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Best Dive Job application from Tascha

Best Dive Job application from Tascha

Ten reasons why I want to live the diver’s life:

  1. ‘Monday morning blues’ are a brilliant, crystal-clear blue sea
  2. All co-workers are your ‘buddies’
  3. Pressure is caused by the surrounding water, not by deadlines
  4. Morning rush hour is caused by schools of fish, not children
  5. Everyday use swimming pools instead of car-pools
  6. Unexpected meetings are with turtles and sharks
  7. Logging something is an achievement, not a task
  8. Refills are for tanks, not coffee cups
  9. The only computers are worn on your wrist
  10. The only suit you have to wear is a wetsuit!

About Me:

My name is Tascha Eipe. I am a filmmaker and I work in India, directing shows for a travel channel. My work takes me to quite a lot of exotic places, and also some off the beaten track.

Best Dive Job in the World application for Tascha

Best Dive Job in the World application for Tascha

I first went diving in Muscat, Oman, and was hooked for life. After which I continued diving whenever I could – in Malaysia, Egypt, the Philippines and India. In August I went on a liveaboard dive trip to the Maldives and it changed my life! I swam with countless manta rays and even whale sharks! It made me realize that I am only truly happy when surrounded by the big blue.

I want to swim with dolphins. I want to photograph sharks. I want to learn how to make perfect bubble rings. I want to shoot an underwater film about our oceans and the wonders within it.

Live to dive. Dive to live. Either way works for me.

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