Kelly Burnet – Best Dive Job in the World 2012


Well considering I do want the best job in the world I figured I had better back up my video with a few words. Im Kelly, im 24 from NSW, Australia. I`m not about to write about how boring and depressing my life is, because its not ! As I said, im 24 and having a great time being young and free! I live life a little on the wild side and always make sure I am having a great time, but at the same time I appreciate the smaller things in life and love my down time to read, listen and learn . I am all about natural beauty, peace, the world, and feel that life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Lately I have had a dream…a goal…a wish, to be a PADI scuba instructor! I got my open water certificate at the start of the 2011 and from my first dive I immediatly knew  i had found what I had been searching for from day one . I raced home and found as much information as I could on it as a career, and ended up giving myself the goal of saving and completing a PADI instructors course overseas at either Bali or Thailand. I immediately started working towards that goal and gained myself a position on a dolphin/whale watch boat as a deckhand, something that I thought may help me in the future for instructor positions. It doesn’t pay the best money and I still have to live so here I am still chippin away at my goal, week by week, dollar by dollar. I have been in the travel and tourism industry for the last 5 years, working in different areas in 4 and 5 star resorts Australia wide but cannot wait to explore the rest of the world.. I have always loved the water and grew up around it and at one point in my childhood my dad swore I had gills or was about to grow a tail. I travelled to Bali at the start of 2011( I get along with the locals REAL well and dont mind myself a nice cold bintang, so no need to worry about that haha) and dived off gili trawangan and once again was just blown away by what I was experiencing. I went home and told all my friends and family and even persuaded them to go and do a dive! I think some of them think I have gone completely crazy because I just wont shutup about it. The ones that actually did go ahead and do a discovery dive have never been so thankful that I made them go and do it! I just loved the feeling of knowing what I was giving them, something I believe should be seen and experienced by everyone. It is really a feeling i could never put into words, a feeling that has to be seen to be felt. I guess that is why you could say I was quite excited when I found this competition. I sat and stared at the screen as if I had just witnessed a miracle unfolding before my eyes. A blessing… Like someone had answered my prayers. And you have ! I just hope by reading and seeing my entry you too believe I deserve to have my dream job! The best job in the world !

Thanks, Kelly.

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