Kavita Best Dive Job in the World

Kavita Best Dive Job in the World

Stumbling upon this internship experience was the most exciting thing that happened to me this week. I’m all of 22 having just entered the corporate world and already sure that I can’t be confined to a room. I keep thinking I need to be working in the outdoors and when I saw this it couldn’t have been more perfect an opportunity to ask for.

Born in a small little hill station in South India called Coorg, I grew up with an older brother and I think my adventurous streak came from trying to keep up with him and trust me, I had to try real hard. I studied in a boarding school and I had some of the best times there. The place made me more independent and adaptive to any kind of situation and also it was an absolute blast!!Some of the best times ever.

I love hiking, trekking and exploring little untouched parts of my world. I currently live in Bangalore, a great city in South India again. After completing my engineering in Bio-Technology, I have been working with an environmental consulting company only to realize I would be happier working outdoors. I have always loved to travel but I have to say my travelling exploits have extended only up to south of India. A trip to the north and anywhere outside the country is still pending and waiting to happen and Bali would be the perfect start!!!

Kavita Best Dive Job in the World

Kavita Best Dive Job in the World

I love the water and to be able to gain an entirely new experience under water- just the thought of it is getting me excited. I have never done this before but it has always been on my list of ‘things to do’. I play a lot of sports, basketball being my favorite and hence I am generally a fit person too.

I’m looking for adventure, excitement, a great learning experience, a beautiful holiday and a time so fun that I will never ever forget it and also look forward to meeting wonderful people that could possibly change my life and this opportunity is like a big fat happy package waiting to be delivered to my doorstep, errr..or should I just say my inbox..

See you in Baliiiiiiii!!

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