a bad idea to show people what is going to die in cause of pollution.
It would be very sad if we lost this amazing world.

Gregor Fabikan Best Dive Job in the World Application

Gregor Fabikan Best Dive Job in the World Application

I like travelling and I wish that I can see most places on earth. Our world is still beautiful and we should take the chance to enjoy and explore it and I think diving is a really good way to do that.

I often thought about jobs which would be possible for me to do in another country like Bali and I really think that diving is the best I can do, because I like it so much and I’m also good in it.
Playing basketball since I was ten helped me to get team spirit. I like to work with other people, because there are always new and interesting things to learn from different ways of life.

Diving is also a very expensive hobby, that’s also a reason why I want to do it as my job.

If I should win this chance I’ll give my best to make my dream come true.

Stop dreaming, start living!
Best regards,

Stepan Shulga

Stepan Shulga Best Dive Job in the World Application

Stepan Shulga Best Dive Job in the World Application

Hello! My name is Stepan Shul’ga. I am 29. I live in Donetsk, the city in eastern Ukraine. I work as an announcer at a magnificent football stadium, as a DJ on the radio and an anchorman on the culinary TV show. For a number of reasons I dream of changing my life once and forever by becoming a PADI instructor.

  1. I would very much like to dive every day, though I don’t have such possibility. You are welcome to watch my video here
  2. My friends. They support me in my every undertaking, they do so even now. It’s been long since  I promised to instruct many of them on diving shortly, so I should keep my word. I am confident that with your assistance I will never disappoint their expectations.
  3. My parents. They are wonderful people, they truly love me, however they still keep telling me that diving can hardly become my profession. I strive to disprove it.
  4. Another significant yet not most serious reason is that it is absolutely freezing in my city now, with no chance to tan. I would be happy to change warm gloves for sunscreen.

Being serious, I am endlessly thankful to my instructor. That’s ALEXEY BAYSTRUCHENKO (No.635670).  He opened up alternative reality to me, the splendid underwater universe. Everything connected with diving – which seems quite clear to me now – I learnt from my instructor. By the way, it was him who gave me the web link to this contest. I cannot let my mentor down, I’d rather out perform him. In fact, for me there is no bigger responsibility and joy in the world than the possibility to open the undersea wonders to the people from every part of the world, to instruct them on diving and enjoy it. Everyone who has ever got acquainted with mysterious and silent depths was always grateful to the instructor. So there is a chance of making a lot of people happy by becoming the PADI professional. I am fully ready to take responsibility and enjoy it at the same time, being the very reason why I may well deserve this job.

Just a few words about myself: I am fond of people as much as they are fond of me. J I just love diving as a lifestyle.

Russian and Ukrainian are my native languages; I speak fluent English and a little Spanish.

Over 100 logged dives, PADI AOWD certificate plus experiences of the Black Sea, Red Sea and the Mediterranean. So, there are just a few oceans still left to discover for the peace of mind.

Please do not hesitate to add me up to your Facebook friends.

It will make it easier for you to read my notes about Bali J

Thanks for your time,


Lily Wolfe

Why I want to be a diving instructor

by Elizabeth Wolfe

My first diving experience in 2006 was thanks to my Grandparents who surprised me and my brothers with an OWD course in Spain, where I lived with my family at the time. After I had completed the course, my Divemaster asked why I didn’t look for a career in diving. He seemed impressed with my quick learning and thought that I could become a brilliant instructor some day. This was something that I had never thought about, yet since he said that I just couldn’t keep the thought out of my head.

When I was 18 in 2009 I moved to Germany on a gap year to work as a nanny. I found a dive shop in Hamburg, walked in and my first words were “I want to be a diving instructor”. Since then I have stayed in Germany to work and fund my dream. Everything I have done since then has been to do with making my dive instructor dream come true. The costs of such a dream make it very hard work to fund, but it would never hold me back. To win this opportunity would just complete my life and help me to fast track my inevitable destiny.

I want to become a diving instructor because I want to show other people the wonder of scuba diving… I want to be the reason why other people decide to continue a life of diving.

This is me: – Some people live off the air, I live off water..

Lily Wolfe Best Dive Job in the World

Lily Wolfe Best Dive Job in the World

Joseph Nowak

Joseph Nowak Best Dive Job in the World

Joseph Nowak Best Dive Job in the World

Life happens, but then at some point, you can re-create yourself. When I was 50, I decided that life was not yet done. So rather than being 50 years old, I decided that I was merely celebrating 25, again. I learned to dance, to swim a mile, and to bench-press my own weight. I learned to surf. I learned to scuba dive. Now that I am 30 for the second time, I considered going back to school. But, I decided that yet another Master’s would not be self re-invention, merely a repeat. So, when my local dive shop offered a PADI Dive Master Course, I took the giant stride entry. I don’t have to do this. I am happily married, live in Philadelphia. I have a respectable and responsible career as an Investment Manager. I speak a number of languages and travel extensively. Life is fine, if I am 60.

But if I am 30 for the second time, then re-invention is possible.

I remember my first dive, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua where I learned to dive. As I sat on the side of the bobbing boat, wearing 40lbs of gear, on a beautiful day, looking at the distant coastline, and breaking waves, feeling very queasy, I thought, “what the hell am I doing here?” Then though my mind came the lines, “if you tumble through the raging waters of the sea, you will not drown. Be not afraid. I am with you always.” Yes, it is part of a church hymn. My scuba instructor, Mark McKaye was next to me. Reassured, hand on mask and reg, other hand on weight belt, I back rolled into the Pacific. WOW.

Now 3 years later, I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver. Thank you Mark, who taught me to dive, Georgia King, Quepos CR, who taught me Rescue Diver and how to help people, Dick Walker in Utila, HN who taught me Wreck Diving and prefect buoyancy, Niels Jorisson, Curacao, who taught me how to breath to extend my dive times and all of the other divers and surfers in Central America who taught me so much more about life, while having fun.

