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You would think, as a trained camera operator, it would be only natural for me to send a video of myself. The fact is I don’t yet have a camera. My name is Kerr Loy, and from a young age I have desired the adventurous life.

After visiting family in South Africa and spending time in game reserves with my Auntie (a qualified tracker) I fell in love with nature and the beauty of the world. I am well travelled for my age having been to South Africa on multiple occasions, completed a rugby tour of the Southern hemisphere (Singapore, Australia and Fiji), studied kung fu at a shaolin martial arts academy in China and back packed around Europe.

During these adventures I discovered a love for travelling and experiencing new cultures that has grown and grown throughout the years. Whilst studying for my degree in Digital Film and Television I came to the conclusion that I will combine my love of travelling with my love for filming and began looking into careers that would suite me.

Upon discovering that there were people in the world called “adventure camera operators”, this became my goal in life.

In 2005 my Dad took the family and I on a trip to Lanzarote where I experienced the underwater life for the first time. When I realised that not only is there so many places on land that I have to see but also an entire world under the see that can be explored I became fascinated with the idea of becoming a dive instructor but since then have not seen a way to incorporate it into my career.

I have recently spent a ridiculous amount of time watching “The Jacque Cousteau Odyssey” and come to the realisation that it is possible for me to have the perfect career, but how?

I am currently living in Glasgow and working free-lance as a camera operator and director of photography on short films and low budget productions. I have also been approaching companies who offer training in extreme environments and offering to make them promotional films in exchange for training.

Best Dive Job in the World

Kerr Loy - Best Dive Job in the World

Shooting promotional film & learning winter mountain skills – Scottish Highlands      Shooting one of the Graduation films – RSAMD Glasgow

At the moment my income comes mainly from working as a tea-boy (runner) on commercials and feature films but I am beginning to realise that this will not take me where I want to go.

For four years I worked as a tour guide in the Scottish Seabird Centre and taught many children and adults about their local wildlife, something I would love to do again. This opportunity will provide me with the skills to teach and incredible thing to young people and adults alike but also allow me to take one more step on the road towards my long term goal of working as an underwater and adventure camera man.

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