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Nicole Bradon

Nicole Bradon Best Dive Job Application

Nicole Bradon Best Dive Job Application

My name is Nicole Louise Bradon, I’m twenty one years old and I feel like every moment I spend in my home town is spent existing, rather than living. In the summer of 2010, I spent one month in Guidel, France where I fell in love once again with the beach there, watching the surfers and hoping to have a beach life as my “everyday life” eventually. After coming home for a month, I booked an interrail ticket, took off and backpacked around Europe for another month, travelling parts of Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, France and The Netherlands.

I love beautiful places that inspire me, challenge me and satisfy me. There is so much I want to see, Bali is top of my list and this opportunity would blow my mind. I’ve always wanted to learn to scuba dive and thought I would probably learn when I finally get to travel Australia. To learn and become an instructor in Bali is on another level! l’d love to learn to surf too!

I want to change my life because I am a waitress in Grays, Essex and it doesn’t inspire, challenge or satisfy me. Grays is exactly how it sounds, grey. Every day is mundane. As much as it will always be “home”, I don’t want to flitter my life away, wake up in years to come and feel like I didn’t atleast try out for every opportunity possible. I remember an assembly I once had in secondary school, it sounds a bit corny but I think I will remember what this teacher said for the rest of my life, he had a world map and told us “there is a huge world out there and don’t waste your life in just one corner of it”, I see people that are content to live their life in this one corner of it and that’s fine for them but it isn’t enough for me. Since finishing college three years ago, I haven’t been sure at any point of what career I want, or particularly need, all I have

Nicole Bradon Best Dive Job Application

Nicole Bradon Best Dive Job Application

known is that I want to travel, and settle somewhere beautiful and find the right job along the way. The chance to be a PADI Instructor in Bali is the ultimate for me, an amazing job in an amazing place.

About me? I’m a friendly person, a go-with-the-flow type, I laugh all the time, I’m quietly ambitious, I’m passionate and sometimes fiery, I love music and people, I love new experiences, new food, new cultures. Eggs make me sneeze. I love summer and the sun, the way it makes every one seem friendlier and the way every one looks better with a tan! I have a gap in my front teeth, which is supposed to be lucky… I’m still waiting to find out if that’s true. I don’t know if I am the most deserving person in the world for this opportunity, but I know every part of me wants this.

Antoine Poircuitte

Antoine Best Dive Job in the World Application

Antoine Best Dive Job in the World Application

My name is Antoine I am 28 years old French. I live in Vietnam since November 2008. I decided to leave France to get more freedom in my life. I had been in the wine business for a wine distributor in Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia (wine is a great passion). Currently I am restaurant manager for a French restaurant.

Ireally enjoyed those last two years that allowed to me to meet many different people from worldwide, discovered a new culture, new way of life.  Today I want to move forward and enjoy a new life turn.

I don’t want “change” my life because I don’t want change who I am nor erase the past. Through what I already got I really want evaluate and continue the adventure.

Become PADI instructor would be an amazing springboard for a new start. I am ready to be educated and pass on this passion to other. I always looking for a life’ project and this one match one hundred percent to my wish and my will.

That is true that without this opportunity I wouldn’t have thought of becoming PADI instructor and that s because I will be able to use all the energy, all the excitation, all the positive motivation of a radical turn.

What is more exciting than a radical life turn?? Luck doesn’t smile to those who sulk…I am like a sponge waiting in the deep blue water of Bali ready to absorb the chance you will offer.

Become diving instructor sounds very nice and arouse to me a great interest. Since always I feel in peace when I am in water. I am lifeguard since I am 18 and continue to swim as much as I can. I am really attracted to live close to the sea and be in relation with nature especially with the sea. I come from a farmer family (mother side and father side) and was educated through a nature respect way. My first wish was to be winemaker, and I got a master in wine business and regulation. I keep a passion for the wine.

That is excited myself in this challenge, is to have an amazing long-term project through a great job. I dive sometime when I am in holidays and really took great time. I am confident to use this great opportunity in the right way and develop the chance you will give me. I don’t see this opportunity as “nice holidays” or just good time in Bali. The fact to learn a great job and to develop it is a great chance that I would like to take.

Choose me and you will hire a positive, energic, life lover person who enjoy the surprises of an adventure life.

I am ready to give everything in this project and enjoy the new amazing way you are offering. Hope diving soon with you and discover great new universes under warter as on earth.

Wish you the best for this New Year.


Pat Brennan

Pat Brennan Best Dive Job Application

Pat Brennan Best Dive Job Application

While reading the Cyber Dive Network News your article about the “The Best Dive Job in the World” jumped out at me. Here I am looking for an Internship to finish my Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management degree and these guys are offering a free one in Bali, yeah whatever…But I guess ill check it out. Here is a little bit about myself.

I am a 22 year old male who is motivated to succeed but I want to have fun while doing it. Like most people I want a fast car, a nice house, money to be able to travel and enjoy my recreation and leisure’s, and a super hot trophy wife.  I am a “go getter”, an entrepreneur, a frat boy, and an opportunist. In college I partnered up with a Fraternity brother to start a sunglasses business. Out of the 10,000 students at Radford University 1200 of them are rocking them on campus. In my management class we had to write a business plan. My creativeness and unique style of marketing helped me to start my SCUBA website Underwater Pleasure LLC. (underwaterpleasure.com). While my conservative teacher bashed me for my slogan “Come GET WET With Us” I proved her wrong  by coming up with some pretty creative marketing and advertising that could capture the demographics and market share I was leaning toward. Sex sells right… I recently just started a Real Estate business where I pulled in an investor and just finished flipping my first foreclosed house. I have also submitted two ideas into online invention firms (which I think are a scam anyways) and tried to create my own charity Ipod application called Carespender. But let’s get on to the important $h*t…

Pat Brennan Best Dive Job Application

Pat Brennan Best Dive Job Application

The “Best Dive Job in the World” is simply another opportunity that I cannot surpass. I am a PADI OW diver and an outdoor enthusiast. Traveling and the thought of doing business in an emerging market has been a life long dream of mine and this is one way you can make my dream come true. Successful companies often start as small “stories” but later evolve to something bigger by the customers evangelizing and storytelling about it. With social media turning the internet into a “social environment” (facebook, twitter, youtube, ect), words and stories are spreading like cancer. I love diving but I also want to raise awareness through sharing our stories, ideas, and traveling the world to see the beauty and the destruction of our world and oceans first hand. I think it is important for every business to be technically competent and to be knowledgeable about upcoming business ideas and trends.  Lucky for us the SCUBA diving trend is just beginning. Green this, green that, “The Ultimate Diver Challenge” T.V. series blah de de blah blah blah.  It’s happening now and I want in right at the beginning.  Let me come to Bali and “Get Wet”…

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