And a special thanks to Derek Freres, in Philadelphia, my IDC Instructor, who is making me a much better diver and a dive master, and who taught me to laugh under water. All people with passion for diving and for life, who give such great joy to the people they train. The sheer joy of the first dive and the hundredth dive, the elation of each new skill learned and improved, the beauty and adventure of each dive site. “Do unto others”. Clearly, Investment Managers earn way more money than Scuba Instructors. But Scuba Instructors both in what they give as well as receive, generate far greater value. Bali would be a complete metamorphosis to offer the skills, grace and beauty of diving to so many fellow travelers.


It’s been 10 days since my video was posted online…
Now it’s maybe time to say a few words about me!

What you need to know is quite simple : I love life!!! And I do everything I can to LIVE. Live in its deepest sense.
My secret is simple : being able to listen to myself and follow my heart…
It might be scary sometimes, because it might lead out of the “normal” life one should have… but my priority is to make choices that are always consistent with my values.

This is what I did when I decided to cross West Africa by land, when I crossed China and Russia by train, or travelled for another year in Asia.
This is what I did when I decided to fight against child sexual abuse in Cambodia, work with refugees, or visit prisonners of war in areas of conflict.
This is also what I recently did when I decided to turn towards a new career after I discovered scuba diving.

I just came home from my last mission and am leaving to Belize in a few days for a volunteering project in marine conservation.

I studied management and speak five languages (French, English, German, Spanish and Dutch).
I’m sensitive to people’s mood and needs.
I’m spontanous and honest but diplomatic.
I love challenges. I love having to adapt to sudden changes, and I’m good at it.
People say I’m fun and funny.
I’m curious and love to discover new things, new cultures, new environments.

And last but not least, I’m a mermaid, I need to go home!!!!
You can even sing the following song to support me (sing to the tune of Hit the road Jack): “I’m a mermaid, I need to go home, pick me pick me pick me pick me!”

See you soon maybe!
If not, may you all be happy and able to pursue your dreams!


David Bizant

Dave Bizant - Best Dive Job Application

Dave Bizant – Best Dive Job Application

“Why I want to change my life and become a PADI scuba Instructor

Hi! I’m Dave Bizant, I live and breathe scuba diving! Diving has challenged and rewarded me from my Open Water Course in 2006 through to my current Divemaster program in 2011. My dream is to live and work diving so I can open the door for others to see the amazing creatures and diversity of life living under the waves.

Home: Canberra, Australia. University: James Cook University, Townsville Australia. Money: Horse Racing! I work in a betting agency! What I do: Dive for work or work to Dive, It’s one or the other. What I enjoy: Watching a stressed or anxious diver become settled enough to start pointing at fish in amazement.

Looking at the competition it seems unlikely that a soon to finish Uni student who seems to go diving quite regularly would be a good choice for such an awesome opportunity. I guess the reasons I should win would be my commitment to the students I would eventually be teaching. As a PADI instructor I would strive to be the best, safest and most fun instructor out there! Diving is meant to be fun so an instructor with a positive attitude and commitment to the PADI ideals and standards provides a great intro into the

sport and culture of diving. My Blog skills and photography skills are the other bonus, I think I can tell a half decent yarn and I know I can take some all right photos (as you can see hopefully). So they are my winning features hopefully they can get me over the line, if not will see you in the water some time!

Dave Bizant - Best Dive Job Application

Dave Bizant – Best Dive Job Application

Attempting to enter the correct mindset of a PADI professional is my most recent challenge, It is not only dive skills, ability and physical fitness that make a great Dive Instructor, It’s the interpersonal skills, role modeling and ability to inspire the students to want to learn new skills whilst reassuring them and making them feel safe and ultimately competent underwater.

How much of this comes from natural talent or can be learned I’m unsure. I desperately strive and hope I can achieve this.

A Rescue diver gets the itch to teach: Buddied with a novice diver, an older lady who does not seem confident, The skipper prepares her as I enter the water. I yell from the water “Check her BCD has air in it”, no response, is he testing me? Is he testing her? She hits the cold water, instantly her hand goes up waving side to side, something’s not right. I grab her tank valve, inflate her BCD fully and reassure her. Her breathing slows as I tow her to the anchor chain and we easily descend down the line into the big blue for two fantastic clear dives. A great sense of achievement fills me.


Dave Bizant


Jeremia Best Dive Job Application

Jeremia Best Dive Job Application

Yuhuu! I’m Jeremia Sir Nindyo Mamola Sembiring Brahmana, but you can call me Jeremia, a passionate 23 years old junior architect and technical secretary at my university. Next month I would graduate as a bachelor in architecture!

I love nature, be it sea, mountain, or jungle, etc. I like hiking, mountaineering, camping, climbing, biking, swimming, photography and many others (i always wear short pants in these occasions, rain or shine). I’m an open minded and easy going person. I’m used to working under pressure and tension. I fancy challenges, especially in outdoor activities. I like to learn about something new, included surfing and cultures (from what i saw and learn, Balinese culture are really unique)!

Just like i love nature, i love to nurture. Long ago, i had a dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. Hard to believe eh? I find it interesting just imagining the process of passing my knowledge to others and watch their progress like a child grow. THAT would be fun!

Jeremia Best Dive Job Application

Jeremia Best Dive Job Application

Now, i’m an open water scuba diver. I took the course last year on Pramuka Island and it was amazing. After coming back from the trip, i started planning a lot of dive trips (well, most of which aren’t entirely feasible), watching dive videos (especially the one where a diver swam through his own bubble ring, i’d like to try that too!). Lately, i’ve been spending a lot of time reading books related to marine life especially “Ocean” (foreword by Fabien Cousteau himself). All these videos and books give me the urge to go dive and dive! Lack of moisture and salt on my body is giving an itch in my skin because of its dryness and blandness!

