Linda Koren

Linda Koren Best Dive Job in the World application

Linda Koren Best Dive Job in the World application

Are you kidding? Bali. This would be a dream come true. Water is my passion and Bali is truly one amazingly beautiful place.

Water is my passion, whether it is the ocean, the gulf, a lake or just a swimming pool.

I spent 10 yrs. visiting my parents in Naples, Fl. So when my son reached the age of 10 we had him certified as a Jr. Scuba Diver.

I feel the more people that are certified, the more aware people will become about how the environment affects our waters. Because of the impact on all marine life. The fascinating marine life that makes scuba diving so enjoyable.

I am an avid swimmer, boater, water skier and a PADI certified recreational diver. Also an activist for the protection of Manatees in Florida.

I only work part-time, my son is now away in college and I am ready, willing and able to change my life.

Living in the Northeast United states has many limitations to local diving, too cold, too murky and it is expensive to travel to warmer climates. I truly dread the winters, because that means my days at the beach are over until next summer, a long 9 months wait.

What an honor this job would be, doing what I love best.

Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity. Hope to see you soon.

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