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mritunjai sisaudia Best Dive Job in the World Application

mritunjai sisaudia Best Dive Job in the World Application

Hi, I am Mritunjai Sisaudia, 28 years old and I stay in Hyderabad, India. As my father was an engineer in the Army, I spent my childhood roaming across the country changing schools every two-three years. It was this upbringing which gave me an appreciation for variety; in people, in their languages, mindsets and cultures. Over the years I have grown into a wide range of activities and interests and yearn to expand more every day.

I graduated in computer science and started working by twenty one and have spent the last seven years working for some of the best organizations in the industry as a programmer. I love programming as a medium to create, and have always been a true artist at heart. I love sketching, write poetry, dabble in photography and have an eye for color and aesthetics.

Though my career choices early in life led me to the corporate cubicles, my heart always belonged to the outdoors. The artist in me has always drawn inspiration from the the greatest artist of all, nature. I have run a few long distance races, backpacked, and climbed to push myself physically, catch a few unspoiled sunsets, starry nights and breathtaking sunrises. As a kid I loved climbing trees, but that’s not odd I guess, for if Darwin is to be believed, we were monkeys once. I spent the first nine months of my life in a bag of water and I myself am a water bag (70%!), so it’s no wonder that I love water too!

When I first came across diving, as is typical of me, read up a lot of material on it. Even got hold of a PDF version of the US Navy dive manual and I knew that this was for me. But I wanted to be sure, so I travelled over 400 miles to Goa and enrolled myself for the PADI open water diver program (http://waterdiving.blogspot.com). I watched the DVDs, read the manual cover to cover, obsorbed like a sponge in the pool sessions, but nothing could have
prepared me for my first open water dive on the third day. I am in love!

Best Dive Jon in the WorldIt’s not just the scuba equipment or the underwater skills, not just the connection with the ocean or the innocence of the marine life, not just the pure child like joy that I got to witness on even the most experienced divers; it was everything together. A community that wants to live in harmony with nature, wants to protect it; spread awareness, teach and learn everyday. I know now that I belong here.

There are so many dive sites in Bali that I want to explore, like see the walls at the Menjangan island, reef sharks, sunfishes and turtles at Cystal bay at Nusa Penida, USAT Liberty wreck at Tulamben, or a night dive to coral gardens to see the spanish dancers!

PS: Tom, I am also looking forward to learn reverse finning and helicopter turns from you. :-)

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