As an Indonesian, I feel sad at the fact that there are so many people (including Indonesian themselves) who aren’t aware of the beauty of Indonesia’s seas (including Bali of course). If I become a PADI instructor, I can introduce the seas and it’s marine life to people, so they could understand, aware, and in turn care about them (most of all, enjoys being part of it!).

If i should win this, the first persons to be trained by me would be my parents. From my first dive I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t let them be without ever knowing the wonder of underwater life.

If you ask me, why should I win? The answer is clear. This is my calling, vocation, to enjoy the underwater world, teaching others about marine life and encourage them to care about the sea. For I am the person that really (-really) loves the sea.

What i love is:

her breeze, that brings up her soft sweet scent;

her horizon, where true love meets forever;

her wave, that forms her beautiful surface and  the grand orchestra of rippling sound;

her brine, that warms my blood at day and sends chill down my spine at night;

her underwater life, that reminds me of my passion and my long lost fantasy.


Nicole Bradon

Nicole Bradon Best Dive Job Application

Nicole Bradon Best Dive Job Application

My name is Nicole Louise Bradon, I’m twenty one years old and I feel like every moment I spend in my home town is spent existing, rather than living. In the summer of 2010, I spent one month in Guidel, France where I fell in love once again with the beach there, watching the surfers and hoping to have a beach life as my “everyday life” eventually. After coming home for a month, I booked an interrail ticket, took off and backpacked around Europe for another month, travelling parts of Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, France and The Netherlands.

I love beautiful places that inspire me, challenge me and satisfy me. There is so much I want to see, Bali is top of my list and this opportunity would blow my mind. I’ve always wanted to learn to scuba dive and thought I would probably learn when I finally get to travel Australia. To learn and become an instructor in Bali is on another level! l’d love to learn to surf too!

I want to change my life because I am a waitress in Grays, Essex and it doesn’t inspire, challenge or satisfy me. Grays is exactly how it sounds, grey. Every day is mundane. As much as it will always be “home”, I don’t want to flitter my life away, wake up in years to come and feel like I didn’t atleast try out for every opportunity possible. I remember an assembly I once had in secondary school, it sounds a bit corny but I think I will remember what this teacher said for the rest of my life, he had a world map and told us “there is a huge world out there and don’t waste your life in just one corner of it”, I see people that are content to live their life in this one corner of it and that’s fine for them but it isn’t enough for me. Since finishing college three years ago, I haven’t been sure at any point of what career I want, or particularly need, all I have

Nicole Bradon Best Dive Job Application

Nicole Bradon Best Dive Job Application

known is that I want to travel, and settle somewhere beautiful and find the right job along the way. The chance to be a PADI Instructor in Bali is the ultimate for me, an amazing job in an amazing place.

About me? I’m a friendly person, a go-with-the-flow type, I laugh all the time, I’m quietly ambitious, I’m passionate and sometimes fiery, I love music and people, I love new experiences, new food, new cultures. Eggs make me sneeze. I love summer and the sun, the way it makes every one seem friendlier and the way every one looks better with a tan! I have a gap in my front teeth, which is supposed to be lucky… I’m still waiting to find out if that’s true. I don’t know if I am the most deserving person in the world for this opportunity, but I know every part of me wants this.

Steve Fitzpatrick

Hello, my name is Steve Fitzpatrick and my one true passion in life has always been the ocean. I’m 20 years old and currently a student of State University at Oneonta in New York. I’m majoring in mass communications because I want to work on and eventually produce nature documentaries. My strong points include being hard-working, friendly, and the ability to grow a gnarly beard at will.

Steve Fitzpatrick Best Dive Job Application

Steve Fitzpatrick Best Dive Job Application

I’ve been captivated by the ocean since I was 3 years old when my father first took me out fishing on his boat in the Long Island Sound. Since then we have managed to make it far offshore to the continental shelf and have encountered populations of large pelagic marine life. Unfortunately New York is too cold to be out on the water for a huge portion of the year, so I’m forced to sit back and endure a cold winter with no ocean to quench my thirst.

Ever since I started diving just a few years ago I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences of my life. My most intense diving moment would have to be a shark dive I did in the Bahamas where Caribbean reef sharks surrounded my dive group to feed and even occasionally bumped into me. No matter how intense, every dive I’ve been on has ended with an indescribable feeling of peace, and as a PADI Instructor I would be able to share this feeling with the world.

I began filming my experiences on the water in hopes of creating videos that will show the beauty of the marine world to people who otherwise never would have been able to see it for themselves. As a PADI dive instructor I would be able to go one step further and be responsible for showing my students the ocean’s allure first hand. I believe if we can show as many people as possible what this world has to offer, we can gain support towards protecting it for future generations to enjoy, just as we do today.

Everyone wants a career that they love going to everyday and I’m no different, but regardless of this contest’s outcome I will keep pushing towards my goal of living my life on the ocean. I plan on continuing my diving as soon as possible and even starting a video blog about my aquatic adventures. What better place to start then Bali? So choose me to win the best dive job in the world and give me the chance to change my life and show people the best way to experience the world that I love. You won’t be disappointed!

Helen Shepperson

Helen Shepperson Best Dive Job Application

Helen Shepperson Best Dive Job Application

Hi, I’m Helen, 19, from England, and this is why you should pick me for the Best Dive Job in the World!

When I was little, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said a mermaid. She told me I couldn’t because it wasn’t a real job. Pah! This is partly why I want to win – to prove the silly cow wrong!

My absolute first passion in life is travelling. This year I set off exploring Australia, New Zealand and Borneo. I climbed mountains, jumped off waterfalls, out of a plane, white water rafted, black water rafted, trekked the jungle, slept under stars, swam with whale sharks, got the obligatory backpacker scooter burn on my leg, worked on a dolphin monitoring program, watched a hell of a lot of sunsets, survived a cyclone and a tsunami and – basically – had the most insanely amazing time of my life. But the best and most significant thing I did, was learn to dive!

