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Sam Perry - Best Dive Job in the World

Sam Perry – Best Dive Job in the World

Why should I be picked for the best job in the world? Easy – because I am kick ass, super fun, have a great personality, oh and I love to dive.

Also, I’m ready to change my life, follow my heart and travel and dive.

Don’t get me wrong, my life certainly doesn’t suck and I have a cool job working in marketing for Gold’s Gym – but this isn’t where I want to be. My ultimate goal is to teach, travel and dive ‐so if you can just help out and speed up the process by picking me, I would appreciate it! Sure – I can train to be an instructor here in DC and then eventually land in the Caribbean, but let’s think

about it – Bali vs. DC…

A little more about me. I’ve always had a love for water – I was a competitive swimmer in college and pretty much spent my childhood underwater (it kept my three brothers from annoying me). This past July I went on vacation and fell in love with diving.

Despite what some thought, Diving wasn’t just great because I had a hot instructor – it was that being underwater brought back the calmness and love for the water that I’ve been missing for so long since I stopped swimming. I knew instantaneously that I didn’t just want to dive for fun – it’s what I want to do with my life.

Sam Perry - Best Dive Job in the World

Sam Perry – Best Dive Job in the World

I want to teach and help other people achieve the amazing feeling I get when diving. I want others to experience the happiness that I’ve found in scuba. When I got back from my trip, I immediately signed up for my OWA and I have spent pretty much every weekend since then diving, gaining experience and setting myself up to follow this dream.

Not convinced yet? Well my professional background is in PR and marketing and I’m REALLY good at it – so I’m seasoned in facebook, twitter and how to promote things – especially myself. Oh and did I forget to mention that I have a great personality, and WILL make a great instructor. I am going to make this dream come true, it would just be a LOT easier if you could help out, speed up the process and choose me to train in Bali.

I promise it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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