The Season of Restless Thoughts of Blue

As I lay here in the dark unable to sleep, my mind is restless with thoughts of a new life. Thoughts of adventure, thoughts of challenges, and as I look at the beautiful pictures posted recently on the Blue Season Bali Facebook page, thoughts of the peaceful calm blue below. I wonder how many around the world are doing the same thing, sharing my restless thoughts, excited to break free, open their eyes wide and dive in. You feel your heart beat fast and hard, your skin tingle, and you smile at random times. These smiles, this excitement, it’s contagious and those around you can’t help but share your excitement, and catch the ‘bug’.

Thoughts of starting a new life in one of the most beautiful places in the world, joining the Blue Season family. Being surrounded by beautiful people who share your love for adventure, your love for the beautiful deep blue sea and who love to share smiles with others just like you do. It almost feels like you are going home more than leaving home. I imagine the amazing lush green island full of it’s magical wonder, full of life, surrounded by the powerful yet loving deep sparkling blue waters.

As I let out a deep breath and close my eyes for a moment I imagine similar yet different restless nights laying in my bungalow on that warm tropical island. Thoughts of the day racing through my mind as a cool refreshing breeze blows through the moonlit room. The excitement of learning new skills, trying new things, making new friends, and exploring new worlds. I can’t wait to wake up and do it again. What will I learn today? Who will I meet? What beautiful and enchanting creatures await to greet me on my next dive? (Another one of those random smiles stretches across my face)

I feel some calm and peace setting in knowing others are out there all across this beautiful planet sharing my thoughts of adventure and beauty. Almost like an extended family, who can relate to you, who can feel the tingle of excitement by just looking in your eyes and who love sharing smiles with you side by side.

Sweet Dreams of Blue.

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