Marlies Tumolo – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Dear Blue Season Bali,

Hey there!  My name is Marlies.  I’ve always been ecstatic about life.  I am that person that walks around with a perma-grin.  I smile so much that it makes my face hurt! My excitement and enthusiasm for life shows in every part of my body; I wiggle everywhere I go because I am so excited. I always thought the thing that made me smile most in the world was traveling.  Meeting new people and creating life changing connections, doing things I never imagined I would do, and exploring new places feeds my soul, which in turn plasters the perma-grin to my face.

That was until I discovered diving and realized that it was my ticket to combine all the things I love in life.  The first time I went diving I was terrified, but as soon as I got into the water I had the biggest smile I have ever had.  I had to clear my mask constantly because my perma-grin cheeks were making it flood!  Being under the ocean is magical.  It allows me to feel calm while heightening every sense in my body, to be alone, yet feel connected to everything and everyone.  Diving ignites my passion for life like nothing else I have encountered.  Since the second I discovered diving all I have done is research how to change my life and become a full-time diver.  It is all I want to do and all I think about.  So why do I want to become a dive instructor?  Because I can’t imagine my life any other way.

Growing up there were two things I always wanted to be; a teacher and a marine biologist.  I got my education degree and am currently teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I love teaching.  Being a dive instructor allows me to combine my passions.  It lets me spend as much time as possible under the ocean and gives me a chance to teach others what a remarkable place the ocean is.  Teaching allows me to make a difference by inspiring others to save our precious and vulnerable ocean life.  Most of all, it lets me live the life I was meant to lead, outside the box that society has built.

I am social, fun, lovable, adventurous, dedicated, a fantastic teacher, and most of all I am personable.  People love me and I love people.  I make friends with everyone I meet and invest my heart and soul into each interaction; I even learn other languages just to speak to people! I know that I am the best possible winner for this competition because I will be a huge asset to Blue Season Bali.   I will bring costumers to the shop and make them love and remember every minute they spend there.  My passion and excitement about diving will spread to everyone around me. And more than anything when I am having the time of my life so will everyone else!  Blue Season Bali, PLEASE make my life’s dream come true! Pick me, Marlies Tumolo, to win the Best Dive Job in the World!!!

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