Juan Manuel Tejero – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

30 years on the surface were enough…

It is time to dive…

Into the best dive job in the world.

That is why I want to win this contest, so I can change my life completely.

Hi! My name is Juan Manuel, I am 31 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the moment I am working as a video editor in a TV sports channel. I have studied sports journalism and I am also a sound recording technician. My job is fun but it is a sedentary one. That is why on my free time I enjoy doing sports. I love full adrenaline outdoor activities which represents a physical challenge to me. I like to put myself on the edge all the time. Some of the things I do are climbing, diving, snowboarding, football, basket, skate, long boarding and I also swim.

This year I decided to take the Dive Master course. So last week as I was investigating about it, I found this opportunity and I could not still believe it. Dive Master is free? and in Bali? Free for real? Are you kidding me? This is just what I was looking for. So I never doubt it and started making my video…

I want to escape from town and all its contamination (transit, smog, noise, paranoia, violence and stress), leave it all behind and be on that Paradise surrounded by nature. Giving all my energies, strength and effort to the diving practice itself. I am not going to explain to you what is like to be under deep. Opening and closing my eyes into that fabulous world… you know that magnificent feeling… I want it to be my every day!!!

I want to feel the weightless of water, the adrenaline of going deep into the unknown. I want my every day to be an adventure. I want to see new places, cultures, ways of living, landscapes and all kind of animals. I find peace by being in nature and I believe Bali would be the perfect spot for it. Because off its beauty and unlimited fun.

I am excited to be able to teach others about diving and showing them the choice they can make to find this natural and unique world.

I have an Advanced PADI course made. I hope to be ready to learn all what you have to teach. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this gold and accomplish my dream of seeing the sun rise and die behind the sea…at least the next 30 year of life!!!


Yours JMT


Juan Manuel Tejero - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Juan Manuel Tejero - Best Dive Job in the World 2012

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