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The great people of Bali Adventure Tours and Blue Season Bali has treated Best Dive Job winners Priscilla Ong and myself to yet another unforgettable experience during our stay here in the island of the gods. Last week we enjoyed a visit to elephant park, this week we were back in full force and ready to conquer Ayung river. My girlfriend Danielle Simpson who is along for the 7 month journey with me in Bali came along for the ride as well as one of the BSB interns Natalie Yeates. Once arriving at the river rafting centre we paired up, got geared up and finally pumped up as we walked down a long flight of steps, closer and closer to where we would be deploying the rafts. Team Deathmatch (Nat & me) were accompanied by guide Wayan while team La (Priscilla & Dani… ya the team name is kinda lame and not intimidating at all) were accompanied by guide Frankie. After quite a bit of trash talking and a quick briefing of how to paddle and what to do if thrown out of the raft we were on our way.

The rafting was absolutely incredible! Filled with thrills and chills, twists and turns and an all out war with every other raft we came in contact with throughout the ride. There were several stretches of calm spots in between, one in which we hopped out of the rafts and drifted peacefully downstream. The scenery itself was enough to make this a rewarding experience. Numerous waterfalls left and right, some which you could steer your raft under and enjoy a nice massage. They also had a huge stretch of carved rock that was very impressive and quite the incredible sight! In the end, although there were some close calls and we had all swallowed our fair share of water, the river rafting was a complete success. We finished off the day with another exquisite buffet lunch put on by Bali Adventure Tours, this time the soup of the day was cream of corn (my favourite) so I polished off about 4 bowls of that. Mmm Mmm Good!!!

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