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Gearing Up at Divemasters

The day I had been waiting for finally came.  I got my own Aqualung diving gear!  The staff at Divemasters opened up an hour early to give me first class service when I was choosing my new equipment.

Special Hours

VIP treatment at Divemasters.

When I walked into the store I felt like a little kid in a toy store!  I looked around and I couldn’t believe all the stuff I saw; I wanted to buy everything!   I started off looking at computers and decided to get a Suunto D4.

Looking at Dive Computers

Looking at the Suunto D4.

Next we moved onto BCDs.  I already had an idea about which one I wanted to buy so I tried on the Aqualung Pearl i3.  The Pearl i3 is special because it is designed for women, this makes it much more comfortable in the water.


Trying the Aqualung Pearl i3 BCD.

After that I moved on to regulators.  After a lot of thinking I decided to get an Aqualung Legend LX.  Everyone told me I would feel the difference breathing underwater.  I knew that it would be better than the regulators I had been using, but when I got in the water I was blown away at how easy it was.  Breathing out of this reg is almost easier than breathing normally!  I also decided to buy Aqualung Slingshot fins.  You can adjust the stiffness on these guys so it makes them compatible to many different diving conditions.

Slingshot Fins

Trying on my new Slingshot fins.

Once I got all the essential gear sorted I bought some extras including a dive knife, an extra mask, smb, and a torch.  Thanks Blue Season Bali for all this great stuff!!!

New Mask

Testing out my new mask.

Right now I am on a weekend trip diving in Tulamben.  We are doing 6 dives while we are here which gives me a chance to practice with my new equipment.  It’s always a little strange when you switch gear and takes some getting used to.  Hopefully with the help of Blue Season Bali I’ll soon be a scuba ninja.  I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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