IDC Day 9-13

IDC Day 9: confined water presentation, teaching open water

I did my first confined water presentation! It was really cool getting a chance to run part of a course. I was able to manage the group well and got a decent score on my presentation. I still have more work to do though! We also did a presentation today on teaching open water courses. It was really useful to get more information on how to organize and sequence a course. I know that I will use all this once I start teaching.

IDC Day 10: knowledge development 2, theory exam, confined water presentation, rescue practice

We are trucking right on through IDC.  Today we worked more on theory and did another confined water and knowledge development presentation.  It is great to practice and get so much feedback from Jon and Stefan.  I know that I will be more than prepared when we get to the IE.

IDC Day 11: open water presentations, standards exams

Today we did our first open water presentations and boy was I nervous!  It was completely different controlling students in ocean and there were so many more things to thing about!  I had to present 2 skill and I passed both :) Lets hope the same thing happens in the real IE 😉

IDC Day 12: presentations on adventures in diving, rescue, and divemaster, confined water presentations

Henley and Me

The best divemaster mentor ever!

Today we spent time talking about how to conduct the adventures in diving, rescue, and divemaster courses.  I think the most interesting was the divemaster slideshow.  I found myself thinking a lot about Henley and my own divemaster experience.  I am really lucky to have been through such a great program.  Henley is a fantastic mentor and continues to support me as I work towards my goal of becoming an instructor.  Thanks Henley!

IDC Day 13: knowledge development presentations, 4E’s, risk management, confined water presentations

Wow, we are almost done with IDC!  Today we did a knowledge development and confined water presentations.  We also talked all about the duty of care for PADI professionals and managing risks as dive instructors.  I already knew how important it was to follow PADI standards as a diver and instructor, but now I am even more convinced.  I am lucky to be doing my internship at a place like Blue Season Bali that puts such a high value on safe diving practices and following PADI standards.  It is really important when you look for a dive shop or somewhere to further your diving education that you find a place that is professional and puts diver safety first.

Tomorrow is our official last day of IDC.  We are heading out to Nusa Penida to do a few workshops and have a little bit of fun together.  I can’t wait to get back in the ocean and do some diving!

IDC group

Almost finished with IDC!

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