First week in Bali

After a jam packed first week in Bali I figure it’s about time to complete my first blog on my experiences….

Jeez, where to begin…

Lets start with the food because as I’m sitting here right now I’m starving! You will get used to Mie Goreng(fried noodle) & Nasi Goreng(fried rice) which is ok because with the combination of flavours and ingredients used in Balinese cooking, these dishes along with many others will always leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next meal. If your like me and need a good old japanese meal at least once a week you will have no problem finding some great places… And if you must give in to your Mcdonalds cravings every once in a while, they’re never too far away and deliver 24/7.

As for The Blue Season Bali dive team and centre, I can’t say enough good things. From the moment I arrived me and my girlfriend were greeted by friendly faces who were more than willing to show us around and lend a helping hand with anything and everything. There is quite the variety of people here all from different parts of the globe with different stories to share. It kind of reminds me of my experiences in South Africa bouncing around to different hostels, which if any of you have done can be quite eventful and rewarding. They got an amazingly organized crew here that starts at the crack of dawn and manages what seems like the impossible on a daily basis. With a combination of people that have called Bali their home for years, interns that are here for a couple months or guests pouring in for just the day, there is never a dull moment over here at BSB!

The diving here like many of you I’m sure have heard is unreal! My official training started here with my EFR (emergency first response) The next day I kicked off my advanced course over in Tulamben diving the world renound USAT Liberty Wreck. For the sake of making this post even longer I’ll just say WOW! The next dives I did was over in Nusa Penida. Here I completed my first deep dive at Crystal Bay seeing my very first Mola Mola :):) From there we took a short boat trip over to embark on a drift dive which was incredible. We then finished the day off at Manta Point where we saw 4 huge mantas the biggest being about 3m. As luck would have it my camera died right before the dive so for now you’ll have to take my word for it, they are absolutely fascinating and a must see here in Bali!

All in all I must say it has been quite the week! The driving here is something on it’s own but I’ve officially taken the step of renting myself a scooter and learn the ways of Bali driving.(not an easy task if you value your life) I’ve had my first clubbing experience in Kuta at Sky Garden, a 4 story open rooftop club where the Bintangs flow like wine and the fire performers will have you mesmerized. I went surfing on my day off and all I can say is I did my best.

So that’s it for my first official blog in Bali, expect them to come more frequently and be much shorter(this being the exception) but every day is a new adventure, a different experience and one more story to tell and believe me this is the first of many to come. So stay tuned. For now I’m off to satisfy my hunger and relax with a good old Bintang.



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