Reza Hakimpanah – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Reza Hakimpanah - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Reza Hakimpanah – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Miracles happen. They do.

To me, this opportunity is like a dream coming true.

Since I came across this competition on the net, my life has been different because something new has happened in my life.

I had my first dive 6 years ago on Kish Island and got my Open Water certificate 2 years ago in Bali. Since 6 years ago, I dreamed of becoming a PADI instructor but it was very far from my ordinary life. Now, with this competition, I feel it is becoming closer to me. I will never forget my first dive into the silent, mysterious life under the sea. The new world was vast, attractive, tranquil, untouched and exciting. Under water absorbed me like a magnetic field. Little by little, I learned the interesting rules and met the gorgeous inhabitants. I also learned how to be a friendly guest in that unlimited environment with those various species.

I am 31, male, single and a stock broker from Tehran, Iran. I have a 7-4 job and I work 6 days a week in an office. And I have been doing the same job for 10 years. I am sociable, punctual, organized, reliable, experienced and up to date. Since I meet people with different social, economical and cultural backgrounds, and they usually have a wide range of questions and expectations; I have to be polite, patient and understanding. During these 10 years, I have always been popular with the clients.

There is nothing wrong with my present job. A lot of people my age may even wish for that. But it has no excitement and I never long for the next day to come.

I may look a popular, successful and interested broker, but sometimes I feel “trapped”.
The more I continue, the less I get.

People may call me “insane” if I say goodbye to this regular, stable life style, but I know deep in my heart that I have to leave and I feel the need for a change.

And to me, this change lies only in becoming a PADI Instructor where I can live my life “under water” taking help from international professionals at first and giving help to universal beginners later on.

I would love to meet large number of people from all over the world with different backgrounds, sharing the same interest. And I would be one of those people who can teach them the common language used underwater.

Die Slowly…
Dies slowly he who transforms himself into the slave of habit,
repeating every day the same itineraries,
who does not change a brand,
does not risk to wear a new color and doesn’t talk to whom he doesn’t know.

Dies slowly he who makes of television his guru.

Dies slowly he who avoids a passion,
who prefers black to white
and ……..
“Pablo Neruda”


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