Petar Dimov – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Peter Dimov - Best Dive Job in the world 2012

Peter Dimov - Best Dive Job in the world 2012

This is the 1st time that I’ve preferred the written than the other exercise! Vomiting, temperature, stomachache were the lightest feeling I got when I had to write an essay. But now! This the most natural, easiest, suitable… way to express myself and transfer the excitement while explaining

Why I want to change my life and become a PADI Instructor?

Nothing happens by accident. Yesterday I got the news for the contest from my sister. Actually I have been looking for it lifetime. Couple of years I have been wondering whether my current occupation is my dream job and life, whether it corresponds to my spirit and soul.

Working as an Internal Auditor in a big corporation makes my living but does not make me really happy. Meeting suit and tie~ dressed people, working mainly with the tools from the Windows Office packet as my main activities do not embody my childhood dreams.

I have to underline the word “dreams” that has nothing to do with the term “human needs from the Maslow pyramid” – namely security, home, appreciation, self – esteem, etc. that you can achieve by different kind of engagements and the best way is by feeling pleasure and satisfaction every day.

Peter Dimov - Best Dive Job in the world 2012

Peter Dimov - Best Dive Job in the world 2012

Now may be you will ask: “But isn’t it your current status exactly what you have strived for? Do you have an idea how many people at the moment haven’t had your chance and want your position?”

And my answer: “Yes, but:

I was almost 3 years old when my father, a professional scuba diver, met me for the first time with underwater world when I dived from the vessel, where he used to work, when it was on a mission at sea.

It was in 1984 during the summer when I accompanied my father during the punching construction works at the Varna port. I made scuba-diving together with his colleagues, being the youngest member. I pulled him impatiently in the water while he was putting his mask, causing a joke among his colleagues ‘how can he fix tetrapods at the port when he could not control a 7 years old boy in the water’.

I was 5th degree in the primary school when I attended the village library during the summer holidays at my grandparents. I had a long list with fiction books being necessary to be read. Then I took another ones with plots for animals and nature. It was not vainly – during the Biology classes after the holiday there was a question from the teacher whether we could give an example for a symbiosis between animals. You can guess that I was the only one with right answers (clown fish and sea anemone; cleaner fish and the shark) receiving an excellent mark as a reward and … a lot of followers from my classmates.

Peter Dimov - Best Dive Job in the world 2012

Peter Dimov - Best Dive Job in the world 2012

It was in December 2010 when I got my PADI OWD certification in Egypt as a sign that I was returning back from “the capitalism” to my inward and natural valuables.

In 2011 I got my skipper license for a seagoing vessel up to 20 GT and made cruises at the Black seaside. It was 2 months ago when I started to think about a family business with yachts and sacuba-

diving. Suddenly in the last month I received an offer to join the yacht team of the biggest yacht company “LZ yachting” in my born town Varna and now there are ongoing negotiations.”

The given arguments above may sound to you more like statements from an audit report rather than funny stories from an amusing novel from a vivid and enthusiastic adventurer. For me they are signs from the destiny that I had to regulate my compass in life because I had a contradiction with my business watch ticking very fast.

I know that the choice for the prize is hard to be made for me. Blue Season Bali, believe me we will meet – either when you will reward me or later when I visit Bali island on a private trip. You cannot postpone so much that fascinating moment.

Here in Bulgaria we have the proverb “The alga is the problem for the bad scuba-diver”. For me the most important thing is that I don’t have a problem, I am on the right way to my mission, I don’t have excuses, later or sooner we will meet and even now writing my written entry I become more happier and happier feeling with the skin what is my real essence.

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