How I Found Out About the Best Dive Job 2014

How I Found Out About the Best Dive Job 2014

Lorena Espin – Winner of the best dive Job in the World 2014/2015.

In 2013, I spent fourteen months in Australia. It was not until my last month there that I finally got my Open Water certification up in Cairns. I suppose you could say I was saving it for last. Foolish. My flight back to Canada was the following week, and I wanted to keep diving.


I begrudgingly went back to Canada because changing a flight is close to impossible and all my stuff was there anyway. I also missed my family and friends. But I had resolved to give myself one year there. One year to save up and pay my way to becoming a dive instructor and seeing my newfound, half-baked dream through.

I started bar-tending. And shortly after, I was sick of bar-tending.


There had to be another way to finance this. So I took to the Internet. I googled things like “Dive Master Internship” “Dive Shops Montreal” and “High Paying Jobs” Eventually I stumbled upon and clicked on a banner advertising the Best Dive Job.

 Make a video explaining why I wanted to be a dive instructor and I could win a Divemaster internship in Bali? This could be my break. I watched other people’s submission videos and I thought: “I can totally do this!”


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