Dennis Harrold

Dennis Harrold, Best Dive JobHi, I am Dennis Harrold from Fort Smith, Arkansas. I began diving two years ago at Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma, an hour drive from Fort Smith. The diving in Lake Tenkiller is seasonal; we can only dive for about six months. Visibility is poor which ranges from one foot to twenty feet; if you can dive here you can dive anywhere. I dove in the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. I have made over 265 dives.

In my first year of diving, I became a Divemaster and started helping Instructors with class. Watching new divers has pushed me to want to become an Instructor so I can pass on my passion for diving.

I did not know how much it would change my life. It has enriched my life so much that all I have wanted to do is become an Instructor. I want to show and teach others about the vast, beautiful world that still remains unknown. Getting away from the everyday job that has not brought enjoyment and excitement of working with people that diving has. Working and teaching people from all walks of life how much fun diving is. Being able to seeing the awe on the face of new divers when they start diving in this beautiful and awesome world that they have only seen on T.V.

The Best Dive Job in the WorldBeing excited by listening to the excitement in their voice and seeing it on their face after a dive. This only drives the passion in me to become an Instructor. I want to teach diving to those who want to learn and show them the world that I have deeply fell in love with. I want to spread my knowledge about diving the sea and the creatures that live there. It’s important to the underwater ecosystem to teach those of what it means to life on earth. I want to spread my love for diving and the world that we dive in, while learning about the life of people from around the world and becoming friend with them.

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