Dayne Smith Essay

A DREAM, what is a Dream ?? Well a dream is something that someone thinks non stop about, something a person PRAYS about and sometimes the ONLY thing a person has ever wanted their whole Entire life…

Well winning this competition would be a DREAM come TRUE for me, I will try each and every Day to get as far as I can and Do as much as I can to win this competition.

Diving has sooo Much to offer and Im hoping to one day to open up a CHRISTIAN Dive academy and make a difference somehow. I know that everyone that has entered this competition , wants this Just as bad as what I do but I don’t just want to win this competition I NEED TO !!!

This seven Months in Bali doing something I Love would make me The Happiest person in the whole world.Im a Fun, ambitious, outgoing, Enthusiastic and passionate individual and I will do anything in the world to make a difference in peoples lives and make someones circumstances better if I have the ability to!!

God Bless Everyone and Im Hoping for the Best

Be the Change YOU want to see In The World

Dayne Smith

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