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Tyler Norgaard – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Why do I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor?  It’s simple; I want a life of fun, excitement, good memories, and adventure!

My name is Tyler Norgaard.  I’m 20 years old and like long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners…whoops wrong contest.  Besides the fact that I don’t mind embarrassing myself, I enjoy making people laugh and enjoy life in any way possible.  Ironically I don’t feel that my life is all that meaningful and fun; even though I am young I feel old, and feel that I’ve never done anything adventurous with my life.  Scuba diving has been something that has taken me into another world (literally) when being underwater.  I’ve been diving for 2 or 3 years now, only seasonally, but always leave the water wanting more.  I would say that it’s like an addiction, but that would only make me sound like a creep and so therefore I will consider myself an ocean enthusiast: one who belongs under, on top, or near water.  Being in Bali would only feed this hunger for adventure and the ocean as I’d be surrounded by it.  To my knowledge, Bali is the diver and surfers paradise which is something that strikes my interest immediately.  I live in Vancouver, Canada but not directly in the downtown.  Where I live is the quintessential country music loving, pickup truck driving, NASCAR enthusiast type town, which is ultimately pretty lame!  Sadly, many people I went to high school with out here have no real aspirations in life that take them outside of this town called Maple Ridge.  I knew I was different in high school (I wasn’t some kid with black make up that wrote depressing poetry) but I knew I had the want of making something of myself.  I love to add my opinion into discussions and explain stories about my life, even though I suck at it, and I love making people around me happy.  I’m always smiling and telling jokes and have a knack for finding little things that generally are unimportant and make them something to point out just by simply suggesting the interestingness of them.

I have lots of growing to do in many ways.  Because I’ve always sort of played it safe in life so far, I’ve never had an adventure.  Running away to Bali and becoming a PADI instructor would be so unique and make me stand out as someone people look up to because I’ve chased my dreams and passions.  It would also give me the chance to put trust in myself when travelling alone and taking care of myself somewhere half way across the world from my family.  In the end I hope that my word document stands out even above some of the professionally made videos because of my silly personality and brilliant prose with my excellent thesis statement!  The life of a PADI instructor would be a dream come true.

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Best Dive Job in the World 2012

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