Pete Brugger

Pete Brugger Best Dive Job in the World

Pete Brugger Best Dive Job in the World

What is it they say about the best laid plans?

Having finished university and worked hard for three years saving money, I set off on an adventure of a lifetime – a yearlong round the world trip starting in North America. But, over two years later, I am still bumbling around in Central America – never having made it further south! However, what an amazing two years! From climbing active volcanoes to jungle treks, from wandering cobbled streets in highland colonial towns to sandy Caribbean beaches, from partying amongst Panama City’s high rises to living with a Guatemalan family whilst learning Spanish, these last two years have given me a wealth of adventures, memories and achievements.

It also re-introduced me to diving and, in the process, changed my life. Having gained both my Open Water and Advanced certifications in my teens, I had not dived for several years until the waters of the Caribbean tempted me below once more. I immediately remembered why I had loved diving so much, I found it exhilarating and calming in a way that maybe only pilots can understand – as they are able to feel like birds soaring above the elements, so I feel gliding below the waves.

Having rekindled my love of diving, I decided to complete the Divemaster course. I found a job working for a small dive centre in Panama, where I spent ten months working on a small Caribbean island. I loved everything about this experience, from helping people take their first breaths underwater to the camaraderie of colleagues and customers alike. I enjoyed passing on not only the skills I had learnt but also my enthusiasm for the underwater world.

Pete Brugger Best Dive Job in the World

Pete Brugger Best Dive Job in the World

Why do I want the “Best Dive Job in the World”? Put simply, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it could not get any better! Having worked as a divemaster, I want to take the next step and become an instructor. For me, this would not just be the best dive job in the world, but THE best job in the world. This unique and fantastic experience would allow me to dive, live and learn in a new and exciting location; to meet new people and face new challenges – these things get me out of bed in the morning (that and a strong cup of coffee)! I know I can never go back to a regular, nine to five office job and currently volunteering as a hiking guide for a Guatemalan non-profit charity has only reinforced this.

Why should you offer me the “Best Job in the World”? Because not only am I hungry for it, but, having regularly assisted on courses and conducted DSD programmes, I know exactly what this job entails – consistent hard work, responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm amongst other things; qualities I possess in abundance. I also understand and appreciate the commitment that Blue Season Bali would be making to me, and am confident that I will fully justify and repay this.

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