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Stanley Capazorio – Best Dive Job in the World 2012

Hi. I’m Stanley Capazorio. When I first heard about the Best Dive Job in the world, I knew that’s something I want to take a shot at…

I’m a sales representative in the heart of the South-African Platinum mining grid.  Driving around 1200 kilometers per week tends to make working hours very unpredictable. Last weekend I decided that I have to finish my entry for this competition. Otherwise I will always regret not trying.

You may realize from my video that my activities are non competitive. I do not feel any achievement or empowerment winning someone else.

Life’s challenges are about growing yourself. It’s what I like about scuba diving – sharing the joy and  helping others. It’s not about winning. Imagine getting back on board after a dive and the DM hands out medallions “and the diver who dived the best by a long shot is John!! Congratulations!!!” while Peter who came in last sits in the corner moping. Haha! Not my scene…

Bottom line for me – Strength over others is weakness in disguise.

My video’s just random clips of a few things I enjoy, just saying – this is me. No fancy idea for a video to try and impress.

I’m Advanced, Rescue and Wreck diver. Purchased my DM course materials and completed knowledge reviews but unfortunately I could not start course due to working hours and distance from my Dive club – Scubaversity. Going to a place likeBaliand devoting my time to do so would be amazing!

Diving lets me escape to an alien world. Early sea farers weren’t aware the magical world they were traversing. They knew of the abundant life but had no idea of its beauty and real diversity. I’m a member of Sharklife and believe we need to do everything we can to preserve our underwater world.

Training scuba diving discipline will open doors in reality and within myself. I always enrich my life with new experiences and learning. I became a Certified Clinical Hypnotist out of curiosity. I always thought it’s mumbo jumbo but learning was the only way to find out. Now I help others overcome habits, fears, stress and pain. Lesson: not to judge what I don’t know, understand or at least tried to learn about. I’ve done so much in life it cannot fit into a one minute video… I’m blessed.

What I don’t do is smoke or drink (one beer on a hot day is fine J) I’d much rather do something fun and constructive. I’m fun without it anyways J

It’s hard to let you guys know who I am, in a one minute video and a short write up.

I guess you only start to get to know the winners once you shake their hands onBalisoil.  I’m sure all the entrants trust your experience and judgment with choosing the best – BDJITW candidates as with Kenzo from last year.

Blues skies, clear water.


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