Helen Shepperson Best Dive Job Application

Helen Shepperson Best Dive Job Application

I have completely and utterly fallen in love with diving. Everything from the physical sport aspect, to the marine life, to the whole lifestyle and atmosphere – it’s just downright perfect. I have a grand total of 7 dives under my weight belt, but this just means that everything I see and do is more often than not still a first and therefore sooooo effin’ cool!!! And if I’m completely honest, a little bit scary – but doesn’t that just add to the fun?

I’m just not the ‘office job’ type of person; “9-to-5” is something I hope NEVER enters my vocabulary (unless it is a super extended happy hour…). I am an eternal backpacker who will continue to travel for the rest of my life, and what possible better way is there to achieve this than to combine it with diving!

On my Open Water course, it turned out someone in the group couldn’t actually swim. Over the three days I witnessed him learn to swim, and subsequently learn to dive. The sense of achievement was great, and it was pretty cool to be part of such a special moment. That’s the type of feeling I imagine happening again and again as a PADI Instructor, and that’s why I would be honoured to win this.

In terms of social media, I’m just starting up a blog based on my travels, and I also use Facebook and Twitter regularly – so I am highly qualified to spread the word and let everyone know what an amazing time we’re having!

I am a confident, happy-go-lucky beach bum that loves meeting new people and experiencing new things. I work hard, party harder, and put my all into everything I do. I promise I will not let you down. For me, this wouldn’t just be a job; it’d be an absolute dream come true. (Wow, that was cheesy.)

So, pick me for the Best Dive Job in the World, and let the good times roll!


Liz from Medan, Best Dive Job in the World ApplicationFrom the moment I received the email about the best dive job in the world, I knew this is it, the job that can change my life, for whole my life I just lived ordinary life, so hey I need something new, something that I don’t need to sit behind desk for 8 hours, I need some challenging, some adventure if I may say, because stay in bali for 7months is a challenge I would love to!

So Let me introduce myself, I’m Lilis, everybody call me LIZ, I’m from Medan, Indonesia, I’ve been working since I’m graduate from University, nothing “wow” if I may say in my job. now I’m 27 years old, my friends always said I’m an active girl, they said I need a job where I could express myself, something fill with adventure plus a challenge, something that make me didn’t feel any bored!

and now Let me tell you why I deserve this best job ever, because I love travelling (who doesn’t eh?) especially to exotic places like Bali, beside that I love water, not just water that we used to drink, I mean about ocean and the stuff. I just wish I could live and work near beaches and dive all the time!!

Maybe you and the team going to hear this a lot in another entry and lack of Diving skill but HEY!! I want to say it out LOUD! I’m keen to learn, full of fun, and off course full of Passion!! And I really want to get this job, coz I really need some changes in my life and I already know what I want do with my hobbies and I want my hobbies be part of my job such as DIVING!

Juan Manuel Lopez


Juan Manual Lopex Best Dive Job in the World Application

Juan Manual Lopex Best Dive Job in the World Application

My name is Juan Manuel Lopez (Juanma).

I’m Spanish and live in Canary Islands, Spain,

I’m 41 years old and I have 2 children, Javi, 6, and Eva, 2.

My job: Air Traffic Controller. My passion: Scubadiving. My paradise: Bali.

… and I really want to change my life!

After travelling to Bali seven times, the idea of calling Bali home just keeps buzzing in my head. For a while now, I just can’t stop picturing me and my family living there.

I love everything about Bali and I consider it the perfect place for me to work and enjoy life and for my children to grow up in. I’m even learning Bahasa Indonesia!

I love scuba diving, it has become my passion. I just can’t get enough of it. I’m a PADI Divemaster and I have logged around 500 dives in many places throughout the world. I like underwater photography too.

These pictures are just a sample of what you can find in my website: www.scubaplanet.es

Honestly, a scubadiving job in Bali would be my dream come true!

Actually, I had already started seriously to look into finding ‘that’ job and moving to Bali…and then I found you!, I thought: ‘I can’t believe it, just what I’m looking for!’

I consider myself a very energetic person, not afraid of challenges, enthusiastic and friendly. I’m always ready to enjoy the good and simple things in life, playing with my children, a beer with a friend, a nice sunset, a good dive, or an afternoon at the beach, for instance, surfing in Kuta Beach (surfing is my other passion).

… I’m absolutely ready for a change… the change!

Thanks for your time and YES!… I want the ‘Best Dive Job in The World’!

Hope you to see you soon :-)

Best regards and Terima Kasih


Kathi Gleim

Kathi Gleim Best Dive Job in the World Application

Kathi Gleim Best Dive Job in the World Application

The alarm clock is set for 4:30 a.m. so I can arrive at the hospital for my scheduled 12‐hour shift. The shift always becomes 16 or 20‐hours because of severe staffing shortages. I leave for work before it is light outside and arrive home well after dark. Weekend and Holiday are foreign words. Every day I care for babies of all ages. I take care of others’ loved ones while my own are at home without me.

All day I clean up poop, urine, vomit, sputum, blood—any bodily fluid imaginable—and am exposed to all of the latest diseases. I take health histories from people who know more about what Lindsay Lohan is wearing than they do about their own medication and health condition. Many of the people I care for are killing themselves with food, drink, and drugs.

I’m sure the patients I care for are delightful people, but sick and injured folks, who have waited 4+ hours in the waiting room, have little tolerance for humor and joviality. I can’t blame them, but I wish I could remember the last time I worked a shift without being yelled at by someone.

Kathi Gleim Best Dive Job in the World Application

Kathi Gleim Best Dive Job in the World ApplicationMy nickname at work is TAZ (as in Tasmanian Devil), because of my efficiency. (Well, partly because of my humorous pranks, but mostly because of my efficiency.) I can enter a room, complete ten tasks (and set up one prank) before anyone realizes I was in the room. Frequently, I get assigned the most critical patients. I know this is a compliment to my skill level, but it also means I deal with more trauma, more infant deaths, and more complicated social issues than most. It’s also the reason I HAVE TO maintain my sense of humor.

