Off to Padang Bai

Hello ladies and gentleman, people of all ages…

The most recent dive trip I went on was to Padang Bai. It’s about the same distance from Sanur to Nusa Penida by boat (roughly 45 mins) although instead of heading east, you head up north. There are several dive sites in the area that offer a wide variety of diving. The Temple is where you’re most likely to see some blacktip or whitetip sharks, we also have The Wall (obviously a wall dive), Jakun, Blue Lagoon….

On our excursion we started off with The Temple where we had a great dive spotting a cuttle fish, octopus, whitetip shark, a couple stone fish, nudibranchs and several of the other usuals. I also spotted one of my favourite fish which is the Juevenile Emperor Fish, although this one was in the transitional stage of becoming an adult so it was very cool to see the colours and pattern start to change. For the next dive we moved a little more up north to Jakune. This dive starts off as a bit of a muck dive where luckily we found the 2 sea horses who are known to frequent the area. The current was quite strong which turned our dive into a bit of a drift but it was still a good one. The water was quite warm at about 29 degress and the visibility was average at about 15 meters. Typically on this dive you will come across a submarine tour that runs out of Padang Bai so we always try and give the passengers some entertainment, my personal favorite is doing the dead man’s float. After some lunch and a couple of jumps off the sun deck we hopped back in the water for our final dive on The Wall. Once again we saw an array of nudibranchs, a painted frog fish, another octopus (this one not so friendly), a couple spotted rays, the list goes on… We don’t typically go out to Padang Bai as often as Nusa Penida or Tulamben mostly because guests don’t hear as much about it but the diving is excellent and I would definitely reccommend you head out there if you’re in the area. It was only my third time out there so I look forward to the next. Maybe we’ll see ya out there sometime…

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