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Yesterday Priscilla and I along with Tom West and Phil Tait took a day off from diving and headed over to the world famous Elephant Safari Park. Let me tell you, this place was pretty incredible. There were elephants left and right! Babies, mothers, brothers, sisters. Elephants with tusks, elephants walking through water and elephants up close in personal which you could feed and touch. Normally I don’t feel right with wild animals in captivity but this facility was very well maintained and managed, the elephants were well fed and treated with care and in sanitary and safe conditions. They also assist in efforts to build up the depleting population and are making huge strides to preserve this magnificient species. Steve Irwin after visiting said it was the most impressive elephant park he’d ever been to. Shortly after a tour of the facility we hopped on a couple elephants named Ola and Gigi and went for a little safari ride. I’d never been on an elephant before and I must say it was quite the experience. I paired up with Priscilla and luckily for us we got the more rambunctious of the two elephants, while Tom and Phil enjoyed a nice romantic stroll through the forest. After the ride we enjoyed a nice Balinese coffee and then enjoyed a little performance which consisted of elephants playing soccer (although not very good), basketball (coulda given MJ a run for his money) and painting (a modern day Picasso…truly inspiring). Although gigantic in nature those elephants showed they could be pretty graceful. To wrap up the day we stuffed our faces in one of the best buffet lunches I’ve had in ages. All I remember after that is sitting down in the transport vehicle, undoing my belt for some stomach relief and going into hibernation.

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