Kathi Gleim Best Dive Job in the World Application

Kathi Gleim Best Dive Job in the World Application

When my head hits the pillow, I should be so exhausted that sleep comes easily, but the replay button goes off, and I think about the CODE we had and how it could have gone better. Did Mrs. Smith make it? Did Mr. Jones get his sandwich?

Why do I do this? Because when the team wins, and that one patient, patient’s family or co‐worker comes up to me and says, “You made a difference,” I feel good. AND, I do it to support my love of diving and adventure. I can only dream of a job where I see sunlight and all the participants want to be there, willingly engaging in healthy activity.

Where the sirens in my head turn off and are replaced by slow breathing and blue bubbles. Where the only bodily fluids I will be exposed to is the dried spit on a shared regulator.

Why do I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

Because I have seen:

Broken bones, broken teeth, goo in fat folds, objects in orifices, stabbings and shootings, heroin addicts and heart attacks. But I have never seen Bali. My name is Kathi, and BOY do I want a change.

Antoine Poircuitte

Antoine Best Dive Job in the World Application

Antoine Best Dive Job in the World Application

My name is Antoine I am 28 years old French. I live in Vietnam since November 2008. I decided to leave France to get more freedom in my life. I had been in the wine business for a wine distributor in Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia (wine is a great passion). Currently I am restaurant manager for a French restaurant.

Ireally enjoyed those last two years that allowed to me to meet many different people from worldwide, discovered a new culture, new way of life.  Today I want to move forward and enjoy a new life turn.

I don’t want “change” my life because I don’t want change who I am nor erase the past. Through what I already got I really want evaluate and continue the adventure.

Become PADI instructor would be an amazing springboard for a new start. I am ready to be educated and pass on this passion to other. I always looking for a life’ project and this one match one hundred percent to my wish and my will.

That is true that without this opportunity I wouldn’t have thought of becoming PADI instructor and that s because I will be able to use all the energy, all the excitation, all the positive motivation of a radical turn.

What is more exciting than a radical life turn?? Luck doesn’t smile to those who sulk…I am like a sponge waiting in the deep blue water of Bali ready to absorb the chance you will offer.

Become diving instructor sounds very nice and arouse to me a great interest. Since always I feel in peace when I am in water. I am lifeguard since I am 18 and continue to swim as much as I can. I am really attracted to live close to the sea and be in relation with nature especially with the sea. I come from a farmer family (mother side and father side) and was educated through a nature respect way. My first wish was to be winemaker, and I got a master in wine business and regulation. I keep a passion for the wine.

That is excited myself in this challenge, is to have an amazing long-term project through a great job. I dive sometime when I am in holidays and really took great time. I am confident to use this great opportunity in the right way and develop the chance you will give me. I don’t see this opportunity as “nice holidays” or just good time in Bali. The fact to learn a great job and to develop it is a great chance that I would like to take.

Choose me and you will hire a positive, energic, life lover person who enjoy the surprises of an adventure life.

I am ready to give everything in this project and enjoy the new amazing way you are offering. Hope diving soon with you and discover great new universes under warter as on earth.

Wish you the best for this New Year.


Pat Brennan

Pat Brennan Best Dive Job Application

Pat Brennan Best Dive Job Application

While reading the Cyber Dive Network News your article about the “The Best Dive Job in the World” jumped out at me. Here I am looking for an Internship to finish my Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management degree and these guys are offering a free one in Bali, yeah whatever…But I guess ill check it out. Here is a little bit about myself.

I am a 22 year old male who is motivated to succeed but I want to have fun while doing it. Like most people I want a fast car, a nice house, money to be able to travel and enjoy my recreation and leisure’s, and a super hot trophy wife.  I am a “go getter”, an entrepreneur, a frat boy, and an opportunist. In college I partnered up with a Fraternity brother to start a sunglasses business. Out of the 10,000 students at Radford University 1200 of them are rocking them on campus. In my management class we had to write a business plan. My creativeness and unique style of marketing helped me to start my SCUBA website Underwater Pleasure LLC. (underwaterpleasure.com). While my conservative teacher bashed me for my slogan “Come GET WET With Us” I proved her wrong  by coming up with some pretty creative marketing and advertising that could capture the demographics and market share I was leaning toward. Sex sells right… I recently just started a Real Estate business where I pulled in an investor and just finished flipping my first foreclosed house. I have also submitted two ideas into online invention firms (which I think are a scam anyways) and tried to create my own charity Ipod application called Carespender. But let’s get on to the important $h*t…

Pat Brennan Best Dive Job Application

Pat Brennan Best Dive Job Application

The “Best Dive Job in the World” is simply another opportunity that I cannot surpass. I am a PADI OW diver and an outdoor enthusiast. Traveling and the thought of doing business in an emerging market has been a life long dream of mine and this is one way you can make my dream come true. Successful companies often start as small “stories” but later evolve to something bigger by the customers evangelizing and storytelling about it. With social media turning the internet into a “social environment” (facebook, twitter, youtube, ect), words and stories are spreading like cancer. I love diving but I also want to raise awareness through sharing our stories, ideas, and traveling the world to see the beauty and the destruction of our world and oceans first hand. I think it is important for every business to be technically competent and to be knowledgeable about upcoming business ideas and trends.  Lucky for us the SCUBA diving trend is just beginning. Green this, green that, “The Ultimate Diver Challenge” T.V. series blah de de blah blah blah.  It’s happening now and I want in right at the beginning.  Let me come to Bali and “Get Wet”…

Silo Young

Silo Young Best Dive Job Application

Silo Young Best Dive Job Application

To be honest, in my early twenties, I have had everything a modern girl is supposed to want – rich boyfriend, lovely family members, and good-salary job – but instead of feeling happy and fulfilled, I often feel consumed by panic and confusion. Instead of keeping busy like before, I made a quick decision in last Oct and took my parents to Bali for a short holiday.

