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Mark Stone Best Dive Job in the World

Mark Stone Best Dive Job in the World

Hi everyone at blueseason bali. My name is Mark stone or stoney to my mates and i’m ready for a career change. I’ve been working in the glass industrysince leaving school at age 16. the jobs been great but i know it inside out & back to front. I’m bored & it’s not my passion. I own a small glass business one hour nth of sydney. It’s a one man operation so things can get tough sometimes & i’ve missed working in a crew of mates.

I’ve wanted to change careers for a couple of years now and have thought about moving to the islands on the great barrier reef to get involved in diving but people keep telling me i have a great little business and why don’t i just go snorkelling on weekends and holidays. They also said it would cost to much & take to long to do all the courses. So your competition is perfect for me. It’s not a prize, it’s a gift from the underwater gods themselves. My mates don’t get it, i don’t just love the underwater world, i’m in love with it. At present I work on a gym station, treadmill & strider for one hour every weekday morning to keep fit. A few days ago i spoke to a coach who said he’d never stepped foot inside a gym because life was a gym. He’s spot on.I went snorkelling at norah head yesterday & the waves coming over the top of the drop off gave my legs a great workout and I know with scuba diving you have to carry,wash & mantain gear. Better than being at the gym doing a workout.

My love for the underwater world started when i brought my father two goldfish for his birthday,then more tanks,aquarium clubs,my parents opened a aquarium shop,snorkelling & then an open water dive course.Then i started work ,bought a car & a found girls.diving was put on hold for a couple of years.Now i live 10 min from the ocean and love to snorkell, swim & do my paperworkwhile watching the ocean.I see whales, dolphines & perfect beach days.Iv’e snorkelled in vanuatu,samoa & the islands of new caledonia and it’s a perfect wonderland.sometimes i get a tear in my eye as i lay amongst the coral & watch as life goes on around me, It’s perfect but i’ve only been to the edge of the drop off. I’m ready to take the next kick of my fins & go over the edge with my mate padi & blue season bali.

THANKS,I CAN’T WAIT.your mate Stoney

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