Reflections on my Divemaster course so far

The Divemaster course at Blue Season Bali has been amazing so far! I experienced and improved a lot in a very short time. Every day is different, never boring, and filled with new lessons to learn.

My two favourite parts of the course are buoyancy control and guiding. Actually, you cannot be a good guide without excellent buoyancy control, so the two go hand in hand. I want to become a good guide, as I enjoy leading a group of divers a lot! Making people happy with a great and safe dive experience give me satisfaction.

The big plus of Bali are definitely the spectacular dive sites! Even after visiting a dive site for the fifth time, I do not get bored of it. There is always more to explore, a little creature you have overlooked so far or a shift in water conditions, which changes the experience of a dive completely.

We have been to Sanur, Amed, Tulamben and Nusa Penida so far. The dive sites around Nusa Penida are my absolute favourites! After a 45 minutes boat ride, you reach Manta Point, a manta cleaning station at very shallow depth. Manta rays visit the cleaning station all year round, so the chances to see them are quite high. Even if you do not find these gentle giants: the sight of a Green Sea Turtle or . . . a Mola Mola, may surprise you! Crystal Bay, another dive site around Nusa Penida, is the best location for Mola Molas.

Even if you ae not blessed with big stuff on your dive in Bali, there is always a cute little Nudibranch awaiting your attention!

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