“We want to see the Mola Mola!”

Today’s blog will be short and sweet since I’ve been battling quite the stomach ache all day… I’m thinking it may have been the raw chicken I was served in my cordon bleu last night… Just a thought… Thanks a bunch Wicked Parrot.

As for the diving today, our group ventured out to Nusa Penida in search of the imfamous Mola Mola. Normally we plan our days in Penida with a variety of sites. For example, one at crystal bay, then on to manta point, then maybe finish off with sental, blue corner or toyopakea. But not today. Our guest were so adamant on seeing the Mola that they requested all 3 dives at Crystal Bay. Our guide Frankie I’m sure was thrilled to hear that, as were all of us DM’s and DMT’s. But, for the sake of making our guest dream come true we went on the Mola hunt and as luck would have it, they got their Mola!


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