Sophie Hantz – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Sophie Hantz - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Sophie Hantz - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why do I want to change my life and become a PADI dive instructor? Are you kidding? Who wouldn’t want to? Sun, water, new friends, amazing memories and all the diving! Not to mention, infinite bragging rights! (Hehe, but mainly the diving and friends part!!)

Maybe, I should first tell you a wee bit about myself! My name’s Sophie, I’m 19 and I live on the coast in Victoria, Australia. I love my family, my friends and adventure! I may be young, but I know that this experience is something I would be able to manage. I would cherish it and absolutely thrive in such environment. Last year I went travelling through Europe, UK and parts of South East Asia for 6 months – at times with others and at times by myself – and since coming home I have not been able to settle, I miss the excitement of making new friends, of every day being something new and of endless possibility!

For as long as I can remember, I have had two passions in life; diving, and travel. They are a part of me, and a part of my family, and I cannot imagine a life without either. My first dive was when I was 12, and with that I was hooked! In the ocean, I feel as though I am in my second home. My family is hugely important in my life, my mother, father and brother are all extremely close. Scuba diving is something we have been able to enjoy together, perhaps this is one of the reasons diving holds such a special place in my heart.

Sophie Hantz - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Sophie Hantz - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

At the moment, I am about to begin my first year at university. I am to do a Bachelor of Law/International Relations. University is something that has always been expected of me, however, at this point I am at a crossroads. While I understand the importance of a university qualification, the idea of being stuck in Australia at university for the next 5 years seems incredibly depressing. With this degree, I hope to eventually run an aid agency or development project in some part of the 3rd World. Friends and family accept this plan, however, my secret fantasy is slightly different. I would really love to run a dive operation in an exotic part of the world. Perhaps with the skills I would learn from this adventure in Bali I would be able to marry the two goals into my ideal life’s work! Maybe I could set up a dive school that teaches divers to respect the ocean and it’s corals and creatures. Or, perhaps I could create an orphanage in Thailand for children with HIV/AIDS right next to a dive operation so the divers could come to play with or teach the kids in between dives? Who knows!! The possibilities are endless – I get so excited just thinking about it!!

So, there you go – this is me, I’m bright, fun loving, caring and adventurous! This dive job is perfect for me.

Sophie Hantz

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