Unexpectedly, I found out a different lifestyle in Bali, the way I never imaged before, falling in love with Bali naturally.
Luckily, I had the first diving experience there. From my childhood, I’ve been a good swimmer, but never have any information or contact about diving.

During my stay in Bali, I experienced a fun dive in Nusa Dua and found out everything I have seen under the sea was so amazing and the feeling of diving shocked me and surprised me a lot. I think falling in love with diving is also easy and natural.

Silo Young Best Dive Job Application

Silo Young Best Dive Job Application

I’m from Beijing, China, being an office lady now who is always sitting in the chair and the thing I contact most is my computer every day. Is it a boring life huh? Yep, I know it’s time for me to make a change and I am ready for it.

Ok, I really want to go back to Bali and stay for longer period, not for holiday, but for experience, to experience all kinds of Bali. Please forgive me my poor expression here, but I do want all of you to consider about me. An enthusiast, kind Chinese girl, with the passion of diving, hopes to help people and seize this great opportunity to change my life. Thanks.

Birgitta Vesten

Best Dive Job ApplicationOnce a part of time…..it was alittle girl growing up in a small village close to the forrest in the middle of Sweden. Didn´t know about the world out there.

When she was 14 years young, after highschool she went on a school trip. They went to Riccione in Italy and saw Venezia & San Marino. A new world opened up for this little girl from the countryside. She desided allready then to conquer the world.

And she did, her whole life she has been travelling and working all over the world.

On her first around the world trip, she stopped in Cairns, Australia to do a dive course,

but something went wrong on the course, so she went sailing on a nice “swan” to the white sundays island, a dream she had, to see it.

Many years after she sees the competion about the “The best dive job in the world”

To live in Bali for 7 months, her favorit island in the world.

And she desided to conquer the world under the sea 😉

Why I should win the prize and change my life.

It`s a compleatly new world to me.

To discover the seaworld. I love opportunities & challenges in life.

Life is short and death is long, live today, tomorrow could be to late…..

Janelle Evan

Janelle Evan - Best Dive Job Application

Janelle Evan - Best Dive Job Application

Janelle Evan - Best Dive Job Application

Janelle Evan - Best Dive Job Application

My name is Janelle Levine. I am 23 years old. I currently teach swimming and science, and positively adore both subjects. I also facilitate research groups for a breast cancer awareness program, and help design custom donuts (while dressed as a 40’s style nurse) for a living. I’d try anything twice, I’ve shaved my head, jumped out of a plane, and there is a reality show in pre¬production about my work life. I am obsessed with sharks, Moby Dick and giant squid, and every scuba mask that I have ever worn leaks because I giggle too much. Do I stand out yet? Didn’t think so…

So let me convince you that I have the perfect mentality to take full advantage of this opportunity.

When I was thirteen, I dropped out of school due to mitigating circumstances. For most of my adolescence I was regarded as a failed delinquent from a broken home. Ten years later, I am writing to you as a college graduate, an advanced open water diver, and as a testament to my killer ambition. And the next challenge I’ve decided to take on? Yup…scuba diving!
Last year, I became so fixated with learning to scuba dive that I took up a part-time job at a local dive shop for access to classes and I am ever grateful to the owner and staff, who have given me such a remarkable opportunity. I wish I could more actively pursue it, but three jobs plus dealing with life’s unexpected twists has left me, quite literally, no time.

In the past few years, I have been through the mill, experiencing everything from homelessness to bizarre injuries to endless hours at dead-end jobs (and trust me, the list doesn’t end there), simply to finish college and keep my family afloat. I’ve spent a lot of my life being kicked when I’m down, but I’ve come out of it with some great stories, a few battle scars, and ready to kick-start adventure time.

Janelle Evan - Best Dive Job Application

Janelle Evan - Best Dive Job Application

I chose scuba for one sole reason. Scuba diving is one of the happiest, most adventurous things I have ever experienced. It is nothing short of a tragic that the circumstances of my life have left me unable to pursue it.

Ladies and gentlemen of the panel – I love life. I’m a tad unconventional, determined as hell, and have so many dreams and passions just welling up inside of me that simply have no outlet. I’m ready to kick some ass and break some barriers, but I need a leg up. With the help of friends and family I have hurdled some major obstacles in my life, and guess what? I’m back on my feet and ready for the next one! If your goal with this competition is to really, profoundly change a life, and to give one incredibly lucky person an otherwise unimaginable opportunity, then by all means, give me a call.

Karli Drinkwater

Correct, right, just, spot on, dead on, bang on, bob on, yes my son! Just a few ways to describe your decision if you pick me for the Best Dive Job in the World!

So why do I want to wave goodbye to good ol’ Blighty’s shores for 7 months to live and dive in Bali? This is the perfect cue for strings and a sob story, but my life isn’t the X Factor so I will tell you straight and honestly (if you don’t get the X Factor where you live, it’s a popular televised singing contest and regularly features emotional music when candidates cry through their reasons for wanting to win… They’re generally something along the lines of doing it for their cat who lost a leg in a lawnmower accident).

I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor with Blue Season Bali because I have an adventurous spirit that is just bursting to soak up the world. I need to be out there, discovering, exploring, making a difference. And what better way is there to do that than bring the unrivalled joy and exhilaration of diving to others?

My dive love story began in Bali… actually. Being unqualified at that point, we couldn’t go deeper than 12m, but who cared? I saw so much life at 5m and kept looking at my boyfriend with huge happy eyes. I knew then that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. On surfacing the instructor said: “You’re a fish. You belong in the water.” I know!

My dedication to diving and adventure shines through because of my determination and dogged-mindedness. Diving is an expensive sport/hobby/passion/reason for getting out of bed, no doubt about it. But where there’s a will there’s a way: I provided video content for a dive school’s website in exchange for my AOW qualification. They are such a top bunch for giving me the opportunity to do what I love – and I could do the same for Blue Season Bali. I’ll bring the pzazz and the punch – you bring the ocean and the diving know-how!

