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Why I want to change my Dad’s life and have him become a PADI Instructor

Best Dive Job in the World

Best Dive Job in the World

My name is Dwain. When I turned 10, my grandfather signed me up for a PADI Seal Team course. I loved it so much I talked my mom and dad into letting me get my Junior Open Water certificate. Over the past 2 years my dad and I have earned our Advanced Open Water certifications and are working our way to obtaining our Master Diver certifications. I’m 12 now and all we need to do is to complete our 50 dives and we will finally achieve our goal. My dad has been great in working with me to do what I love, taking me all around Texas and to Florida and Mexico to dive. We have our Scientific Divers certifications and I have my Boy Scout scuba diving merit badge too. All this was possible because my dad is the best dad in the world.

My dad was a stay at home dad for 10 years – like in the movie Mr. Mom. He has always been there for me and my brothers. He’s a CPA and an attorney and really good at what he does – whatever that is. But I think he would be an even better Dive Instructor. He was my brothers and my Cub Scout Den Leader and Cub Master so he’s really good at working with kids and others that have trouble learning new stuff. He has done so many great things for me that I wanted to do something great for him.

So I think you should offer my dad, the Best Dad in the World,  the Best Dive Job in the World.  My mom said I could go too if you would let me. I’d have to do my school work somehow and I know I’m not old enough to get my Instructors certification but when I do get old enough that is my goal. My favorite food is Thai, but I’m sure I would learn to love Indonesian food just as much.

My dad and I are a great team and together we would be the best Ambassadors for scuba diving you could ever have and would bring a lot of positive attention to the sport. My dad still won’t let me have a spear gun but he did get me a great camera so I could “shoot pictures instead of shooting fish”. I could take pictures of him and help you document his training and have my own blog to tell other kids how great diving and Indonesia really are. My mom reads my email so you can write me or my dad. I am sending you a photo of my dad and my brothers and me in Florida. I’m the one in the orange shirt! Please give my dad this opportunity. Even if I don’t get to go I want him to have the chance. Thank you.

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