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“Why I want to change my life and become a Padi instructor

“Why I deserve the best dive job in the world”

Hello Big Blue Bali, my name is Nick and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. To start with diving has been a major part of my life since I can remember.  I became fascinated with the underwater world at a young age. The first time I snorkeled was when I was around 8 years old; in the Monterey bay. I still have vivid images of all the colors I saw down there from the fish to the flowing kelp all the tiny creatures. It was as if I was actually swimming in an aquarium.  I knew then that the ocean was a colorful wonderful place and I wanted to be a part of it. My interest in diving has not slowed at all.

I went on to become open water certified at the age of 13. I did my first check out dive in Monterey. Wow that was fun I was finally breathing underwater, just like a fish! I never get tired of the smell of the salt air and waves and the coastal breezes’.  I went to the Santa Barbara Marine Diving Institute in 1990. It was an intensive two year commercial diving program.  During that program I became a Naui instructor.  I went on to work commercially in the Gulf of Mexico and work in California. During those years I have dive mastered for Club Med in San Salvador Bahamas; worked on live-aboard dive boats in Florida. I dove in Hawaii the Philippines, and Thailand. I was most impressed with the waters in southern Thailand. I have always wanted to dive Bali I’ve heard that it’s the best!

I realized over the years as I would try and find employment, everyone was asking for Padi instructors.  I know now that Padi is the dive leader in the sport diving industry. All the resorts and cruise ships only want Padi instructors.  My love for the ocean environment and teaching are my life. I have taught guitar and oral English classes in China (I am in China right now). I have the patience and focus to be a supportive teacher for new learners’ in the wonderful world of diving.

Why give me this wonderful opportunity to become a Padi instructor? Well a few months ago I contacted Blue Season Bali and I got in touch with Tom West about your IDC Program.  The program and location are perfect I just did not have the money to take the course yet. This chance to become a Padi instructor would open the doors again for me to spend time in the tropical places with the fantastic marine environment of Indonesia; and to share them with others’.  Teach people to love and respect the ocean environment. This would be a dream come true; traveling and teaching are in blood.

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Nicholas Hodies

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