I already blog and write about diving on my site The Adventure Girl’s Guide. I dedicate a lot of column inches to diving – both the exciting experiences and the more challenging ones, like when I found getting used to a dry suit really tough! I share my articles through social media like Facebook, Twitter and diving forums. Divers love a good debate and putting in their two pennies’ worth I’ve found, so it’s been a real joy to be part of it. In the few months since I started it, I’ve interviewed big names in diving like marine scientist Dr Andrea Marshall and diving TV personality Paul Rose. This shows my passion and respect for both diving and our waters – and just how much I want to make my life all about adventure.

Send Karli to Bali!

Mritunjai Sisaudia

mritunjai sisaudia Best Dive Job in the World Application

mritunjai sisaudia Best Dive Job in the World Application

Hi, I am Mritunjai Sisaudia, 28 years old and I stay in Hyderabad, India. As my father was an engineer in the Army, I spent my childhood roaming across the country changing schools every two-three years. It was this upbringing which gave me an appreciation for variety; in people, in their languages, mindsets and cultures. Over the years I have grown into a wide range of activities and interests and yearn to expand more every day.

I graduated in computer science and started working by twenty one and have spent the last seven years working for some of the best organizations in the industry as a programmer. I love programming as a medium to create, and have always been a true artist at heart. I love sketching, write poetry, dabble in photography and have an eye for color and aesthetics.

Though my career choices early in life led me to the corporate cubicles, my heart always belonged to the outdoors. The artist in me has always drawn inspiration from the the greatest artist of all, nature. I have run a few long distance races, backpacked, and climbed to push myself physically, catch a few unspoiled sunsets, starry nights and breathtaking sunrises. As a kid I loved climbing trees, but that’s not odd I guess, for if Darwin is to be believed, we were monkeys once. I spent the first nine months of my life in a bag of water and I myself am a water bag (70%!), so it’s no wonder that I love water too!

When I first came across diving, as is typical of me, read up a lot of material on it. Even got hold of a PDF version of the US Navy dive manual and I knew that this was for me. But I wanted to be sure, so I travelled over 400 miles to Goa and enrolled myself for the PADI open water diver program (http://waterdiving.blogspot.com). I watched the DVDs, read the manual cover to cover, obsorbed like a sponge in the pool sessions, but nothing could have
prepared me for my first open water dive on the third day. I am in love!

Best Dive Jon in the WorldIt’s not just the scuba equipment or the underwater skills, not just the connection with the ocean or the innocence of the marine life, not just the pure child like joy that I got to witness on even the most experienced divers; it was everything together. A community that wants to live in harmony with nature, wants to protect it; spread awareness, teach and learn everyday. I know now that I belong here.

There are so many dive sites in Bali that I want to explore, like see the walls at the Menjangan island, reef sharks, sunfishes and turtles at Cystal bay at Nusa Penida, USAT Liberty wreck at Tulamben, or a night dive to coral gardens to see the spanish dancers!

PS: Tom, I am also looking forward to learn reverse finning and helicopter turns from you. :-)

Dennis Harrold

Dennis Harrold, Best Dive JobHi, I am Dennis Harrold from Fort Smith, Arkansas. I began diving two years ago at Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma, an hour drive from Fort Smith. The diving in Lake Tenkiller is seasonal; we can only dive for about six months. Visibility is poor which ranges from one foot to twenty feet; if you can dive here you can dive anywhere. I dove in the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. I have made over 265 dives.

In my first year of diving, I became a Divemaster and started helping Instructors with class. Watching new divers has pushed me to want to become an Instructor so I can pass on my passion for diving.

I did not know how much it would change my life. It has enriched my life so much that all I have wanted to do is become an Instructor. I want to show and teach others about the vast, beautiful world that still remains unknown. Getting away from the everyday job that has not brought enjoyment and excitement of working with people that diving has. Working and teaching people from all walks of life how much fun diving is. Being able to seeing the awe on the face of new divers when they start diving in this beautiful and awesome world that they have only seen on T.V.

The Best Dive Job in the WorldBeing excited by listening to the excitement in their voice and seeing it on their face after a dive. This only drives the passion in me to become an Instructor. I want to teach diving to those who want to learn and show them the world that I have deeply fell in love with. I want to spread my knowledge about diving the sea and the creatures that live there. It’s important to the underwater ecosystem to teach those of what it means to life on earth. I want to spread my love for diving and the world that we dive in, while learning about the life of people from around the world and becoming friend with them.

Aaron Maher

Best Dive Job in the WorldBubbles, I all hear are bubbles. The rhythmic sound of my breathing puts me into a trance as I glide through the ocean blue. There is no other place in the world I would rather be than exploring beneath the sea. I was introduced to scuba diving around the age of 10 years old. Ever since then I have been fascinated by all things scuba. It doesn’t stop there. I love to share my passion for diving with anyone who will listen or take the time to look at some of my photographs.

My passion for diving has given me the opportunity to explore another world beneath the waves. A world where people are visitors, a world where new discoveries are common, a world where gravity can be challenged and you can fly. I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor because I want to be able to share the other 70% of the world where most people only get a glimpse of the surface. I want to expose them to the beauty of a coral reef, to the beauty of a kelp forest, to the agility of pinniped, or to the grace and strength of a shark.

My life has been changed as a result of being exposed to the world beneath the sea. I want to be able to do the same for others and at the same time develop other stewards of the sea. The more passionate divers the world has the better success we as humans will have at protecting our oceans. As a PADI dive master I have already had first had experience in teaching and assisting new divers, but I want to expand on my experience and become a PADI instructor and have a greater impact on the lives of those considering diving.

