Kriss Bradley

Kriss Bradley Best Dive Job in the World Application

Kriss Bradley Best Dive Job in the World Application

They say Whidbey Island is a place where people come to heal. When I arrived here, I was homeless, recovering from a two-year layoff, a broken marriage, and without dreams. This past summer, partly on a whim, and in part from a desire to grow as a person, I took scuba lessons. I never have had much interaction with the ocean, despite growing up near the water, and having lived on two seashores. But from the very first night of breathing underwater, I have been hooked. Recently, I completed my 143rd dive since my open water certification at the end of June. Under these cold, dark waters of the Pacific Northwest, I have found a calling. Scuba has become a passion for me. I am ever eager to learn more, setting myself on the road to one day becoming a Scuba Instructor. This will take years, taking classes piecemeal, as I can afford them. Therefore, The World’s Best Job for me, would, without doubt, be to come to Bali to take accelerated courses and become the scuba instructor I want to be. I know that I won’t get rich being a scuba instructor, but do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I enjoy working with people, as well as the leadership required to help uncertain students become confident and safe divers. The warm, clear waters of the tropics are my dream site. I currently write blogs of my dive recaps, with photography, which my fellow northwest divers seem to enjoy. In dealing with a hundred or more customers each day, I greet them with a smile and cheer, and the small book of my dive pictures I keep at my window often leads to comments and discussions of scuba. I encourage many people to take lessons at our terrific local dive shop, and wax enthusiastic about the fun I have diving. I was already looking to change my life when one of my customers told me about this contest, and in thinking of my submission, I have also come to realize that there is nothing holding me here; my job is just a job, I have no familial obligations, and I rent my home, rather than own it. This opportunity would be a perfect fit for me, and I would love to learn from you in paradise. I’m 35, female and single, which means I’m old enough to know it and young enough to do it. I’m accustomed to giving outstanding customer service, which means I interact easily with strangers and have no fear of speaking to a wide audience through daily and weekly blogs and videos. This is what I want to do. It would be a gift powerful beyond my dreams. I find it difficult to use these poor words to convey appropriately my desire to have this opportunity, and I hope you consider (and choose!) me.

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