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I’m natalie im 19 years old and I’m from London.

My passion in life to was go to university and make mother happy.

I studied at the london school of the arts  in film and photography, but it wasnt for me.

Why didnt i fit in?

I”m mental, one of a kind.

Then one day I sat there infront of my mac in my immaculate flat and said; “natalie victoria button where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world right now?”

Thailand. So I did. In 4 days 6 injections one backpack and absaloutely no idea how to spell bangkok, this little girl travelled half way round the world to experience the unheard of.

3 months later I returned with a sence of adventure. I’d used my film and photography skills from university to learn to dive in koh tao for 5 weeks. And for the first time in my life everything fit. I enjoyed sleeping on floors, living out of suitcases, bartering with locals and swimming with turtles.  I worked at orphanages, a womans prison and an elephant reservation. Somehow I made it all the way by myself.  I still have no idea how I did it.

My trip wasnt planned, there were no tour groups. Just me and an open mind.

I returned home, back to fish and chip Wednesdays, film Fridays and bingo Sundays and i called my mother and i said to her. ” mum im misrable again.” And she said to me “well thats life nat.”  So I put the phone down, picked it back up again and brought a one way ticket to Sydney, and here I am in cairns 3 months later.   On a one way ticket through my life, I’m never going home.

Diving is the only theme I’ve carried with me.  I dive everywhere I go. When I finish travelling i’ll end up back where I started;
on a little island in Thailand. I will set up camp and work for a dive company.  For no money and good times.

I want to travel for about 5 years before I see asia again. So I’m in it for the long haul. My occupation is backpacker and I love it.

I came to the great barrier reef looking for work on boats asking to earn my way through my dive master. Unfortunately unless you have money to spend people wont give you the time of day. Maybe someone someday will look at me and see only potential, and that day will change my life.


Natalie Button x

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