Aaron W. Maher Best Dive Job in the WorldI consider myself to be the adventurous type, but not the solo type. I can’t think of a better way to expose other people the adventurous underwater world than to be a PADI instructor, go all the way and live the dream. I have already left the life of 9-5 behind me after 9 plus years of living the corporate way of life. I want to be able to wake up, be excited to go to work, and jump into Mother Nature’s pool.

I want to live the life of a PADI instructor. I want to make an impact on people’s lives. I want to be able to teach new divers not only the skills required to be a PADI diver, but to teach them to be good stewards of the sea and share that information and their experiences to bring new divers into the fold. I want to be a PADI instructor because I want to make a difference. I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor to live my dream. Here’s to lots of bubbles with Blue Season Bali!

Ollie Cook

As I approach the 10-year mark on my working life so far, I have been looking back at what I have really achieved. Sure, I have enjoyed my work, and I’ve even had the fortune to be part of a business that has revolutionised an industry. I’ve even helped that business through a key point in its evolution, its IPO. I have benefited financially from my career, have made some good friends and other relationships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have also had the opportunity to travel with work and through work gain the funds to travel widely in my personal time too. But asking myself the crucial question, “Have I made a contribution to the world, or measurably improved anyone’s life?” I don’t think I can honestly answer that I have.

Interestingly, diving is becoming a theme in my life when I am considering what to do with my future. In a month off between jobs in 2005 I visited Egypt with the express intention of learning to dive. I had always been at my happiest in the water, and exploring what lay beneath the surface had always been an alluring challenge for me. I’m glad I took the opportunity to take a PADI Open Water qualification at that point, because it opened up a new world to me.

My favourite dive experience to date was filling in for a couple doing their Rescue Diver qualification, where one of the couple was unfortunately taken ill. I was asked to play the part of the ‘victim’ and to hide somewhere on the reef. Remaining still on the sea floor, waiting to be “rescued”, watching the underwater world go by, being mesmerised by the tiniest motions of the corals and being myself watched by the inquisitive fish, was a magical experience that I will always have with me.

Diving is so many things to so many people. For some it’s just an adventure, an exciting activity to get under one’s belt on holiday. For others it’s a way to help the planet, to study underwater life and act to conserve it for future generations. For still others, it’s a healthy addiction to the beauty and biodiversity of underwater life.

For me it’s about relaxation and exploration. No two dives are ever the same and I enjoy discovering new facets of sites I’ve dived before. I also enjoy the tranquility and solitude of turning dive lights off during a night dive and imaging myself to be floating in space!

No matter what people get out of their diving experiences, it all starts with an introduction and training. What more valuable endeavour can I turn my life to than helping give newcomers an introduction to the world under water, and to help them begin a journey of exploration, both of themselves but also life below the surface, than to share my passion for diving?

Ollie Cook

Ber Shalah

This is the moment that I been waiting for…

Best Dive Job in the World

Ber Shalah - Best Dive Job

My name is Bergenius Shalah I’m 29 yrs. of age, a simple an a quiet guy Of course i’d like to explore and learn new things, I do have an expensive dream in my life and that is to become a well trained professional diver, I live in an Island situated between the Philippines and Malaysia, I did’nt manage to get a job after college, I have been helping my brother to be one of his crew in the small wooden boat that he run, In the previous years we been hired by some researchers to do research studies in one of the best dive site in the Philippines Tubbataha Reef for a week, so as a boat crew part of my job is to prepare the scuba gear before and after the dive, I may don’t have the brains like those researcher but I’m definitely have a quite an little advantage in diving skills than them, due to unemployment my sister decided to help me to get a passport to enter Malaysia and have a temporary employment as a fishermen or they call it as visit pass.

I decided to save some money, so last march I have my first PADI open water licensed and just recently I have just received my PADI advance open water licensed that I enrolled in one of the dive center in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

It’s time for me to experience the real adventure in life and to become a PADI Instructor is great opportunity if chosen it would help gain more knowledge in my scuba diving skills and to be able to teach and share it what I learn would be my life changing moment, I may have only few dive log for me I considered myself as an experience diver,

Thank You,
Bergenius Shalah

Alan Ireland

Dear Best Dive Job in The World,


My name is Alan and I’m 29 year old PADI Divemaster. I recently completed my divemaster Internship this summer on the beautiful island of Ibiza. I went from total beginner to divemaster in two months. It’s fair to say this was the best experience of my life and I never want to go back to the 9-5 rat race that most jobs have to offer. The reason I took this step in my life was because I’d become disheartened with life in the UK. My friend suggested scuba diving to me, so I began researching the industry and before I knew it I had signed myself up for a Divemaster Internship. I have now become totally obsessed with diving and want to go all the way to course director, even platinum course director one day.

The Best Dive Job in the WorldSince my return to the UK I have been on the PADI pro’s site everyday looking for work in the industry. The more I look the more I realise I need to be an instructor or higher to gain employment. The only thing stopping me achieving this is money. I figure to get myself the best chance of work is to become a staff instructor. I will get there eventually after years of saving but I don’t want to wait 5 years or so down the line, I want it now! I’ve tasted the lifestyle and I want more. Yes it’s hard work, yes the hours can be long but teaching others to dive or even guiding certified divers is a wonderful experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I want to be a teacher when I was younger. Diving has changed everything for me though and teaching is all I want to do now. It gives job satisfaction a whole new meaning to me. I want to spread my love of diving to the rest of the world through the art of teaching, teaching the PADI way. Enjoyable and fun but in a very safe way.

I’m not going to say I deserve this more than the next person because I don’t. This is an amazing package you guys are offering and if I was lucky enough to win I can guarantee it would not be wasted on me. You would be helping someone who is 100% dedicated to succeeding and bring happiness to other divers and non-divers alike.

So without going on to much about why I deserve to come to Bali I am now going to beg. Please, please, please with sugar on top let me come to Bali and help me to become the best instructor PADI has ever known, you probably won’t let me leave once I’m there.

Happy Fishes,
Alan Ireland

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